Sanity Is The New Sexy / Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 30 November 2020

There’s a susurration in the air as we head towards the Gemini Lunar Eclipse. I’m providing the breakdown of topics covered in the conversation. It’s very meta as we get to where we need to get to but through the act of pure human communication and sharing – which at the end of the day is one of the best things Gemini can do. So the structure is different for this:


(1) What I do with Hello Neighbour and Why: Being here in the now, lessons of the everyday, depedestalizing the mythic narrative (00:00- 8:48)

(2) Getting into the Lunar Eclipse (8:48-16:04): A variety of experiences and potpourri of approaches and thoughts – Seeding patterns of time in 18-year cycles – Lucky cat interjects but hides – An example of compassionate detachment in practice – Opportunities to work on communication and strategic silences

(3) Gemini’s particular strengths & brand of crazy (16:04-20:29) – gestalt thinking, sociopathy, explorative nature, bipolar extremes – the need to communicate with integrity and consistency – why Sanity is the New Sexy right now – look at the tiny details and clarifications on policy coming about right now (these give you the larger picture) – stay indoors as people are likely to be restless

(4) What do to with that restless Gemini energy (20:29 – 24:36 ) What is it trying to teach you? What do you need to say, and when do you need silence? Silence can be more potent than filling a room with empty words. Be the butterfly. Breathe. Impatience gets you nowhere.

(5) The role of Chiron and Vesta (24:36- 31:15)– Chiron trines the Sun and sextile the Moon – communicate the self’s vulnerability and be aware of your triggers. Vesta squares the Moon and sextiles the Sun. (Also a quick note on constellational systems) – the power of the casual conversation – the magic of the everyday, of just being a person – be gentle with yourself – chatroom tips.

(6) Miscellaneous Q&A (31:15 – 40:40)– managing anger with the Gemini mind – what is a legitimate defensive response – know what to surrender to a higher power – dig deeper to find answers – favourite ice cream flavours – sugar cravings and early childhood memories – fasting – thyme and nettle tea for detox (if your body agrees with it) – the difference between lunar and solar eclipses

(7) General chat /winding down (40:40 – 46:46) – Indigenous energies and wandering about Australia – – sibling connections – nervous system – don’t worry about every damn alignment – come back to the basics – Tier-23 and who it’s suitable for – spiritual training – it’s just another day


Here is my other piece on the prep material – some of the 18-year eclipse cycle dates are given here :

Here are some guidelines to grounding for those having a tough time with it (it’s an old article for the 2015 Gemini Full Moon):

Enjoy! Feel the vibe – and settle into yourselves. That’s honestly the point of all forms of astrology, divination, meditation, and so on.


Dr Bairavee The Sky Priestess


In-Depth Sessions & Tier-23 Monthly Programme :



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1 thought on “Sanity Is The New Sexy / Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 30 November 2020

  1. Just in case anyone chooses to read the text without watching the video – what is listed is a list of topics – and some answers or experiences shared by the live commentators. This is a group-meaning-making exercise that requires context and the audiovisual experience. If you are unclear or uncertain in what context a term has been used, just post a comment. This is the Gemini Lunar Eclipse we’re talking about. The last seed you want to set for yourself is jumping to conclusions on the basis of unchecked assumptions 😉


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