Podcast Announcement: The Sky Priestess Speaks on Thereus – The Hunter Stalker

Hello everyone. In this podcast, I speak about Thereus, the Hunter-Stalker what this centaur-planet (32532) represents for us at a psychological, astrological and societal level.

I’m working on a book on this after 4 years of research and find it to be key in understanding the sea-change in global attitudes towards fear, terror and security. It has profound political and societal implications.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by veteran astrologer Chris Flisher on his podcast ‘ Turning of The Wheel’ .

Here’s the direct link (the youtube vid is just my intro to it):


Whilst I am still on my larger social media hiatus, I’ll still be sending you announcements like these.

Remember that sessions are ongoing and can be booked at www.theskypriestess.as.me

Much Love!


5 thoughts on “Podcast Announcement: The Sky Priestess Speaks on Thereus – The Hunter Stalker

  1. Bairavee I am a 15 Leo with Pluto 22 le. I have always had a good relationship with my sons yet the past few months my youngest son attacks me verbally every time I see him.. even on his birthday when I arrived with a gift… I feel he has dark entities attached to him (A Pisces heavy drinker) his Thereus 3 ge…. I do not respond, I just leave… BUT then on 9 nov 2019 my elder son has started the same thing. He is 45 and always been loving but now I do not want to go near him, when on last 5 visits he has been attacking and destructive. His natal Thereus is 25 taurus 19 conjunct Apophis 26 ta… …. His fathers Moon is 24 ta – one day he turned into his father, like he was possessed, a man I left 40 years ago.. Been searching astrology for answers and it seems Thereus in the main figure in this drama…


  2. Wow just listened to the end of your podcast on Thereus Discovery chart… My Venus is 4 cancer, weakly aspected … Also I chose to step back from a Grandson who had been pushing against me for some time… after mothering him all his life ….. (mum an alcoholic so he lived with Dad) He is Capricorn 3 Sun with Thereus 2 cap…. so I see the issues between us came up with the eclipse 26th Dec..


  3. Have to keep sharing as I find this more about Thereus… He is 15 leo conjunct my Sun 15 leo in Solar Return chart….. quincunx Saturn 15 cap… So need to figger out why I am drawing this out of my sons… Hope this is good info for your book.


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