Hello, Neighbour # 30! Restorative Justice, Community and Spiritual Discernment

So, today’s Hello, Neighbour took quite an interesting turn. The first 20 minutes or so were more about general catch-up, a couple of questions here and there – and just as I was about to log off, the energy changed sharply.

Whilst I welcome questions from members of the community, I also try to make sure we don’t fixate on any one thing or make it about any one person as this is a group interaction. I have an email address for anything specific that people want to ask, or a website to book sessions for people who want information different aspects of their chart & Spirit.

We ended up talking about the old occult laws and how they get encoded in certain astrological approaches, the need for teachers to be discerning when sharing certain information, the importance of not privileging any one tradition or race as being superior to another, and so on.

There were quite a lot of the old currents and structures coming up in the group dynamic, which normally is not present. But I see it as a build up to the New Moon in Capricorn squared Eris – whose writeup and video you can find here .

I reflected on some of the interactions that occurred on that thread and in one space outside of it – and these are my thoughts:

Whilst it is absolutely vital to acknowledge our genetic and energetic inheritances (without appropriating another’s), it is just as important to remember that your race and gender in this life does not determine who you are as a soul.

Who you are as a soul cannot be defined by any one thing, or even the sum of all things. It becomes tricky when someone forgets to respect lived lines of lineage or claims that their lineage is the oldest or best or whatever.

(And no .. it doesn’t matter if you remember an old lifetime as a shaman or something way back when … Engage with that tradition and it’s Indigenous practitioners in the here and now in a real way before you seek to represent it … )

The same applies to gender and sexuality in profound ways.

In my work and community spaces, I operate a strict policy. 

It does not matter if you are a white, brown, black or Asian (or some other) supremacist … 

Or a male chauvinist or a misandrist 

Or a homophobe or a transphobe or a heterophobe

You’re not going to be able to hear what I’m saying over the sound of your own ego-mind.

When you do the raw work of spiritual discernment, prepare to tear down all of the constructs you felt comfortable identifying yourself with.

In so doing, you may be able to witness and empathize with the common experience of being we all share.

In so doing, you may be able to challenge your own privilege and work towards a more equitable world for us all.

But none of that will happen when your mind continues to dictate what your soul, or indeed, the soul of the planet must be.

Do not be blind to the institutional forces that have divided us in so many ways ..

Or the truth of the soul that gets lost in translation.

Sometimes it’s your own. Sometimes it’s someone else’s.

If anything, the work of Spirit and restorative justice must go hand in hand for it to have meaning.

Using spiritual ideas to justify the division, or why your race and gender is better than another’s just makes the journey a lot harder.

Restorative justice is about empowering those who have been oppressed. It is not about creating new hierarchies of privilege.


Dr Bairavee The Sky Priestess


In-Depth Sessions & Tier-23 Monthly Programme : www.theskypriestess.as.me




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