Legacy Post : Six-And-A-Half-Years-In-Review & The Next Chapter of the Journey

This post is a recognition of the ending of a chapter and an opportunity to thank all of those who made this immense experiment in generating waves of consciousness across a focused segment of the collective. I am happy to report a great degree of success in this endeavour and have learnt so many lessons, developed so many friendships and generated a collective field of goodwill and community that humbles me any time I think about it.

Whilst the work will continue here and on Youtube in three months’ time after my hiatus, I wanted to leave this acknowledgment of what we achieved together. I’ve been going through old comments and new ones. Here’s some that stand out in particular:

The Sky Priestess feels like home.

You transformed my life

Thank you for your service.

There’s many others, but this sums up what I wanted to generate with community and the legacy I wanted to leave behind.

Here is the letter I shared with everyone on that platform and I’d like to share it here too:

Vanakkam, Namaste and Blessings to All

This is Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD, The Sky Priestess.

I began this journey six and a half years ago. Thousands of hours, tens of thousands of people, over a million views later … I find myself at an unexpected (but welcomed) end of an era – as one fan put it.

When I started this journey I was a different person. We lived in a different world. Social media played a different role in that world.

And now, I find myself radically changed. As is the world around me. And the role that such electronic platforms play.

Some of you may want to attribute personal changes in my life, or the feeling of burden as my reasons for leaving – and truthfully that is not it. I’d been waiting for a sign or signal for the next big step in my life – and this is it.

But for something to begin, something else must end.

I have had the privilege of learning from you, celebrating with you, crying with you, arguing with you, laughing with you for all this time. And I thank you all sincerely for it.

It’s been quite a ride for a dark-skinned woman of colour to do by herself, stepping out of the professional, cultural, societal, academic and familial expectations of the kind of person she should be. Spreading the wisdom of spirit, the stars and honoring the energies of ancient land all over the world … it was not the path I thought my life would take.

And the learning curve has been immense.

As has this experiment.

I know I could stay on this platform if I just stuck to astrological material and the kind of spirituality that does not inspire meaningful change.

I know I could remain without censorship if I avoided speaking about decolonization, the religious and political right, the destruction of civil liberties and the environment, the protection of the vulnerable, and so on.

If I played by the rules of ‘ nice’ , Facebook would reward me with coverage, reach and likeability.

Those are not laurels I find desirable or meaningful.

Whilst I am taking a three month hiatus from work to recharge and discover new directions …


I want all of you lamenting my loss on FB to remember that this platform is not the end-all-be-all-of-life, indeed there are psychic and psychological issues that arise when we invest too much emotion into a virtual world and avatar.

There is a world beyond and we become a captive audience when we fear straying out of the bubble.

That being said, some of the friendships forged here have been real and I hope to continue them elsewhere.

After the three-month break, I will be posting on my website which is


I will be speaking live on my Youtube channel


I will be sharing on instagram and twitter @theskypriestess

(And yes I am aware insta is owned by FB – but these are just ways for you to get notifications)

Youtube and my original website would be the preferred modes of continuing the journey together.

I told you, I would not remain in spaces unsafe for my community and the work that I stand for.

I do not stay in spaces where my voice is disrespected or where I have to jump through the hoop held out for me to be seen and approved of.

This departure is possibly the best way I can practice what I preach and mean what I say.

There are so many other plans, ideas and projects that I am going to be working towards.

And I’m hoping to see your support and participation as I do.

The world needs real action and engagement. It needs people to walk their talk.

And I hope my example is seen and understood as such.

There is no reason for me to speak on integrity in a space that seeks to circumvent it.

To be clear:

I am still working.

Sessions are still ongoing (through the three-month public media break) at


Tier-23 is still running (in-depth-guidance for 1-2 hours per month, ridiculously intense) at


I am doing something special for limited tier members so they have something from me in exchange for their continued monthly support. It won’t be Tier23 – but it will be something 🙂

Those who wish to financially support me can send funds to


And the work will continue.

A new chapter will begin.

And I will find new ways to stand in truth, integrity and authenticity that actually work.

I encourage all of you to do what you need to to return to a head-space that is your own and to find sources of support and guidance (and compensate them appropriately). The war that is being waged on the populace is through information and its control.

Don’t stay in a toxic bubble, no matter how convenient it is.

Don’t stick to answers or people who are more invested in making you feel nice rather than those who would rather speak truth for what it is.

Get out there and do your bit.

Keep your eyes to the skies.

The Sky Priestess will return in 3 months.

Blessings, Love – and Sincere Gratitude for all of you that have taken this Journey with me …

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

Remember to find and follow me on Youtube and my personal website.

For those of you who want to remain in personal touch (to the degree that is practical & possible), please message me directly with your email and Whatsapp details. )

The Journey continues …

Ciao ciao for now 😉

The work continues on this webpage and on Youtube in three months’ time.

Sessions and Tier-23 are still ongoing.



16 thoughts on “Legacy Post : Six-And-A-Half-Years-In-Review & The Next Chapter of the Journey

  1. You are awesome! I will find your Twitter page as I am very active there! Much love, Kyla Houbolt (@luaz_poet)


  2. Eff FB! And by the way, kudos to you for so gracefully taking a cue from the Universe regarding its platform. It isn’t for the magnificent work you are doing. One door closes, another opens!!


  3. I am excited for you and your journey. Thank you for guiding us, informing us and inspiring us.


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