Thereus (The Hunter-Stalker) is one of the most important astrological bodies making key aspects in the skies during 2020. It is featured in nearly half of the New Moons, Full Moons of the year – was inconjunct the major Capricorn conjunction in January – and will inconjunct the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in December 2020. It accompanies us for much of this deeply transformative time! Overlooking the energy of this body will provide an incomplete picture of the skies – especially in this year. It’s catalogue number is 32532 and it is classed as a Centaur / Small Solar System Body.

In mythology, Thereus was a centaur who stalked and hunted bears, pouncing on them in their caves and dragging them out kicking and screaming. I’ve done as much research as I can to find anything redeeming about this centaur except to find politely worded descriptors of covert predation, narcissism and extreme psychopathy.

To me, the symbol of the bear represents the natural world and the indigenous communities who fight for their right to survival, existence and their relationship with nature. The picture this paints is not a pretty one – and is certainly reinforced by the Canadian government’s decision to forcibly remove W’etsuwet’en protestors from their land or Bolsanaro’s decision to allow mining on indigenous land in the Amazon – and many other examples.

It should be no real surprise to anyone at all that Thereus is very present during a majority of the New and Full Moons of this year. Either it makes a direct aspect to the Moon itself, or it has some significant aspect to bodies like Jupiter, Mars, Venus and so on. Also, upon investigation, Thereus has a major role to play in the major conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 Aquarius in December 2020.

At the time of writing, we are two days away from a major Full Moon in Leo conjunct Thereus on February 9th (Universal Time).

It is this continuous Thereus-aspected pattern that made me cuss at my laptop so badly on New Year’s Day that it conked.

I’ve compiled a list of these alignments:


Jan 10: Thereus Rx 21 Leo semisextiles the Full Moon at 20 Cancer on Jan 10 + inconjunct to Ceres and Sun

Feb 9: Thereus Rx 19 Leo conjuncts the Full Moon at 20 Leo on Feb 9

Mar 9: Thereus Rx 17 Leo semisextiles the Full Moon at 19 Virgo on Mar 9 + inconjunct Neptune, Sun & Pallas making YoD

Apr 8: Thereus Rx 16 Leo sextiles the Full Moon at 18 Libra on Apr 8 + trines Sun and Psyche in Aries

May 7: Thereus 16 Leo squares Full Moon at 17 Scorpio on May 7 + squares Sun and trines Eros

Jun 5: Thereus 17 Leo trines Full Moon at 15 Sagittarius on June 5 sextiling Sun and inconjunct Mars in Pisces


Aug 19: Thereus 23 Leo trines the New Moon at 26 Leo on August 19

Sep 17: Thereus 26 Leo semisextile New Moon at 25 Virgo on September 17

Oct 16: Thereus 29 Leo sextile New Moon at 23 Libra on October 16


Feb 23: Thereus 17 Leo trines Venus 18 Aries and inconjuncts Jupiter 18 Capricorn during the New Moon at 4 Pisces on Feb 23

Apr 23: Thereus stations direct at 16 Leo and opposes Mars, sextiles Venus 16 Gemini on the day of the New Moon at 3 Taurus on April 23

Jul 21: Thereus 21 Leo inconjunct Jupiter 21 Capricorn during New Moon at 28 Cancer on July 21

Oct 1: Thereus 27 Leo conjunct Venus during Full Moon at 9 Aries on Oct 1

Oct 31: Thereus enters Virgo (momentarily) during Full Moon at 8 Taurus on October 31. It will move back and forth across the Leo-Virgo threshold till August 2021!

In 2020, Thereus makes direct alignments to half the Full Moons of 2020 – through the first six months of the year. It makes direct alignments to a quarter of the New Moons of 2020. It has significant alignments happening for a second quarter of the New Moons.

So when we add it all up, roughly half of the power of the Full and New Moons of 2020 are linked to the vibration of energy emanating from Thereus. In fact – it was inconjunct the Major Capricorn Conjunction in January 2020!

On top of everything else, I know that people are waiting on the major shift of Jupiter and Saturn (together) into in Aquarius at the same time at the end of December.

I looked into it and saw that Thereus has a major role to play there, yet again.

Between December 21-23, Thereus Rx at 0 Virgo will trine Mercury at 0 Capricorn, the Sun at 0 Capricorn (Solstice) and inconjunct both Jupiter and Saturn at 0 Aquarius.

