The Message is No Message: The Uncertainty of Creation

Blessings to All.

I thought as hard as I could about what I wanted to address in my Youtube Live (Hello Neighbour series) earlier today.

I had no idea. So I mostly left the floor open.

I knew that something needed to be said or done. But I didn’t know what that was.

As I have finally had a day of rest in the past few months, I had a little spare energy to look at the website and update payment processors, layouts, and so on.

And I realized that I did not recognize photos of myself from just a few months ago.

And that I did not have one that really captured the evolutionary changes in my work, spirit, life, and practice.

Many illusions have come crumbling down and hard decisions have been made, all for the better.

Part of it was leaving Facebook and the chamber of illusions it generates. Whilst it has meant needing to rebuild, the choice was a sound one.

Part of it was also being willing to face to the painful illusions cast by family of origin. I could not process that betrayal until I was ready to face it. And as difficult as that has been, it brings greater clarity and truth.

Whilst the journey is incredibly challenging, it is also humbling to see the power of Faith and deep reverence for Life. And the instantaneous shifts that making aligned choices brings.

It is also amusing to see how someone on the outside can so easily project a different narrative when faced with a mystic walking the untrodden path.

One that does not feed into the old karmic machinations and energetic placations of the Age of Pisces and the false light that holds it in place.

Essentially, it came back to the same message:

In these intense times – especially so – our task is not to have all the answers, the solutions, the knowing.

It is to simply Be. To radically Be that which you are without inhibition and have the courage never to turn back.

That is how I have been facing Thereus and its insidious attacks for the past few months and undoubtedly how I (and others) shall continue in the coming transits.

I know I am speaking to others in sharing my experiences and do not claim them to be solitary or wholly unique – perhaps in my expression of it. But we are all being tested.

So what I ended up doing is just creating a space for that not knowing, and it seemed to help. Here’s a link:

There’s also an abridged version on my instagram @theskypriestess

There will be more to say in terms of the astrology, certainly. But it is just not a time to go plunging into things unless deeply willed by the core of your being.


Dr Bairavee

P.S. – As announced, payment via Stripe is now possible for sessions and subscriptions. My in-depth astrological work, analysis and writing has been shifted to the Tier-23 program. For more info, go to

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1 thought on “The Message is No Message: The Uncertainty of Creation

  1. Thank you for your candor! Missing your posts on FB I sought out your emails and have been experiencing something very similar with regards to the ‘no message.’ This is a time of just sitting still in our own stew and dealing with things as the rise. I am praying for my own heart (and creativity) to heal.
    I am interested in getting a reading soon. I will check your website for details.


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