Another bump in the road…

So. We had critical brake failure whilst travelling on the highway today. No reason for it, just happened. Had to keep cool , extremely risky situation. But thankfully we are okay. Really cut it close though. Currently being towed to safety.

19 thoughts on “Another bump in the road…

  1. glad you are safe, Dr. B…may you continue to be protected and hopefully that safe haven is just over the horizon


  2. Your ability to remain cool and have equipoise in this risky and unexpected situation is an inspiration to us all, especially in these times. So good you got through safely, Dr. B!


  3. Glad you are okay…strange times…lightning hit a piece of equipment here in Guatemala City…it felt like it was in my window in my apartment ….no water in building of 100 residents…✌️


  4. Oh no ! I hope you are now safe and repairs are straightforward . Take care – blessings to you , and all you do for the worlds, may you be safe . Susanne


  5. Thankfully, you guys are safe and sound. Best wishes for a smooth rest of your journey. Take careπŸ•ŠπŸ’™ Veil Empath


  6. Hey Bairavee hope you are doing ok after this shocking incident. Thinking of you and hoping all is well now. Sending love your way. Look after YOU.


  7. Oh no dear Bairavee…
    Stay safe and strong. Take good care of yourself.
    Car stuff is never fun. Mine was stolen – still dealing with all this and having to look for another one. I am sure my angels are around watching over me and will find my car.
    Be well. Bless.
    ~ am


  8. So glad to hear you were protected and safe now. Lots of love and prayers from Mayapur India. Victoria Radha


  9. Broke my wrist on Thurs Sept 10 at 6 pm Pacific Time. It could have been much, much worse too. Glad you’re safe!


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