Thereus 27 Leo trined the Galactic Center (July 2nd 2021)

I got into a minor accident a few days ago that delayed this video for a bit. No surprise there.

Am managing (relatively Okay), no additional healing/rituals/prayers requested. Not the time for it.

Things we talk about:

Let go of old fear dynamics

Be present

Reclaim your space

Question who is playing the role of Thereus

Who keeps wanting to have what is not theirs

Who uses the rhetoric of love and service as a hook or bargaining chip

Who insists that their will and desires are more important than your life

Letting go of fear, obsession and the belief that we need to be drained to help others

Setting boundaries around your energy, home, health and family.

You have the right to.

Watch who comes to the door, say no.

Fix things in your environment that can lead to mishaps.

Do not use love as an excuse to harm, steal, control or take another’s lifeforce for granted.

You are not mean for saying no to a predator, even if they claim to love you!

And more in the video 🙂

The Sky Priestess

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