Volatile Alignments Ahead (September 17-21): New Moon in Virgo & Grand Fire Trine w. Galactic Center, Borasisi, Thereus, Ixion, etc. [ Practical Guidance ]

Today’s New Moon in Virgo makes some challenging metaphysical aspects to the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), Ixion, The Tyrant (27 Sagittarius) and Borasisi, The False Light (25 Pisces) whilst trining Saturn Rx (27 Capricorn) – and many, many other alignments!

In a few days from now – on September 21st – we see a very oppressive alignment forming between Thereus The Hunter Stalker (27 Leo), Mars Rx (27 Aries), Ixion, The Tyrant (27 Sagittarius) and The Galactic Center (again) at 27 Sagittarius – and others.


To avoid information overload, I’m just summarizing the key lessons.

You can look up older articles and videos that talk about what each of this means. This is more a document and video on how to psychologically and psychically cope with things.

There’s no polite, sugar-coated way to put this, so in the video I just talk about and show how these energies have been physically manifesting in my life. From mysterious brake failure, to multiple engine belt displacements to metal in a sofa bending in impossible ways. That’s also on the video.

What I’m sharing is a glimpse of the road me and my family have been leading for the past 8 months. It’s gone on a lot longer, but it’s been manifesting more directly in physical ways as of late.

By no means do I claim to be alone in this as I’ve heard from so many of you challenging oppressive structures in the world and in your own families.

Everyone is facing their own battle. Some are suddenly coming up with potentially serious health concerns (that by right they should not be having), accidents, general feelings of heaviness, dread and so on. And I’m sure they’ve experienced some of the same concerns surrounding speaking up.

It’s hard to talk about this because:

People can be judgmental. There’s a lot of holier than thou types out there that automatically blame the person being attacked or oppressed in some way or another. Or try to use it as a means of asserting superiority.

Let me be very clear about this: You will not experience any of this if you are working at a superficial level – or – of you’ve already signed a contract – or maybe it’s just not your path this time round to look at it.

Do not make false equations which victim-blame those who are sincerely working it out in the depths and pedestalize those who avoid it.

People can get competitive – when you speak with someone whose response to your trauma is to say how they have had it bad too (and without wanting to know how you are, etc.) – you know you’re in a spitting match.

It does not help.

People can get scared and run away because they don’t want to accept a reality in which metaphysical ideas and astrology can have such a powerful effect.

Denial will only take you so far.

Or .. worse .. they can try to ‘ fix ‘ the situation without a proper understanding of the situation or the tools needed.

The levels of oppression a person experiences psychically is something only they, and qualified people who have studied the situation, can assess.

Unless you have walked that path and have taken the time to understand, speak to, and create safe space with the person going through trauma … don’t try to analyze it from your armchair.

You gain nothing by projecting yourself as an authority and in fact may make the situation worse.

One of the hardest things is to bear witness and send compassion, especially when you do not understand what is going on.

Remember to have some perspective.

When someone is fighting for their life and their loved ones, telling them you’ve suffered too because you have a headache that day is flat out insensitive.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to listen and acknowledge, especially when you can’t relate to the degree of suffering another is experiencing. Or to send them support and connection by text, email, whatever.

When you’re the person going through intense times, know that your circle of friends will get smaller.

People will find a way to leave your space if you’re no longer able or willing to provide something you no longer have energy to give.

Or if the fact you’re experiencing something they can’t understand makes them too uncomfortable.

Give yourself permission not to need to explain yourself to make another person feel comfortable. And to leave situations where another person is just being insensitive.

Don’t force yourself to do small talk and be social if you’re already drained.

I’m bringing all of this up as it’s going to be coming up for all of you during this New Moon and/or the upcoming Grand Fire Trine with Thereus, Mars, Ixion and The Galactic Center.

With the New Moon on September 17th (today), the focus is going to be on our collective understanding of what it is to Serve. We also have to look at who we consider our guides, paths, religious perspectives and/or spiritual teachers.
Just because something is old and traditional does not mean it is for you or that it is exempt from immoral or unethical behavior because it is labelled as ‘ sacred’. Everything has its past … do your due diligence and don’t fall for the glossy lights or invitations to sacrifice or martyr yourself / or others. That means looking for answers away from the Kool-Aid stand.

For people choosing new paths that emerge away from their ancestral lineages, expect resistance in one way or another. Focus on your health and digestion in particular. Listen to your body.

On a related note: Ancestors are a mixed lot. Contrary to popular ideas, they’re not always there to support you. Sometimes old energies anchored into the line is the problem.

Now this is a bigger deal than usual owing to all the heavy energy that surrounds it all. I do a thorough job of explaining these bodies as part of the Tier-23 program for those who want to know more.

Now … what if something scary does come up?

Remember that the most critical moment is in your initial response to it. I talk more about this in the video.

No matter how oppressive, angry or challenging the energies that come forth are – your ability to respond to them determines the level of impact this is likely to have.

Engage the heart.

That doesn’t mean buttering things up or pretending you’re a soft gentle lamb.

It means that you feel deeply through all that comes at you, till you reach that center-space of Love.

Through whatever density there is.

Having faced this (several times now) in life-and-death situations, I can tell you that it’s not an easy thing to do – but it’s the most powerful thing you can do.

And the results are immediate. It’s why I’m still here to write this.

In terms of the Grand Trine on the 21st, I advise extreme caution when dealing with volatile individuals prone to violence and/or self-harm. It would be better to think of it as a three day window (20-22 September).

If you’re engaged in social work and public protest, be mindful of your surroundings as people are likely to escalate things. Pay attention to what’s happening in the political realm as we’re likely to see a lot of ungrounded, xenophobic, oppressive types wanting to lay claims on things and people that are not theirs to claim.

(The recent revelation of what’s happening with ICE in Georgia and illegal sterilization of detained women is … EXACTLY the kind of energy I’m talking about)

It is also important to pay attention to your kids, pets, loved ones and what’s happening in their world.

If you are one of those people not experiencing intense oppression (spiritual & otherwise), create a safe space for those who are in need.

Avoid codependent, martyr dynamics if you choose to do so. Do not judge. Do not compare. Do not try to ‘ fix ‘ the person you’re helping – they are a person, not a cuckoo clock!

If you are wanting to / others are calling you out there to stir up some stuff, think about the long-term utility of your actions. Spread awareness, raise the call for change, peacefully protest – but do not act out in violence and hatred.

Those with heart, reproductive, blood & head-related issues – be more aware of your body. Fear is an incredible stressor on the body and can weaken the body’s physical and spiritual ability to respond.

On a positive note, for those with safe spaces and/or the willpower to stay engaged with the Heart: It can be an incredible time to Create & Express.

Creativity devoid of compassion, empathy and awareness can go to the path of hedonism. That doesn’t help either.

Keep the Balance. Stay Engaged with your Heart.

Call for protection from guides you trust if something does come up.

Be mindful of fires, especially for those of you on the West Coast of the USA!

The red skies really express the energy of what all this is building up to.

I send you all love. And I hope this is useful to those of you who need it.

Dr Bairavee


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