I’ll talk about that later in the year.

As far as I know, Thereus has not yet been hilighted to this extent in any other astrological or spiritual report – so I hope this information will be a powerful stepping stone in making the collective aware of just what the challenge at stake is.

It’s a hard report to write (and I’ve been sitting on this for four eyars now) because of its implications. But if I have learnt and had any anything reinforced to me in January 2020, it is the need to recognize and face what we fear.

Thereus is currently in Leo, where it is about to be conjuncted by the Full Moon in Leo on Feb 9th. Given that Leo is linked to vulnerability, authenticity, creativity, play, sensuality, joy, marriage, politics, artists, drama, leaders, children, romantic partners and so on – we see these areas of our lives lit up. Leo ideally brings that spark of joy that makes life worth living and enjoying. At its best, it becomes that inspirational figure, manager, leader able to champion people towards worthy causes.

The shadow side of Leo is childish behavior that is driven by its own ego and emotional highs and lows, often playing to the crowds or seeking approval. Leo when challenged can be very destructive, especially if it has access to power over others.

Thereus in Leo shows us how parasitic and predatory forces creep into or stalk these very vulnerable areas of our lives and consciousness. There is a clear need to protect the vulnerable, albeit in ways that do not erase their own agency.

We’re going to be looking at these dynamics of power and violence play out at the political level, in the global discourse surrounding child trafficking, the abortion debate, transgender rights, minority rights, artistic expressions and their intersection with the political and so on.

Sensitives (and those with sensitive children) need to have psychic safeguards at play. Those who are timid about asserting their boundaries may wish to invest in carnelian or tiger’s eye. Try and find a supplier who works ethically with those who harvest gemstones from the Earth (and may they do so with respect).

Parents may also want to teach their kids a little more about safety, especially on the Internet.

I’ve looked at what remedies or counter-measures can be taken against this energy – which feeds off fear and has no understanding of consent. Thereus was invited to the wedding of his half-brother where he (and others) got drunk, raped the female guests and tried to carry off the bride. They centaurs were finally killed by the hero-half-god Theseus.

Half-god-Heroes aren’t in common supply these days. So prevention appears to be our best bet.

Thereus can only really attack a bear, or his future sister-in-law by proximity to them. Therefore, what is needed are safer spaces for those that Thereus (and those who channel his energy directly) seeks to target.

With children, it would be having serious discussions on safety, not talking to dodgy strangers, on-line / Internet safety, being able to discuss inappropriate behaviors (even by relatives / known adults), and so on. Knowing what to do in a situation like that empowers a child to react quickly, rather than get caught up in shame, guilt, confusion or instant fear.

Whilst in no way am I blaming people who get sexually assaulted, this is really not the year for anyone to be taking undue physical risks, especially when you’re out and about. If you’re headed to a bar, make it an outing with friends – and minimize the chances where you’re alone and drunk / high / etc,. You don’t need to get paranoid about it, but try not to overdo things – especially if you have strong alignments to Thereus this year. Don’t give benefit of the doubt to people who have a laid back idea of what consent looks like. Rape is never okay, and it’s never a joke.

Those who are in dangerous or abusive relationships, I’m not kidding when I say shit can and will hit the fan at some point if it hasn’t already. Plenty of times people are shamed or gaslit into believing that they’re at fault and therefore they have to put up with violence. Get professional help and a safe space to be.

My interpretation of Thereus is that it weakens a person’s ability to assert their own agency through fear. I remember watching ‘ Enough’ , a film with Jennifer Lopez where she was shown as a Latina woman who was smaller, weaker, and easily bullied by her Caucasian partner who had wealth and influence. He would domestically abuse her and she went into hiding with her child. She learns martial arts and despite her smaller size, manages to defend herself and kill him. But it takes her a lot of un-learning and de-conditioning to believe that she’s able to stand up to him and fight for her life in the first place. It’s an extreme example, but one that stuck in my mind over the years. The hunter becomes the hunted.

I’m grateful to remember it now as I’ve been sitting on this piece for 4 years now. I just didn’t feel good about talking about something with the potential to instill so much fear into the collective without any real solution offered. And at the very start of this year, I realized it had to be done.

When I look at the astrology of ‘ Enough ‘ , it was released on May 21, 2002 in the USA. The chart of that date is quite remarkable as Thereus (19 Pisces) conjuncts Hercules (18 Pisces), whilst squaring Hades (20 Gemini), Pluto (20 Sagittarius), the North Node (17-18 Gemini) and the South Node (17-18 Sagittarius). This makes aspects to the date where I was domestically assaulted (and actually had learned martial arts).

