Tier 23 Special One-Time Guest Access (Part 1, March 8-15, 2020)

Hello everyone!

I am sharing Part 1 (First Layer) of what Tier 23 members will be receiving in their inboxes. Part 2 goes into a more esoteric analysis and will be sent out to subscriber.

I am sharing this sample of Tier 23 so that you have guidance during one of the most important spiritual activations of the year. And you’ll have an idea of what the most basic level of analysis offers within the Tier 23 membership program.

This is a one-off, so do make the most of it. Please do share it with friends, family, anyone you know who may wish to join.

This is an extremely energy and detail-intensive program and it is why it is my premium subscription tier. There are also strict policies on Terms of Use and Sharing that every member has to understand and agree to honor.

To sign up, go to www.bairaveebalasubramaniam.com/tier23

Please note that those who require a far shorter and simpler analysis (or who have a smaller budget) may want to subscribe for the Regular or Limited Tier subscription instead. That’s a lot more condensed.

You can find info on that on the ‘ Contribute‘ section of my website. That’s more like 10 minutes of content per month with a few paragraphs of very condensed information.

It comes down to your knowledge of astrology, what you want to learn, your level of commitment and your budget.

I’ve also been revamping the site so I hope you enjoy the new look!


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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