Mars trine Eris (Quick Video): Choose your Battles Wisely + Live Engagement Opportunities

Hello everyone! This was from my Live Youtube Feed just now. (I also do live discussions on FB as well). Remember to refer to yesterday’s piece as well on Mars-trine-Eris for more written context.

I would also recommend subscribing to my Youtube or Facebook to also be able to join in the live discussions as this is key to building a sense of community as well.

Those of you waiting on recordings or Tier-23, this is the reason why I haven’t sent it out yet. Just letting this pass.

And – this month – Tier23 covers 45 DAYS of alignments. It’s a massive undertaking. For those of you wanting to join, head to

Remember that the Bullseye sessions have been extended till May 12 as a thank you for all the support and solidarity you’ve me, especially in light of a more focused direction of spiritual, political, cultural and intellectual integration in my work.

Session bookings:

A brief reminder: Ask, do not assume 🙂 If you have pending queries or emails, just send me a reminder. Chances are I’m waiting for this current storm to blow over. It’s a big one!


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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