Rough Skies October 25-31, Sessions Moved – Time for Self-Care!

Hello everyone.

Had a very clear message from Spirit.

Cancel everything between Oct 25-31 (GMT +8).

So I’ve just moved a week of sessions and notified everyone.

The energy feels very intense, almost violent.

People who would normally cope are not coping.

I’m already seeing that with regular clients whom I would consider energetically stable.

Use this time for self care, psychic protection and seeing what reveals its true intent and face to you at this time.

Try to avoid making major commitments in this time period and use it for observation and reflection.

Get the understanding for yourself first.

Blessings and love

Dr Bairavee

** Stay safe ! **

7 thoughts on “Rough Skies October 25-31, Sessions Moved – Time for Self-Care!

  1. I so agree to keep things quiet next week. Been called for jury duty… lol ..Praying they need me not. Jai Ma. Jai Amma. LOVE


  2. Thank you for the heads up. I am struggling. Thought I was losing it. Feeling isolated and alone. Nightmares waking me up. Will practice self care. Thank you and take care of yourself. Much love ♥️♥️♥️💜🙏


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