A Note on the Pursuit of Knowledge

The Universe is a lot weirder than anyone actually knows. At best, we have theories that are not able to be substantiated. And when you have a partial theory, creating your perspective around the limitations of your view actually limits your ability to see the rest.

Humans have the tendency to pedestalize constructions of knowledge and those able to decode them.

Taken to an extreme, this helps no one.

As tempting as it is to latch onto knowledge and ways of knowing right now, be aware that your desire to hold onto ways of seeing can take you farther away from the truth of a situation.

The same applies to teachers and wayshowers.

Stay open, stay flexible.
Be open to changing your mind but not at the cost of your fundamental morals and ideals.

Too much flexibility is as bad as too little.

Remember that the Universe does not speak or think in human codes or language. What we are unable to conceptualize or identify often passes beyond our comprehension. And we flounder at possibilities in an attempt to fill out perceived gaps.

So as much as we seek control through the ordering of our thoughts and attempts at making sense of the world – know that there is always that which is not known and that which can not be known.

And that is okay.

Acceptance of that state is the precursor to developing wisdom over time.

It also safeguards you against the compulsive need to fill yourself with what you perceive as ‘information’ – often at the cost of – presence and experience.

That is the lesson and perspective which each of us uniquely brings. For no one can see through your eyes truly, just as you cannot see through theirs.

Honor that experience and simply choose to be in these times of uncertainty.

It is a hard choice, especially when so many around you are so desperate to find meaning.

But I find it the more rewarding one.


Dr Bairavee

The Sky Priestess


This post and text is original research material and is copyrighted. You are allowed to share this material for personal, non-commercial and educational use with the proper citations, references and links / tags back to my website and/or my FB page or profile. Clicking ´Share´ on FB or ´Reblog´ on WordPress would be most appropriate. Please obtain my permission first if you want to use this material on your workshop, blog, organization, webpage, book, seminar or for any commercial purpose. All information provided, be it through sessions conducted or this post is non-liable and is not intended to replace professional legal, medical, psychological, psychiatric and/or financial counsel. How you choose to act on this information is up to your own free will and is entirely your responsibility.

Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2020. All rights reserved.

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