Jan 12-13: New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, square Eris, trine Vesta, sextile Borasisi

The New Moon (23 Capricorn) goes exact at 5:00 am UT January 13th, 2021 whilst making key aspects to Eris, Pluto, Vesta, and Borasisi.

A powerful opportunity for all of us to set seeds that transform our individual and collective relationship with Power, Manifestation, and Authority.

Given that the New Moon is conjunct Pluto (24 Capricorn), we will be asked to face our fear, wounds, and traumas. It is up to each individual and the weight of the collective to choose what unfolds for us all.

Some will choose the path of violence, greed, war, and retraumatization.
Others will choose a path of authenticity, healing, and regeneration – but not without facing that shadow first.

As the New Moon and Pluto are squared Eris (23 Aries), we also see a triggering of personal and collective volatility. It is no exaggeration to state that ungrounded individuals are likely to act out at this time – and in violent ways.

Whether it’s because you’re in a situation of domestic abuse, or a town on the brink of chaos, or a nation on the verge of a political crisis … you need to find a safe space. And if you have one, offer it to people who need it and can add to it.

Erisian energies can be the impulse to assert the truth of the self, but when that sense of selfhood is seen through the Ego’s eyes, what results is senseless chaos with little regard for collateral.

When Eris is engaged from the Heart, a very different expression manifests. But you will have to do it for yourself before you know what that is and what it can collectively inspire.

Borasisi (24 Pisces) adds a layer of added confusion, obfuscation, and complexity to it all as it sextiles the New Moon and Pluto. If you have anything near 23-24 Leo, it will become a pivotal Yod or Finger of Fate.

Watch what you create and from what space within. Watch your children, pets, creative projects, and passionate connections at this time. Watch the political domain and the actions of those seen as leaders.

What will you be inspired to do? And how will you do the same for others?

Borasisi’s energy asks us all to confront the collective delusions that have segmented parts of the collective into self-confirming biases and partial realities. Some will delve deeper into their fiction, and others will begin to realize the game of illusion at play. False Light beacons are lit very strongly at this time, so stay discerning.

Vesta (21 Virgo) adds a layer of complication to the whole situation. It tends to push people to extremes, be it extremes of devotion, renunciation, escapism, extreme idealization, and so on. Out of desperation, a sense of overwhelm, hopelessness, or even fear.

Whilst it’s good to have a sense of devotion, focus, and a desire to care for others, it has to balance with the other parts of your life. Facilitators tend to swing towards caring for everyone else but themselves. Take the time to strengthen your position, especially if you do this.

If you have gone the other route, i.e., self-centeredness to the point of narcissism, etc., then it’s time for you to be looking at how to give back with what you do have. Sometimes a person has more privilege than they realize.

Remember that real power does not come from a title, a ritual, a path, or anything external to you. It comes from within.

Be centered in your responses to whatever comes up during this New Moon, no matter how urgent and desperate it seems. We do not need more martyrs as we head into the Aquarian Age.

Generally speaking, watch the body’s health – head, heart, and gut come up in particular. Be mindful of your investment or commitment of material resources at this time.

Now is the time to generate a measured response to the chaos in the world. That’s how we change things. Not when the dust has settled, but right through the heart of the storm. If you feel hopeless, remember the butterfly effect.

You are making a change, no matter how small it seems to you. Taken together, these create a ripple in the collective.

In short,

Do what you can.
But don’t overdo it.

Dr. Bairavee The Sky Priestess


This post and text are original research material and are copyrighted. You can share this material for personal, non-commercial, and educational use with proper citations, references, and links/tags back to my website / Instagram / Youtube. Clicking ‘Share’ or ‘Reblog’ would be most appropriate. This material is not to be used for your your workshop, blog, organization, webpage, book, seminar, or for any commercial purpose without obtaining my prior consent. Anything communicated here is not intended to replace professional legal, medical, psychological, psychiatric, or financial counsel. How you choose to act on this information is up to your own free will and you agree to be responsible for whatever consequences arise from your actions. Use your common sense first.

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