Triggered (Re)-Actions: 9th August 2020

Just a quick note. There’s a bunch of stuff happening today.

For example, Pluto (23 Capricorn) is inconjunct Thereus (23 Leo) and we’re directly feeling the Moon’s occultation of Mars and Black Moon Lilith at 21 Aries.

Whilst there’s a lot of energy to push through and assert the self, do so with purpose, clarity and a consideration of necessity.

I’m travelling to yet another place (not by choice … just the road Spirit has me on right now) only to encounter very hostile people in my environment and also unkind comments on my work.

Twice, I had to think about whether I wanted to engage or simply let it slide. Or to simply state my truth without allowing hooks to latch on.

And whilst I’m the kind of person who does not turn a blind eye to injustice, I’m also cognizant that some types of unbalanced energies bait you into reactivity so you do the escalation dance with them.

This can also be a problem for empathetic healers and facilitators as they may sincerely want to help.

Consider the situation – is whatever help you can offer something transformative, or perhaps just a ‘ top-up’ for someone unwilling to take the time to consider themselves. Or is it your own unresolved martyr-savior-personal-narrative?

Be mindful of your environment and your loved ones and engage only when necessary.

Sometimes it is just not worth your energy or time in the long run, even if it tugs at your desire to help or incites your self-righteous response. Remember that there is ego attached with being too eager to leap into anger, or into savior mode .

Be aware. Be discerning. Invest your energy into greater love, authenticity, expressiveness and security in a sustainable way.


Dr Bairavee


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9 thoughts on “Triggered (Re)-Actions: 9th August 2020

  1. Dear Doctor B.! What a timely post for me and what a good reminder to be so careful when impulsed to engage. (Sorry that you are meeting hostility and unkind comments on your work, you are so valued here!) I am immersed in an ongoing issue involving my own need to disentangle from engagement with triggering stuff, and currently having even a physical situation with what seems like a severe allergic reaction on my face. Gah! I am placing it all in context. Thank you again, sending love and gratitude.


    1. Thank you for sharing this Dr.B. Its been a really rough day. I feel so much relief from knowing that others are also going through something similar and that the skies reflect this triggering energy.


    2. I feel you Kyla! Also dealing with physical issues. In my case some nasty ulcers. Let’s hope there’s an energetic shift for the better soon.


  2. Thank you for your clear guidance and wise way showing. I deeply appreciate your work.
    With gratitude and Blessings,


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