{New Document} What You Need To Know Before You Book A Session

Hi. It’s Dr Bairavee, The Sky Priestess.

A lot of people enjoy my spiritual approaches, astrological interpretations, political statements and activism, general demeanor, personality, 80s nostalgia, cat-mommyness and so on.

They get excited, and they want to have a session with me. Which is wonderful.

However, you have to understand that what I do when I sit with you in facilitation is not the same experience as what you see on social media. As what I share there is very diluted and more oriented towards the process of community building.

For those of you who have recently found or followed me, here’s me in a professional nutshell:

I have a doctorate in political science specializing in the dramaturgy of microsociological rituals in the legislative context. I have studied on multiple continents as a merit-based scholar and have had years of experience in nonprofit work & public speaking engagements.

I have conducted workshops on Neuroplasticity: Rewiring the Brain, Healing the Root of the Earth, Journey Into the Void, the Shadow Feminine – and a bunch of other things. I have traveled widely and journeyed deeply through years of sustained presence.

I have spent thousands of hours involved in spiritual consultations – and the rest of my time has largely been involved in deep spiritual pilgrimage, prayer and meditation.

Astrology was not something I read or learnt from a human source. I literally woke up one day and knew how to do it in a completely inexplicable way. My approach to ‘ reading the stars ‘ is led by gnosis and the experience I have had in academia, social work & political analysis creates a rich context for interpretation and practical application.

Where required (as Spirit guides), I work with 150+ additional asteroids and other astronomical bodies.

So you should have some idea of the person behind the experience you seek.

In a session with me, you will not get easy answers. But you will find truths that resonate with your soul.

A session with me is a very unique event as what I do is my own – as guided by / with Spirit.

I can’t call it purely astrology or myself as purely an astrologer in good conscience as it is so much more than that.

Presence is not defined by a label or title or function. It is holistic – it is an experience that just is.

Some readings will not even involve your astrological chart, especially if the matter requires a more spiritual approach.

And others will be purely chart-based. It depends on your queries and what Spirit guides me to do.

Yes, I have tonnes of recommendations and happy clients all over the world.

But I also have people who would never want to see me again.

Usually because I did not tell them what they wanted to hear or they were simply not ready to hear it.

Or because they abused the space of the session and attempted to cause harm.

Generally – people really enjoy the work and come back as often as I would let them.

(I suggest no more than 90 minutes a year for most people, 120 minutes for those working through extreme situations).

Even if it does mean doing a lot of deep digging in the process.

Some people leave their sessions laughing with tears in their eyes. Others just feel calm.

Some feel hopeful that change is possible. Others feel energized knowing what work needs to happen.

Some feel a sense of elation instantly. Others will feel dense for days till a sudden awakening happens and they then experience lightness.

It’s different for everyone.

This is what you need to benefit most from time with me:

An open mind

A general idea of what you want to know

A relatively solid sense of self so you can discern what is true for you and communicate your experience of it whilst we are in session

The willingness to hear, breathe and be present with what comes up

I can work with almost anyone, irrespective of their level of spiritual, astrological, psychic or psychological knowledge or experience – as what comes through is Spirit led.

And of course, every client has to accept and abide by the T&Cs of the session and any subsquent recording thereof.

That doesn’t mean that anyone and everyone should book though.

After seeing thousands of clients, I’ve identified key patterns of behavior and associated issues which are not compatible with my work.

I’ve also seen how pointless it is to make a list of it all as people just book anyway. That’s why this document is a lot shorter than its predecessor.

Just be honest about what you want and where you are at in your life.

For example, if you have complex PTSD – for the love of humanity – don’t just write ‘ healing ‘ in the form when you book a session. You don’t need to write me an essay but 2-3 lines would be enough.

The more I know beforehand, the better I can tailor my approach for you or inform you if a referral may be more suited for your case.

For instance, a person may badly need the safe space of a therapist’s office so they can feel heard and validated. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this – but that’s not why you would come to me. Or they might just be lonely and want a ‘ spiritual ‘ friend to talk to. There’s nothing wrong with that either – but that’s not the best use of my time and energy.

On the flipside, I may see that you have a very rigid expectation of what you want to hear and how you want to hear it. Or that you want me to make you feel a certain way. Or that you’re trying to use me to win a battle or argument you have with someone in your past. Or if you want me to tell you how enlightened you are.

None of that is my cup of my tea, and I’ll ask you to look elsewhere.

People who involved in very traditional spiritual or religious practices, or who take a predetermined view of destiny, fate or astrology, or who are trying to sublimate their human experience by merging with specific deities, chants, mantras, gurus, guides, etc. may not be a suitable fit for my work – as my primary engagement is with your individual, autonomous Free Will.

You need to check in with yourself and your guides to see if working with me is a right fit for you before booking.

My work operates best in the frequency of free will where you are the autonomous consciousness who decides your fate.

I help you understand the context that has shaped your experience and provide you with a road map to return to that space of Autonomy and Free Will.

Those who try to relegate that process to the stars, the gods, sources of external power and predetermination will not always find resonance with my perspective – if their guides are pulling them in an opposite direction. Which road a person takes, ultimately, is up to them.

But it is my responsibility – as a facilitator – to inform you of this up front.

The people who benefit most from the process are those who are willing to suspend judgements and dump their expectations of a particular outcome, narrative or path.

A session can provide a powerful transformation in the way you see yourself and what you can accomplish and experience in your life.

It does not need to dictate your reality but it can be the basis for you developing a healthier, saner relationship with yourself, Life & Spirit.

Given how powerful the work is and how much preparation and downtime it requires, I have very strict rules with respect to the exchange of energy.

There are no discounts.

You pay only for what you use in terms of session time.

If we go under time, you receive a partial refund for unused time.

If you go over time, you pay the additional fees.

I reserve the right to decline your booking if I get guidance from Spirit or if it is beyond my remit or area of expertise.

In which case I am happy to provide referrals who may be a better fit.

At the end of the day, this work is a spiritual vocation.

I have to honor the process and I ask that you do too.

It is is fluid, sensitive, deep and honest.

All that is done is in alignment with Spirit and my personal code of integrity.

Booking Link for Sessions with The Sky Priestess : www.theskypriestess.as.me

Please make sure you read the T&Cs and understand them fully before you complete your booking.


Dr Bairavee

TERMS OF USE AND SHARING: This post and text is original research material and is copyrighted. All information provided, be it through sessions conducted or this post is non-liable and is not intended to replace professional legal, medical, psychological, psychiatric and/or financial counsel. How you choose to act on this information is up to your own free will and is entirely your responsibility.

© Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2020. All rights reserved.

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1 thought on “{New Document} What You Need To Know Before You Book A Session

  1. Powerful — and immensely valuable. It doesn’t surprise me that your astrological expertise originated off-planet/plane — as something of a maverick myself, I benefit uniquely from your strength and nitty gritty authenticity, and I’ll bet a lot of others feel the same way. Please do keep up the uniquely wonderful work!


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