Take A Stand for Justice.

There’s a lot of volatility about with Mercury, Ixion, Black Moon Lilith and Mars aspecting The Galactic Center. Be it the outrage at wanting to confirm a new Supreme Court judge after the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg – or – at the Kentucky court that did not see fit to sentence Breonna Taylor’s murderers.

It’s important to stand for justice at this time and in solidarity with the people who are marginalized and minimized at this time – especially by those in power. It’s important to continue the legacy of those who have tirelessly fought for others for the better part of their lives.

Do what you can to help and be measured in your responses. You still have a life to live and loved ones to protect.

But remember:

Hate will not stamp out hate. Nor will turning the other cheek.

The Sky Priestess

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6 thoughts on “Take A Stand for Justice.

  1. With all due respect, you may want to find out the facts around the Breonna Taylor case before you pass judgment. In this day and age, we need to question and do our own research before jumping to conclusions and add to the violent emotional reactivity that is happening. I love your work and offerings and appreciate your contributions greatly, but I had to comment on this one. Thank you for considering this.


    1. Hi Carrie. The only person who appears to be jumping in reactivity here is you. I’ve been following the case since day one. I have a very strict policy around racism, sexism, misogyny and transphobia. I do not welcome or offer my services to those who would turn a blind eye to these things. No, I do not require your respect . And no, you do not require the benefit of my free labour. As a woman of colour, I stand in solidarity with those who bodies have been marginalized. And when there are people tarnishing the legacy of a gifted black young woman to suit their agendas, I realize we are on different paths. Good luck to you.


  2. What happened is certainly extreme injustice. However, I think it is relevant to see that here it is also structural, societal injustice. The problem lies with the laws themselves and the way they are written, and certainly also the way they are interpreted. Racism is built into the legal structures. In this case in particular, what is required is new laws and completely different ways of policing – because the current laws and practices are prejudicial to people of color. The underling problem here is allowing “no knock” warrants, which are barbaric and assume guilt. The problem is not necessarily primarily that the police returned gunfire. The first problem is that they were in the apartment to begin with – where they should never have been. If laws and police practices do, one day, become fair and just, then people of color and all people will not have their lives threatened by assumptions of guilt, which are wrong and unjust to begin with. Racism is structural, built up over 400 years. It is also often personal and blatantly racist on the part of individuals and officials. But, as well as recognizing that, we must also change the underlying, defective structures of the law.


    1. Firstly, yes. I agree with most of your assessment. This particular situation cannot be viewed outside the lens of a racially biased framework of laws created by an institution that in its origins saw the black subject as being ‘ criminal’.

      In terms of the ‘ no knock ‘ warrants, again, agreed. Thankfully a Louisville council passed what’s been called as Breonna’s Law in June 2020 banning its use. I hope that spreads to other American cities, states and at the federal level.

      Whether the police were justified in returning gunfire is a point that I think needs to be clarified first. They were plains clothes officers who did not identify themselves and used a battering ram to break open a door at night in a neighbourhood that the police were already investigating for drug deals! The gentleman with a gun had the legal right to own and use it to defend himself and his loved one.

      I’m not sure what they’ve written in this new ‘ report ‘, but the initial incident report for Breonna Taylor was left blank. There was literally nothing written to justify any police invasion of her home or any narrative of the sequence of events. Everything that has come ‘ to light ‘ afterwards was written after the fact.

      In fact, their new report claims that they were not at the wrong apartment (which was what we were first told). Someone is clearly taking the word ‘ report ‘as a means to re-write what happened.

      I agree re structural and racist practices and how they get translated into individual actions.


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