Aug 30 – Sep 6 2020: Pisces Full Moon, Yods with Saturn, Node, Thereus & Borasisi, etc.

There’s A LOT going on over the next few days. This is a very condensed summary (equivalent to a Level 1 analysis in the Tier-23 program). I touch upon some lesser-known asteroids such as Borasisi and Thereus.

Long story short:

It’s time to get stuff done.

Don’t burn yourself out.

Take care of your gut and health.

Recognize legitimate rage and work with it from a creative space.

Say no to old patterns of abuse, even if it comes from ‘ soul – mates ‘

Demand better structures that protect the vulnerable and innocent

Breathe. Pay attention to your environment.

You’ll find a lot of things you can work on.

Much Love

Dr Bairavee

Sessions: (You can also sign up for Tier-23 membership using the same link)

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© Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2020. All rights reserved.

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