DEEP DIVE : Service, Karma, Facilitation, Magick

We have a robust discussion on how concepts such as service, magick, and facilitation have been diluted – and their energetic consequences.

We talk about bridging aspects of old ways into the new, and I suggest more respectful ways of addressing the organic components used in magickal work (e.g., herbs, gems, etc.).

There’s a lot of information out there and a general dilution of the idea of facilitation to make it more approachable and profitable.

There is also a romanticization of old energies and traditions as people struggle to seek roots in an increasingly intense world.

Working with an unsupported and ungrounded idea of service or performing rituals without understanding the materials and the karmic webs they weave is ill-advised.

Even if your intentions are positive, conducting a ritual or performing magic or facilitation services without proper understanding can negatively affect karma. Be it for yourself, your loved ones, and the client.

The ancients understood such consequences – which is one reason why facilitative work was so rare and why it took so much training and initiation to do it properly. Over time, those systems got corrupted as well. Hence gestures around this timeline.

You may or may not agree with all that is said, but if it gets you to think about things you haven’t before: job done.

The Sky Priestess

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