This piece is about Saturn in Aquarius, Vesta in Gemini and The New Moon in Aries. Rather than a detailed account of aspects (which I have analyzed), I am focusing on the broader themes that each transit provides us and the warnings and opportunities therein.

I refer all of you to my previous video-article on ‘ The Astrology of Coronavirus ‘ for a larger context on what is happening around the world from an astrological perspective. We see some potential correlations, but nothing as strong as a direct causal link. Nevertheless, the interpretation provided tallies well with governmental responses to the pandemic and how you can make the most of it from a spiritual perspective.

Having said that, let’s get to today’s topics. I’ll begin with the New Moon at 4 Aries.


The New Moon has just gone exact at the time of writing and conjuncts Chiron at 5 Aries, whilst squaring the Mean North & South Nodes (3 Cancer-Capricorn) and Pholus at 4 Capricorn. I refer you to the piece mentioned above for a discussion on Chiron and Pholus. I also spent some time talking about this alignment in the Tier-23 Level 2 Analysis for March sent out yesterday.

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Chiron’s energy brings out a deep sense of woundedness, inadequacy and existential insecurities in the sign of Aries. It is where we look for a definition of selfhood, often running to other constructs, callings, words, people, groups to try and ‘ fill the void’ . Whilst I do not deny the lived reality of such pain and insecurity, know that we are all already here. We exist. There is an identity that is able to breathe, process and make decisions without being pushed into reaction. (And even reaction is still only possible with some level of individual agency).

Whether you love that self, whether you respect it, whether you see it as whole and healed – or not – it is already there.

From the spiritual perspective, that is truly all that you need and all this work is just to bring you back to that deep sense of self-awareness and realization.

That’s when you meet the Divine and realize it was inside you the whole time.

As profound as this realization is, the level of woundedness, insecurity and triggering that it can bring up is equally concerning. Be mindful that illusions of pain, karmic imperatives of needing to ‘ stay in the struggle as that makes you sacred’ are things that can hold you back from self-love and self-acceptance.

Whilst I offer sessions and referrals to do this deep work, I am not going to tell you that you have to reach out for me – or anyone else – to ‘ fix ‘ your problem. I’m keenly aware that some of my fans / students / following would like my teachings to validate those wounds and fill those holes – and that is exactly what I am not about.

In fact, I recommend not seeking out facilitation (with anyone) when your sense of self is compromised to the point where you doubt your own ability to think, act, breathe, exist.

That’s when you need to go within and sit with yourself. I wouldn’t be talking about any of this if I did not have to go through it myself in the early part of my own conscious awakening.

It is scary at times to just sit with that almost-overwhelming sense of not knowing – but that’s where you find your courage and restored re-member-ance of self-hood.

If you have crossed that bridge, you know where to find me – or others that you feel can help you. And fruitful work can be done.

Otherwise, you risk giving your power away to another. And that is not what ‘ surrender’ looks like when you are on a journey of liberation.

If you are too vulnerable and in a space where self-harm is possible, then seek out those who provide other forms of help, support, connection and comfort. There is no shame in that but be sure you reach out to people who provide those services and compensate them as appropriate.

I am very upfront about what I require when working with a client and hope these additional notes provide clarity to those who are seeking guidance.

I’m focusing on facilitation and how and when it is appropriate during this New Moon because of another player in the skies – Vesta in Gemini.


Whilst Vesta is romanticized as the Priestess-Facilitator in Sacred Service, that is one part of her. People do not like talking about the punitive karma, restrictive soul paths and dense patterns of old energy that accompany such contracts. As it takes away from the glamour of the ‘ sacred vessel ‘ .

I refer you to an older article of mine called ‘ The Cycles of Vesta’ for an understanding of her rapid movement, obsession and dissolution of cycles of service, servitude, enslavement, sacrifice and/or martyrdom.

Whilst Vesta can truly serve in alignment with your highest and deepest good, and the highest and deepest good of all – you need be solid in yourself first.

With Vesta in Gemini, the extreme (which I have seen in my clients) occurs when a person loses their personal voice and perspective and surrenders it all to ‘ The Divine’ (or people claiming to act from a Divine Source). They forget to practice discernment and hear the words they want to hear, often appealing to a sense of a more ‘sacred’ or ‘ powerful ‘ or ‘ important’ mission.

I have seen what happens to people who give up their personal agency and perspective to something claiming to be Divine – and the results take a lot of time, energy and effort to undo.

