Time To Face Thereus: The Hunter-Stalker

I have been speaking about Thereus, the Hunter Stalker from the start of 2020 and have explained in previous videos how it feeds into half of the New and Full Moons in this year.

Thereus primarily concerns itself with surveillance, violence and domination.

You may look up the mythology of Thereus for further information or access one of my past videos on it.

We are in the time of one of Thereus’ key activations in the year of 2020, with its trine to Mars, conjunction to the Sun, Mercury and proximity to the upcoming New Moon.

It is high time we faced the covert predator with courage, compassion and clarity.

There is no room here for ego, pedestalization or unneeded comparisons.

We are all in this together – and some of us will be facing the fire more directly than others.

Face the emotion and allow yourself to look it in the eye or acknowledge its source. You will then have more options for action.

Do not feel the need to face it alone if you feel unsafe, or to throw yourself in unsafe situations to prove a point.

That does not get you, or anyone else, anywhere.

To this extent, I am also sharing the story of my friend Dai and her appeal for help.

This is on behalf a fierce, loving daughter of the Earth who has faced the Hunter and needs some human assistance to protect her daughter from him. If the message shared hasn’t hit home, read her words and it will.

Dai’s gofundme:


If you are not in the direct line of fire, watch out of the vulnerable and offer assistance where you can without being patronizing or offering your generosity with strings attached to prove an egoic point.

Humility and being willing to help is what it takes. Pay attention to what is happening on the world’s stage as this is playing out in today’s political world, at multiple levels.

Fear must not be that which leads you at this time. Do your best to come to a space of emotional truth and awareness.

And get help from people you trust and who are able to assist if needed.

Previous videos on Thereus:

2020: The Year of Thereus – The Hunter-Stalker:


Guest talk with Chris Flisher on Thereus from a more astrological viewpoint:


Much Love

Dr Bairavee

Gemstone tips: Black Obsidian & Carnelian

Oils: Black Pepper & Cassia (PLEASE be careful with these around sensitive people, pregnant individuals and pets!!!! Read the contraindications first. Sniffing it from the bottle is safest if you do not have health concerns that can be aggravated by oils)

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