Healing from Chronic Illness & Wisdom From Cybertron

In this video, I talk about healing chronic pain from a spiritual perspective.

I found relief from months of being semi crippled within a matter of hours. It’s all about the perspective that needs to shift within to allow true healing to occur.

And it’s taken sitting with a lot of humility and integrity through immobility for the past few weeks especially in the times I could not move to even get up to go the loo. (I need a new mattress now BTW)

I prefer not to talk about things like this until I know I have a handle on things. That’s just me.

But my brother has borne witness to it all.

Before you jump in with theories and advice, listen to the video.

So many people don’t talk about this because they do not want to be projected on and are exhausted from explaining that they’ve already covered the ABCs of healing and psychic work.

The past two months have been an intensification of the kind of depletion I’ve faced since I was 16.

And no, it’s not about getting more exercise or nutrition.

It’s not about cutting ties with toxic people.

There are so many of you who go through such pain and try so many things, only to face even more stigma from (usually) well-meaning, but misplaced advice.

Chronic pain does not go away from positive affirmations of worthiness or visualizing bubbles of light.

They may help, but it takes a deeper realization within to finally effect that change.

Quite a few people suffering from chronic, undiagnosable pain that defied all attempts at healing had a Eureka moment listening to this video.

And I hope it helps more people.

Health discussion starts from 12:07 as I spend the first ten minutes talking about one of my most influential teachers ever.

A being who said : Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

Blessings and Love

The Sky Priestess

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