Special Interview : Sunday Service with The Sky Priestess

I wanted to share with you an amazing 2-hour interview I just had with the Dream Wise team ( http://www.loveliftlife.com ) in honor of the Sun-Uranus conjunction.

We get real with the energetic madness of the times and it’s origin. We talk about the false light, dissolving karma and the double edged sword that is past life analysis and ancient inheritances.

We also talk about the Dravidian connection and how it speaks to some of the oldest living traditions in the world and what that means in practice.

There’s also a lot of myth busting and a lot of rerouting to Source within.

And much, much more. It is both an interview and a potent activation for the keen listener.

Many Blessings

Dr. Bairavee

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2 thoughts on “Special Interview : Sunday Service with The Sky Priestess

  1. Well settle down for what feels like a fireside welcome! I listened through twice. What’s resonating for me is
    the call to “develop heart centred integrity as spiritual warriors “
    that the virus has been manufactured but at an etheric level (so not a human machination but an attempt to shift human evolution from its purpose?)
    that Orissa is connected with an ancient tradition of Shakti dance
    that there is a textual tradition about an ancient land mass that may have linked Australia India and Africa
    that mass meditations to bring in light connected to where ancient lay lines used to lie are likely to be 1) misusing the ancient powers of these places that are in the keeping of traditional owners 2) likely to be operating with copies of divine archetypes that offer glamorous, easy and glossy ways to transcend, which do not offer ways to face our real situation which is about developing love , and are likely to be bringing in further contagion via contact with the very technology that also links us
    I also like the discussion about ancient deities having their own shadows (Talk to them but watch what resonates? ) I’ve been talking to Sekhmet and will look up Pratchyangira Devi protective lioness deity, thank you.
    A brief note about your retelling of the Heracles Chiron story this time Bairavee My understanding is Heracles wounded Chiron (not killed him) during the attack by the centaurs who were crazed by the scent of the Dionysian wine. He couldn’t die at this point being immortal but suffered great pain until he was able to take the place of Prometheus and die in his stead. I think what you have discussed about Thereus and Pholus here and earlier is very important but the continued suffering of Chiron the physician, as he continued to teach and heal, has a message in it .
    It took ten minutes for The Family who hosted this discussion to settle in and welcome you …flow with that folks, the discussion is intimate, generous and very interesting!! Thank you all so much xx


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