Mercury Retrograde in Pisces/Aquarius & Mars in Capricorn: What are we building and where does it come from?

Mercury has stationed retrograde at 12 Pisces. Mars has entered Capricorn. Between now and March 30, Mercury helps us modulate the way we access and express Mars’ desire for action and commitment. It will take groundedness, discernment and patience: but you can make this period a very rewarding one. But it’ll need you to look at things from a different perspective. Here we go!

Mercury retrograde begins on February 17 and ends on March 10. Mercury has been in shadow since Feb 2 and will leave the shadow on March 30. It moves through two signs: Pisces and Aquarius. So you need to treat the energies differently. Mercury is in Pisces between February 3 until April 11, except between March 4-March 16 when it will be retrograding and moving out of Aquarius.

Advice for Mercury in Pisces (Feb 3 – Mar 4, Mar 16 – April 11)

This a great time to just pause and take a breath. We’ve been hammered with overly intense aspects since the start of the year.

Take the time to go inside. Have a little downtime.

Meditate. Spend time by the ocean. Purify your space and body. Sleep. Fill your cup. You get the idea.

Catch up on things you said you would do and projects you intend to work on but didn’t have the time to. Make sure you’re not running psychically on empty.

During this period – the energy of Mars in Capricorn, it’s just a good time to focus on work – but led that focus be lead by your inner life and experience with Spirit. Rather than your ego/mind/head that says ‘ x, y, z ‘ gotta be done at ‘ a, b, c’ .

Sure, you’re going to have deadlines and project and things that need to get done – but remember to get some rest first.

Mercury will call for more engagement and action, especially in groups and on social media when it’s back in Aquarius between March 4th till March 16th.

But really, it’s going take all of March for Mercury to get back up to speed (after its retrograde ends on March 10) and to move onto other things. Without coincidence, Mars also moves into its new chapter with Aquarius on the same day as Mercury leaves it shadow phase – March 30.

So take the time.

Advice for Mercury Rx-direct in Aquarius (March 4 – March 16)

This is a distinctly different vibe from Mercury in Pisces. You’re going to see the need to communicate with more integrity, clarity and intention in groups and on social media.

You’ll see behaviors from friends and collaborators or kindred spirits that inspires you to deepen the connection – or rethink it.

Be more careful around the management of intellectual property and technology.

Remember that Mars may want to whack its way through with the might of Capricorn, but that doesn’t always shift energy effectively. It can work well when you’re defending yourself from more entrenched structures of power or figures of authority (where appropriate). But it can alienate you from groups and energies that can otherwise be supportive.

That being said: Never compromise your truth. Just know when the pen is called for rather than the sword.

In terms of health: Pay more attention to your ankles and circulation.

General Mercury Rx advice

Work on what needs fixing or re-doing. The usual precautions around electronics, communication and general logistics apply. But you don’t need to be afraid of it. Think of this as the exhale after a long inhale.

Go inwards and consolidate what’s important – as led by Spirit. Be more mindful around psychic projections and distortions that arise through the ego’s more limited experience of Spirit.

Remember that having the biggest number of followers, likes, or whatever is not the same thing as having people in your space who actually support you for real. Don’t fall for the glossy hype of social media and remember to stick to your truth.

Other Announcements:

In my Tier-23 video, I go into a lot more depth with the more esoteric bodies (Thereus, Vesta, Borasisi, Neptune, Psyche – and their connections). This time period is excellent for deep energetic and spiritual work to undo, dissolve or transmute old karmic contracts. The Tier-23 program goes into an extreme level of interpretive and spiritual depth and I recommend joining it if you want more information at . The current installation is between January 26 – March 10.

In terms of my work I’m also limiting hours available for sessions as I need to better manage my own energy reserves. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends since the start of the year and need some time to catch up with rest and other projects. Book soon at .

Key dates (in Universal Time):

  • Mercury enters shadow phase – 2 February 2020 – 28’12 Aquarius
  • Mercury enters Pisces – 3 February
  • Mercury stations retrograde – 17 February (12’53 Pisces)
  • Mercury enters Aquarius – 4 March
  • Mercury stations direct – 10 March – 28’12 Aquarius
  • Mercury enters Pisces – 16 March
  • Mercury leaves shadow phase – 30 March – 12’53 Pisces
  • Mars enters Capricorn – 16 February
  • Mars enters Aquarius – 30 March

Blessings and Love

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

* * *

TERMS OF USE AND SHARING: This post and text is original research material and is copyrighted. You are allowed to share this material for personal, non-commercial and educational use with the proper citations, references and links / tags back to my website and/or my FB page or profile. Clicking ´Share´ on FB or ´Reblog´ on WordPress would be most appropriate. Please obtain my permission first if you want to use this material on your workshop, blog, organization, webpage, book, seminar or for any commercial purpose. All information provided, be it through sessions conducted or this post is non-liable and is not intended to replace professional legal, medical, psychological, psychiatric and/or financial counsel. How you choose to act on this information is up to your own free will and is entirely your responsibility.

Video & Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2020.

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1 thought on “Mercury Retrograde in Pisces/Aquarius & Mars in Capricorn: What are we building and where does it come from?

  1. Always such timely guidance/insightful advice. I’m currently going through some very intense situations. I hope one day to join the tier 23. Thank you for the time you give. Thank you Dr Bairavee


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