Bullseye / 15 minute minisessions are back! (October 18-November 4, 2020)

Hello everyone, I’ve been sitting with this for a while and waiting to receive the right signal. Between October 18 to November 4, you can book the 15-minute Bullseye Session via www.theskypriestess.as.me

These sessions are even more intense and jam packed with information than the usual.

Which is why they’re a rare treat (and they take a lot of energy to do and replenish from).

I remember one client who took a year and a half to fully process and work on the information shared during her minisession. People generally enjoy it.

It’s a very practical, hands-on, this is what you do, down to the bottom line kind of approach.

This is not an appropriate reading for a child, furbaby, deeply triggered, heavily pregnant and/or hypersensitive individual. You’ll want a longer session for that, especially if you prefer or require a more nuanced discussion.

Given the Mercury Retrograde and general state of things, I have also chosen to offer a discount on this particular session type on this occasion.

Stick to one key focus in your questions if you have a detailed query.

Alternatively, you can have a list of questions if they don’t require an in-depth analysis and we’ll see how much we get through.

You can find full information and details on the website which is also the booking link.

Other sessions will be offered as usual, and at the usual rates.

T&Cs apply.

Much Love

The Sky Priestess


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6 thoughts on “Bullseye / 15 minute minisessions are back! (October 18-November 4, 2020)

  1. do you sent a video or email replies to quick question sessions or does it have to be on the phone or video communication? Thank you in advance for your response.


    1. Hello love, for the nature of this session, I might be able to do a recording for you. But it is best to have some form of direct dialogue. Don’t worry if English is your second language or something (as that’s generally why people ask this question) 🙂 The message gets delivered 🙂


  2. Will I need to know my time of birth for this. I have a approximation of about 2 hour interval or would it be more beneficial to invest my money in finding my ascending and moon etc. aspects.


      1. thank you and much gratitude for all or your time and insights you share publicly. It has helped greatly.


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