What is Thereus The Hunter-Stalker & Its Key Alignments till August 22, 2021

Thereus, The Hunter-Stalker of the Skies, continues to influence the collective in profound ways. This is a body that astrologers tend not to look at in any real depth – for the most part – as it terrifies them. 

The few sources of Thereus-oriented writing I have found tend to downplay the real impact this body ( asteroid number: 32532 ) has on our lives.

In 2020, just before the extent of the pandemic came to light – I tried to contact as many people as I could to tell them about this asteroid and how it would literally transform the planet as it aspected nearly half the Full and New Moons of the year, along with key conjunctions in Capricorn during that year. Some claimed it was ‘too complicated ‘, and others feigned polite interest but ultimately declined to engage with it. I finally found two people who were willing to even listen.

There is no shiny rainbow gloss, no ‘love and light ‘tale you can spin through the lessons that Thereus teaches. 

You can also learn more about my previous writings on this subject through this website – links given at the end of the document.

Thereus in mythology is the hunter of bears. He essentially stalks and watches a bear’s coming and goings into and out of its cave. When he wishes it, he lunges in, beats the bear on the head, and drags it out, kicking and screaming. 

There is another King Tereus in mythology, and his energy is not that different. He rapes his sister-in-law in a secluded place and cuts her tongue out. (It’s an additional layer to the meaning of Thereus, but – as you will see – it does track)

With respect to Thereus the hunter – as far as I am concerned:

The bear did not ask for this malice towards it. It did not manifest it. It was not the product of the bear’s bad karma.

It happened because Thereus chose to make it so, and the bear had no means of protection.

I would say the same of Philomela, the unfortunate victim of sexual assault and violence at the hands of King Tereus.

I do not believe that spirituality should be used to blame the victim, even if it makes the other person using that narrative feel better about themselves. 

I forget where I read this, but essentially people latch onto ideas that help them explain bad things that happen to other people. (I think it was a book by Malcolm Gladwell)

They have to be framed as the product of something that person did or was somehow responsible for – as otherwise – it could happen to anyone.

Of all the astrological bodies I have worked with (over 200), Thereus is the one that really brings that humbling fact home.

Bad things do not just happen to bad or unaware or unawakened people.

They can happen to anyone. And it is not their fault.

New Age philosophy tells us that we manifest everything we experience, from success to slavery to happiness to abuse. I find that a gross oversimplification of metaphysical laws and an omission of the fact that human will is just one of many that operate in the metaphysical universe. 

Sometimes shit happens because some people or energies thrive off the pain of others. That’s not on you or anything you did.

In my work with thousands of clients, I have encountered so many cases where people experience Thereus as a constant feeling of being watched or constantly meeting people who do not respect their privacy or even key moments of grief at an unexpected death (and other variants). 

None of these necessarily have to do with limiting beliefs, gaslighting, adverse childhood experiences – sometimes, they are disconnected from that individual’s personality and general energy. And that’s why Thereus is so hard to accept for so many.

But for the people who have fought and battled the predator, doing everything in their power to change their lives and still meeting the same outcomes – they find relief in the knowledge that it was not of their doing. That realization alone is a catalyst for profound healing.

The energy is very real and tangible when a client’s eyes widen in recognition as they say,’ Yes, that’s EXACTLY it! I don’t know how else to describe it ‘ . Knowledge brings liberation if you’re willing to look deep enough. 

When it comes to Thereus, what so many people find so reassuring is that they see how the timings of events – whether they knew about it in advance or not – demonstrate key windows in which they are more likely to be targeted or to experience a loss of control and ability to respond. 

That has nothing whatsoever to do with their personality, energetic purity, past life karma, etc. I realize this is a somewhat controversial statement to make; however, that is what I have found.

I spent five years researching this body and understanding how it operated through individuals’ charts before introducing it to the general public. 

This is because the knowledge that this door opens can easily trigger states of panic, fear, and anxiety. 

This is why it is essential to remember the Lesson that Thereus does provide: Be Prepared.

I have found that preparation and a willingness to have at least some aspect of yourself aware of negative possibilities actually mitigates the effect. 

A ‘negative’ outcome is more likely to ambush you when you are wide open and unaware. The stalker cannot really do much stalking if your front house lights are fixated upon them, and you’re already calling the cops and alerting your neighbours.

Some of you have literally had to do this repeatedly during key Thereus transits!

The ‘positive ‘outcomes that Thereus can bring are through no merit of his own, but through your level of preparedness and willingness to face the possibility of being confronted in that way (to put it mildly). 

When you can face that possibility with faith rather than fear – you already have the upper hand. You are better able to protect yourself and perhaps others.

Naturally, some things are still going to take you by surprise because that is the nature of life. No one can prepare for everything. 

Knowing what may happen allows you to break out of freezing in that instant of shock and then quickly move out of that situation. 

