Thereus in Virgo (2020-2025): Prepare & Organize

Thereus in Virgo asks us to focus on matters of health, hygiene, daily habits, rituals, maintenance of equilibrium within the self and in our relationships with others. Pay attention to professional routines, questions of service and ideas of worth that may get triggered through this phase, be it in relationships, groups, organizations, or nations. Including retrogrades, Thereus first entered Virgo on 31 October 2020 and will complete its transit on 12 October 2024. Thereus has recently settled into Virgo after its brief retrograde into and return from Leo.

More information in the video. Some key elements of the philosophy behind Thereus articulated there (and they will of course be in the book)

August 12 sees Mercury conjunct Thereus and August 22nd sees the Full Moon opposed Thereus. These are key dates to remind yourselves of the lessons discussed here.

Remember that fear does not solve problems.

As individuals and as a species, we have evolved through responses to threats in the environment. We stop evolving when we use the fear of the threat as a reason to avoid finding a solution to it.

Thereus shows us what causes us fear and why. It forces our evolution through the way we craft our response to threat.

Thereus will also be aspecting Pholus in between September 2021 till mid 2022. This is really when authorities are likely to make heavy-handed moves (more so than before) in the name of public health, so have your healthcare protocols ready.


Dr. Bairavee, The Sky Priestess

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Videos for Greater Understanding and Healing around Thereus:

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