A Message for Saturn in Aquarius: Prepping For Your Upcoming Saturn Return

Today’s video is especially for those born with Saturn in Aquarius. You may wonder why as Saturn is still in Capricorn. I’ve been seeing several clients and friends recently with these placements – and essentially sharing the same message with them as they feel so much anxiety around their upcoming Saturn Return. So I figure there’s a collective theme at play. 

Those born with Saturn in Aquarius tend to be (on the positive side) very focused on doing the work that is needed to help humanity transform its level of consciousness. They tend to get into metaphysics, astrology, new age concepts and seek out teachers and mentors who they feel can help guide them.  The truth about this generation (especially Saturn-in-Aquarius in the early 90s) is that they have the answers within.

Their predecessors, born in the early 60s have a lot more baggage that they need to sift through – but that capacity for visionary insight and lightning-fast-intuition is equally present. It’s just buried under more unspoken trauma. 

The 90s Sat-in-Aqus tend to be culturally sensitive, woke, tech-savvy and capable of processing a lot of information very quickly at the mental level. They’re very mature in their outlook in life and have an incredible focus on the work that needs to be done. They tend to be very drawn to crystals, nature and animals. 

There are of course exceptions and other ways this alignment can be spun. Sometimes Saturn in Aquarius can make you a stick in the mud obsessed with your own point of view which you think is more superior. Or you end up valuing ideas and technologies more than hearts and living beings. Or you can be very intelligent in some ways, but very self-limiting in others as you cannot see past your own ego. 

What tends to happen either way is that there is a persistent lack of focus or neglect on working through personal life experiences from an emotional, as opposed to a mental or abstract level. Many individuals born in this generation are so desperate to help others but have not taken the time to help themselves.  So many of them have the right tools, perspectives, concepts and words – but they haven’t felt through the experience they want to work on within themselves.

My suggestion to the 90s generation feeling this way is to take that time to address your inner child.  And not in a way that makes it into more ‘ work’ or pathologizes it further. 

It’s about reconnecting with life, much like a child (be it two-legged or four-legged). That’s the most powerful magic that exists for the human experience. There’s a gift in being able to powerfully express the creative self without fear of failure, judgement or rejection.  And that’s where the work really needs to be done in the first place.

The tools are secondary. The facilitators I have the greatest love and respect for teach primarily by presence. Nothing more is needed as they embody that Spark within. 

Be inspired by art, music, movies, culture, comic books, anime, kids’ series – whatever it is that makes you giggle, that makes you want to laugh, cry, draw – that’s your ‘ homework’.  Most of you have been pushing yourselves to the point of over-preparation.

Take a chill pill and be inspired. Relate to the creative works of your time and see how they speak to you and others. There’s great merit in that (Right now I’m watching Cobra Kai, a spin-off from the original Karate Kid movies – with key members of the original cast! It’s amazing – and it speaks to collective transformation)

Don’t let those with limited views of what spirit is or needs to look like judge you and your path.

Older cultures did not have a hard line in the sand that separated what was spirit and what wasn’t. Because they understood how this material realm is but a reflection of that vaster experience. 

Get out of the work. And into life. 

More information in the video. 

Much Love

Dr Bairavee, The Sky Priestess

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