It’s like the way martial artists prepare for combat. An opponent may land a blow on them, taking them by surprise – but the training kicks in, and the response is automatic.

That takes discipline, courage, and a willingness to face the Truth.

Because not all of you will be the victims of abuse, some of you will be Thereus in the situation. The dynamics that are easiest to talk about are the most overt. More commonly, predation happens at a far subtler energetic level – and we mask it in the name of family, culture, habits, norms, and so on.

Let’s get into deeper context:

Thereus in Leo (August 1982-May 1987, November 2016-August 2021)

** do account for retrogrades as it was in Virgo during some of these times

Thereus in Leo has collectively brought our focus in the past few years to hidden predations upon that which brings us joy, authenticity, tender vulnerability, and happiness. This can focus on matters of love, intimacy, creativity, children (and furbabies), etc. Leo focuses on the arts, politics, management – and any endeavour that moves you to intense emotion or passion.

Be it to support or condemn, the US, in particular, saw the conviction of high profile sex offenders and, in some cases, a refusal to acknowledge their past so they may take public office. Whilst the hashtag ‘#MeToo” was first used by activist Tarana Burke in 2006, the MeToo Movement sparked anew in 2017 with a viral tweet by actress Alyssa Milano standing in solidarity with victims of sexual assault in Hollywood. Just to highlight one example of many.

Thereus in Leo also saw thousands of migrant children at the US border separated from their parents and kept in cages, some of whom went lost in the system. Canada has begun to unearth hundreds of unmarked graves of indigenous children at ‘residential schools ‘.

The Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum with the quick actions of 17-year-old Darnella Frazier. She recorded the video of George Floyd being murdered by police. Whilst not captured on tape in the same way, the death of Breonna Taylor – chillingly similar to the tale of Thereus and the bear he chose to kill – galvanized key aspects of the movement and sensitized people to the fact that Black women are equally victims of violence at the hands of the state.

Globally, we saw rising fear due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. This intensified cases of domestic violence and child abuse as victims had no real place to go. More and more people are able to talk about trauma in ways that they did not before. Many have accessed the energy of Thereus through the concept of ‘the narcissist ‘– which honestly is a helpful model for demonstrating how it can manifest in more social contexts.

I could list more things, but you get the idea. Thereus, in some cases, has been instrumental in drawing out those hidden violations that have gone unaccounted for, and in other cases, those abusers have been empowered further.

I’ll do a piece on Thereus in Virgo later. But we need to focus on Leo right now as several critical alignments are due. 

Hence the need for this video and writeup:

Critical Transits of Thereus in July and August 2021:

July 2 – Thereus 27 Leo trine Galactic Center 27 Sagittarius

July 8 – Thereus 27 Leo inconjunct Borasisi Rx 27 Pisces

July 20 – Venus 28 Leo conjunct Thereus

July 26 – Thereus 29 Leo square Sedna 29 Taurus, both activated by Moon at 29 Aquarius

July 28 – Mars 29 Leo conjunct Thereus

July 20 – Ceres 29 Taurus square Thereus 29 Leo

July 30 – Moon 29 Aries trine Thereus 29 Leo (and Ixion 29 Sagittarius)

July 31 – Jupiter Rx 29 Aquarius opposite Thereus 29 Leo

August 1 – Thereus 29 Leo trine Ixion 29 Sagittarius

August 4 – Thereus enters Virgo (again)

August 12 – Mercury 0 Virgo conjunct Thereus

August 22 – Full Moon 29 Aquarius opposite Thereus 1 Virgo

I’ll refer you to the video discussion for a brief synopsis of each.

I hope the information provided will be of use to you and your loved ones in the coming days. 

It is honestly about being just a little more prepared, a little more aware, a little more vigilant – and you might end up sparing yourself or a loved one a really painful experience. 

And no, no one needs to be raped or killed or hunted to ‘ learn spiritual lessons’.

Not everyone may be at the same level of risk, but someone around you might be.

I am working on a comprehensive book and course to teach people about Thereus, what it means in their lives, and the collective. Stay tuned.


Dr. Bairavee The Sky Priestess

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Additional Resources:

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3 thoughts on “What is Thereus The Hunter-Stalker & Its Key Alignments till August 22, 2021

  1. This interesting and oh so true. Today is July 26 and pretty much the worst day in a very life time. My moon is at 29 Taurus so some interesting things going on there…. My storyline reads: Victim=me, Narcissist=Doctors, event= chronic illness comes back with a vengeance; i get a lead on the cause but get laughed at by doctor. Its really all so much worse than it sounds

    Also interesting is I’m sick from mold in my apartment which has to do with the amount of moisture because of my aquariums. (Sedna on my moon). I seriously feel like a victim of everything right now.


    1. I’d say that’s a pretty normal feeling considering the hit to your Moon.
      If it helps, remember that this too will pass. Stay safe and stick to your guns.
      Sometimes the real victory is not over external circumstances, but rather how you respond to them internally.


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