Sometimes movies teach you in ways you don’t expect.

Whilst I don’t recommend beating up your enemy or would-be stalker, it got me thinking.

Maybe it’s enough to focus on a show of strength. Of being willing to stand up for and protect the vulnerable. Stalkers can’t quite hide in the shadows when they are faced by multiple people standing next to their intended target.

But that will only happen when we believe that shit has gotten this real and that we are able to offer help in the first place.

Martial arts is a good way for you to get that strength back in your body if you’ve forgotten it, or never realized you had it in the first place. I studied Wing Chun for this purpose – it is a Chinese boxing style invited by a nun and is designed to be able to defend and defeat a larger attacker.

I remember my instructor commenting that outside of class, I was the person who used it the most – probably because I was a non-white female . . . I remember one time where my hands flew up in defense position without realizing it as I stared into the eyes of a someone trying to hit on my friends (and they were not interested). He took one look and ran.

And it’s better if you do this with support, rather than trying to go gung-ho, one-on-one in combat. Because you might not know other factors that are hidden.

In summary, given how pervasive Thereus’ influence is throughout 2020 and its New Moons, Full Moons, and Eclipses – it’s wise to heed the message.

Fear of threat is a more potent nullifier of agency than an actual threat.

So be prepared.

In closing,

Looking at 2020 as a whole, this is the best (and most condensed) prescription I can offer: STRENGTH
There will be many things, people and events that seek to elicit a fear-based response or feelings of victimization and powerlessness this year.

And the only thing we can afford to do in response is to acknowledge this and meet it with compassion and strength.
Build your inner reserves. Work on your physical, mental and emotional fortitude. Do not give room to those who would seek to belittle you and enslave you.

(This is not the same as you feeling insecure about others you see as more powerful)

It is a year where we need to step up to protect the vulnerable, be it in ourselves or others. Not for ego-comfort, but to preserve that which is authentic, innocent and joy embodied.

We must watch out for each other as best we can.

Especially if you have the privilege of not fearing for your life, autonomy, dignity and basic safety on a daily basis. The world fears those who break social norms.

Let’s also work towards developing a more respectful relationship with nature, this biosphere and the indigenous communities fighting for their land and way of life.

Let us also create safe spaces for the expression of art, creativity, play and child-like joy.

And you cannot do that without strength and compassion in good measure.

There’s work to be done.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Video & Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2020.


  1. Thank you for this significant post Bairavee. And the detailed transit info.
    Two thoughts:
    One that the constellation of the Bear stands right behind Leo. Personally I have always found the Bear as a source of profound Mother energy (perhaps like Durga). Yes she wants her cubs to play but if anything threatens them she is powerful in defence, so let’s not underestimate the Bear . Yes to embodying Bear and defending ourselves , homes, communities and lands against destructive Thereus inspired thugs. Let’s be more inclusive in our sense of community .
    The would be destruction of democracy in the US and elsewhere can be seen as the work of Thereus, something we should rightly fear and call out however we can. Let’s be personal and political. It’s a no on many levels to genocide, murder of species corruption .. Let’s remember bullies are cowards at the end.

    The second thought is that Theseus in the Greek stories went on to slay the Minotaur with the help of Ariadne. The Minotaur was the great beast full of rage and brute force that was imprisoned in the labyrinth under the palace at Knossos, the beast that demanded to be fed the young princes and princesses, we may might say our best hopes and possibilities for future rulership. Ariadne gives Theseus the thread of awareness to track his path .. Perhaps most of us know this story but lesser known is that Theseus prepared for his fight by spending time with Chiron and Hekate. Chiron was /is the wise centaur who unlike the other centaurs had mastered the ignorant and savage part of his nature that could rape and murder and out of this internal healing process had become the teacher and healer who instructed all the heroes and leaders. Hekate was /is the Queen of the three worlds .. It is recorded she gave the hero dandelion tea … a blood purifier and liver tonic ..The message I take from this is that there is a Theseus and an Ariadne in every one of us and also potentially a Minotaur a Chiron and an Hekate. They are great archetypal powers and we are actually called right now to be heroes in our particular ways. You name some of these ways in very practical ways Bairavee . Heroes are not in short supply!xxx


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