(Quicknote) Mars in Cap, Merc Rx about to begin!

Mars entered Capricorn a little over 5 hours ago. Prepare for a phase of committed focus, building and structuring until March 30th.

Mercury will station retrograde in Pisces in about 8 hours from now. It will appear to move in reverse (briefly re-entering Aquarius) until March 10.

Mercury exits its shadow phase on the same day that Mars ends its transit in Capricorn (March 30).

I find the journey of these two planets to be interwoven at this time.If we think about it, the energy of the Retrograde can be best used to look at the Spirit of what we are doing and building.

Don’t rush in headlong: Look at it closely, tune into your intuition.And then move forwards with your energy.

Of course there’s a lot more that can be said. But this just a quick heads up!

The Sky Priestess

Image: sumanley via Pixabay

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