The other extreme is when Vesta in Gemini asks you to ignore what everyone else is saying and focus only on what you think and think you know. This too is problematic.

People can manifest Vesta in Gemini as talking too much / too little or listening too much / too little – either alternating between those extremes or getting locked into a single mode. None of this is healthy.

This is why I’m using this space to talk about why, when, and how facilitation is appropriate – and when not.

Facilitators who are ‘ hooking’ people in this way will have their own karma to resolve later on. Which is why you have to be clear with expectations, time and the management of boundaries. Remember that you have the right to say no to services that you do not wish to purchase or commit yourself to.

Service recipients (clients, the facilitated) need to keep their eyes open. Commit only to things that you trust and people that you trust after watching them for a period of time.

Remember that facilitators are not gods, nor are they your mothers and fathers. Remember to maintain boundaries and not try to use someone else as a battery, punching bag or substitute friend or family member. Remember that they are people and need to pay their bills. Do not take their time for granted.

In this time of Vesta-in-Gemini (21 March 2020 – 3 June 2020),

(1) Keep to your own counsel and keep refining your self-awareness

(2) If you need guidance, ask someone you trust

(3) Do not place blind faith in anyone or anything

(4) Do not commit to things unless you have investigated it yourself

This applies to any kind of verbal, written, spiritual, physical, electronic, psychic or other commitment.

Be it in relationships, business, spiritual paths, sibling relationships, writing contracts and so on.

The reason I would suggest greater caution with this transit is because

Venus will have a retrograde in Gemini (13 May 2020 – 25 June 2020) as part of its larger transit in Gemini (3 April – 7 August 2020).

And – The North Node will be shifting into Gemini (May 5 / June 4, 2020 – December 23, 2021 / January 18, 2022). There’s a wobble in the dates as it depicts the True/Mean Nodal calculations.

So there’s just too much happening in the sign of Gemini for the Vesta transit to be mere coincidence.

Having read all of this, if you still feel you want to go through with whatever you believe you need to do – that’s up to your free will. At least, you’re going in prepared.

Do remember that Gemini also rules the breath, nervous system and general health of the mind. Try to add pranayama (yogic breathing) and tulsi (holy basil) to your daily routine – but be mindful to check for contraindications. Dry herbs and Essential oils need to be used with caution around those with compromised immune systems, sensitive constitutions and pets.

Supplementation with probiotics and Vitamin B can go a long way in this time period.

And of course, all of this is woven into an even longer-term transit, namely: Saturn in Aquarius.


Saturn in Aquarius is all about the shifting of power to groups, ideologies, collective consciousness, technology and networks. We tend to romanticize this by talking about the ideals of the collective in lofty terms but also forget that groupthink is a problem and technological innovation that lacks compassion is horror untold.

Whilst we are getting a new flush of energy with Saturn in Aquarius, again, this is not the time to leap into long-term commitments. This is because Saturn will begin its retrograde on 11th May at 1 Aquarius and re-enter Capricorn on 1st July. It will end its retrograde on the 29th of September at 25 Capricorn and only re-enter Aquarius on 17th December.

Give yourself the benefit of time. If you absolutely must commit to something, let August pass at the very least. This is a time where old structures and embodiments of power are trying to grasp onto whatever and whoever they can find, using the glitziest spiritual rhetoric available.

It does not matter if something calls itself God, Goddess, Divinity, whatever – if it is asking you to sacrifice your sense of self – do more digging.

Anything worth your time can wait. Especially if the ‘ hooks’ seem irresistible.

Remember – ‘ sacred service’ isn’t and shouldn’t be the same as it was thousands of years ago. The old ways did not work, and so they faded.

Allow the new to emerge. And that will require surrender, faith and Trust: In time, In deeper Spirit, and in Yourself.

In short: Wait.

Don’t fall for distractions and hooks.

Breathe. Look Within.

That’s all that you really need.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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This post and text is original research material and is copyrighted. You are allowed to share this material for personal, non-commercial and educational use with the proper citations, references and links / tags back to my website and/or my FB page or profile. Clicking ´Share´ on FB or ´Reblog´ on WordPress would be most appropriate. Please obtain my permission first if you want to use this material on your workshop, blog, organization, webpage, book, seminar or for any commercial purpose. All information provided, be it through sessions conducted or this post is non-liable and is not intended to replace professional legal, medical, psychological, psychiatric and/or financial counsel. How you choose to act on this information is up to your own free will and is entirely your responsibility.

Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2020. All rights reserved.

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