Sun 24 Taurus squared Thereus 24 Leo – 17:57 UT, May 15th 2021

Hello everyone! This is a very important alignment to take note of. At 17:57 UT, May 15th 2021, we will see the Sun at 24 Taurus squared Thereus at 24 Leo. As most of you who have followed my work know, this refers to the activation of the Hunter-Stalker energy that thrives off covert predation tactics. To learn more about Thereus, the Hunter Stalker in the Stars – please look at the links provided at the bottom of the document. To know more about what it does in your chart, book a session.

As far as I know there has been no prior significant astrological or spiritual treatment or discussion of Thereus available to the general public. The material shared in the links ground-breaking information resulting from five years of original research and spiritual work. In 2020, I even approached other astrologers to discuss it with them, but they generally just freaked out.

With respect to today, tomorrow and the day after …

Be aware of your vulnerabilities in:

Matters of the Heart

Questions of Leadership

Innocence, Children (irrespective of species), The Inner Child

Healthy sexual and creative expression

Politics, matters that evoke passion

Creative pursuits & the arts

Tomorrow is a good day to _NOT_ wear your heart on your sleeve and be aware of those who will take your compassion and generosity for granted.

Sometimes they will bait you with fear, other times with extreme pedestalization. Both are unnecessary and both suck.

Defend yourself and what matters to you, even if it means drawing hard lines.

Some people will try and guilt trip you or get you to give up your claim to security and abundance if you let them.

Don’t engage in the drama and stay in your lane.

As long as you are not seeking to harm another or avoiding taking responsibility for how you may be causing inadvertent harm, you have every right to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Just be aware that Thereus does not always come at you directly, except when you are at your most vulnerable. This is why greater awareness and presence is the only real antidote through this alignment.

Given the fact that Thereus aspects Black Moon Lilith (22 Taurus), Lilith (24 Pisces), Kassandra (25 Aries), Eris (24 Aries) and Arachne (24 Libra) … you can be sure that a lot of these dynamics will be related to old karma experienced by facilitators of the Feminine experience. A lot of the time that comes down to the sacrificial priestess archetype and one’s level of comfort and familiarity with the trope – and their willingness to transcend it for something more aligned with the Now.

Resources to learn from:

(Check out the associated writeup )

2 Podcasts (with people who were willing to hear and share the message):

Chris Flisher – A more technical and political discussion –

Amelia Fortes –

If you want to know where Thereus is in your chart, look at or . The asteroid number is 32532 .

If you want a personalized reading or discussion of what it does in your chart, book a session at

I send you all very many blessings. Be aware of this energy and take responsibility in your responses and awareness. Sometimes it’s you playing the role and sometimes it’s external.


Dr Bairavee The Sky Priestess

Terms of Use and Sharing:

This post and text are original research material and are copyrighted. You can share this material for personal, non-commercial, and educational use with proper citations, references, and links/tags back to my website / Instagram / Youtube. Clicking ‘Share’ or ‘Reblog’ would be most appropriate. This material is not to be used for your your workshop, blog, organization, webpage, book, seminar, or for any commercial purpose without obtaining my prior consent. Anything communicated here is not intended to replace professional legal, medical, psychological, psychiatric, or financial counsel. How you choose to act on this information is up to your own free will and you agree to be responsible for whatever consequences arise from your actions. Use your common sense first.

© Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2021. All rights reserved.

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5 thoughts on “Sun 24 Taurus squared Thereus 24 Leo – 17:57 UT, May 15th 2021

  1. Hi Dr B. In my deep dive, I noticed serennu. and calculate slightly different positions for all bodies. I triple-checked my inputs. Have you heard this before? Thank you in advance, Meg.


    1. One allows for second input. The other does not. So I don’t know if they take an average value for that minute. Or just 00 seconds. That would be my best guess. However, the difference is … quite literally splitting hairs and has very little practical impact as far as I am aware.

      If you are curious, feel free to write to both sites and see what they have to say.


  2. Hello Dr Bairavee! I shared this post on a the FB page for OPA. There was a posting about a recent attempted kidnapping in Florida & I immediately thought of your work and the asteroid Thereus. Fortunately, the kidnapper was caught the attempted kidnapping was foiled!


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