Saturn-Thereus-Chiron Yod! (Nov 22- December 4) General guidance as we head towards the end of 2021!

Hello everyone. In this video, I talk about the extraordinarily intense, transformative, and (for some people) potentially dangerous triggers formed by the Saturn-Chiron-Thereus Yod or Finger of Fate in the Skies right now. For some, it has catalyzed profound insights into healing and wellness, and for others, it has resulted in freak accidents, illness, death, and so on – especially in the past 24-48 hours.

I have to cover a wide range of possibilities here, so the likelihood that something absolutely awful will happen to a single individual is low, but it pays to be aware of it. That likelihood can be further mitigated through proper prevention and awareness. Sometimes the warning is for you, and sometimes it allows you to act in a way that can help another.

Yods are uncompromising teachers. They connect two inconjuncts and a sextile in ways that prompt a person to a karmic crossroads: Are they going to deepen themselves in a particular karmic lesson, or will they transcend it?

Saturn in Aquarius is all about the technologies, groups, friendship networks, allies, benefactors, ideals, and the physical and spiritual structures that provide with the power to have influence.

Chiron in Aries is about the perceived wounds of the self and the mind. It can be a humbling lesson in taking a look at the truth of one’s being and the way it is expressed – or it can lash out in projection unto others.

Thereus in Virgo – as I understand it – is the need to look at sources of covert or hidden predation and vulnerability which ultimately lead to a drain on health, resources, and the ability to serve others and sustain the self. I see it as a painful, yet necessary evolutionary pressure – till we collectively agree that there is no further need to learn through pain.

At present, Saturn is at 8 Aquarius, Chiron is at 8 Aries and Thereus is at 8 Virgo.

You can find out more about Thereus in Virgo here.

The combination can help you strengthen these areas of life and help those who are having a rougher time of things. It can equally make people lash out in violent ways, have mental breakdowns, or experience accidents (due to electricity, fire, weakness in the feet, digestive issues, anxiety, and so on). 

Thereus and Chiron continue to exert a powerful influence in the skies as they aspect the Solar Eclipse (December 4), Vesta – The Facilitator (Dec 2-3), Juno – The Soul Awakener (Dec 8-10). These pave the way to a powerful Solar Eclipse on December 19 conjunct the Galactic Center, shifting of the Mean Nodes into Taurus-Scorpio (December 23), and the final Saturn-Uranus square (December 24).

What this means is that you need to look before you leap. Assess a situation before you engage with it, no matter how triggered you are. Take basic precautions at the physical level and in your living space or workspace and make sure basic safety standards are met.

  • Is it worth having a conversation with someone who wants to drain your resources?
  • Is it time to place that bathmat on the super slippery floor you’ve been sliding on for a bit?
  • Is it time to call in an electrician and check the wiring?
  • Is it wise to take a break from social media if you feel overwhelmed? 
  • It is time to call your doctor or healthcare provider and check out that weird feeling you get in your gut?
  • Do you really want to cook with the weird-smelling fish?
  • Can you get a mechanic to check out that weird sound in the engine before going on a trip?

Generally speaking: 

Think things through and have a practical failsafe if you’re dealing with particularly tricky people, processes or things. This is not the best time to be taking massive risks without doing a full assessment first. 

Don’t believe everything you hear just because someone in authority says it: Take it on board and process first.

Some of you may be in the role of the victim, and some of you may be playing the role of Thereus (or switching). 

Be aware of the influence you have upon the people you interact with. Truth isn’t always comfortable, but there’s a big difference between making people aware of what they’re doing (which they may not like) versus feeding off their energy or resources. 

I can only provide you with information that can help you prevent something avoidable. It is your choice if you want to respond to it with fear or to be proactive about it. That’s very different from trying to ‘ hook ‘ you into a particular response for my benefit. You can of course explore this further in a session, or leave a contribution for my time – but that’s not why I’m sharing this information. It can honestly save lives and that’s why it’s important. .

Engage in conversations only if you feel your energy will be respected or if you have to draw very key boundaries to protect yourself. Go in with a support group to help you, especially in situations of potential violence – and have a safe space to be afterward (this particular question came up during the live – and I suspect there will be more people on a similar wavelength). 

Pay attention now and manage your resources and boundaries in a practical way. 

If you have shelter and resources to offer, do so in a balanced way. 

If you are giving a gift, do so freely and without strings attached. 

If you are offering a loan or a service, ensure your boundaries and terms are accepted and respected. 

Be honest. Do not over-give, and do not be comfortable with purely taking, even in the name of ‘service’ or ‘the soul mate’ or ‘the path’. 

Dates are given in terms of UTC. Far more detail in the video. 

How you respond to these alignments now will also influence how you deal with the massive shifts of energy coming at the end of the year.

Take care!

Dr. Bairavee 

The Sky Priestess

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As the author of this work, I do not accept any liability arising from any and all potential effects from issuing or reading this work in any way. Anything communicated here is not intended to replace professional legal, medical, psychological, psychiatric, or financial counsel. How you choose to act on this information is up to your own free will, and you agree to be responsible for whatever consequences arise from your actions. Use your common sense first.

I will assert my legal right over my work should these clauses be violated in any way for any reason. Always use common sense first and reach out if in doubt.

© Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2021. All rights reserved. 

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