Realtalk. What’s happening in the world right now.

So. World leaders finally decided to agree for the cessation of hostilities around the world to fight the pandemic. The US initially agreed, then reversed its decision. I don’t know about you but I don’t remember anything in recent history where such a decision was contemplated, let alone rejected this way.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn begins tomorrow. I know some of you wanted to believe things will ease and lift now, but the astrology (and choices of those elected to power) state otherwise. Revisit my video (May 2020 – the one I asked you to bookmark). It’s a long road ahead and we need our wits about us.

Here in Malaysia, the partial lockdown has been extended till June 9th with differently abled people and animals suffering (apparently pet food doesn’t count as an essential food item and stocks are low). People have abandoned their pets because they can’t work and can’t take care of them. Representatives of the differently abled who are largely self-employed have called for government aid.

Two weeks ago I had a powerful and alarming vision of something too horrible to speak about happening in NY. We now see the disease has mutated into a strand that affects children and babies.

Whilst I do not recommend fear, I ask you to put your faith and love in action. Assist the suffering even if all you can do is offer to pay for their groceries for a week.

Distracting yourself with conspiracy theories might tickle the intellect but it does nothing for your ethics.

Acknowledge the glaring discrepancies in rates of mortality and access to treatment or favoured treatment and access to aid for some racial groups over others.

This is hitting everyone in different ways.
Some worse than others.

Walk your talk. Thoughts and prayers alone will not cut it.

Do what you can.

And then get back to your spiritual practice.

Fill the spaces you see with a connection back to the Heart of Gaia.

And buy a struggling family food.


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