False Light & Fierce Heart : Thereus Inconjunct Borasisi (w. Live Energy Transmission & Chanting of Heart Sutra)

Thereus the Hunter-Stalker at 27 Leo inconjuncts Borasisi the False Light at 27 Pisces right now. The energy has been building up for a week, and will continue to move through the collective for at least another week.

In this video (and I recommend watching it because words do not adequately convey the energy), I talk about:

the kinds of collective illusions that are standing in the way of living in truth with Love at this time

the way this is likely to manifest, especially in relationships. Look at your loved ones, including children and furbabies.

the importance of looking for these hidden dynamics of predation even in things we consider indigenous or traditional systems as no system on this earth is absolutely perfect. It may have nuggets of perfection, but there is likely to be something in any system you wish to follow that does not align.

I also provide a live energy transmission, followed by a chanting of the Heart Sutra which I find to be the best mantra for the dispelling of illusion so that the true heart can be revealed. That is from 29:55 onwards.

Heart Sutra in Japanese (transliterated) and English translation side by side: https://zeninlondon.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/two-sided-hannya-shingyo-with-translation-2011.pdf

Recommended Gemstone: Green Obsidian (Source ethically, as best you can, and respect the Earth)


Dr Bairavee The Sky Priestess

Sessions: http://www.theskypriestess.as.me

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