A Special Gift for the Community: Tier 23 Video Report for Dec 26-Jan 2, 2022

2021 was an incredible year of transformation, intensity, undoing and rebuilding for so many. I would like to take a moment to thank the community that has grown with me and my family in this time.

Thank You.

As a special treat, I am sharing with you the Tier-23 video report for Dec 26 – Jan 2, 2022. This should give you the guidance necessary for the last few days of the year.

For those interested, it will also give you a sense of the depth and intensity of the Tier-23 program. The write-up for this alone is over six thousand words. Some people stick with the video, others engage with both.

Timestamps are provided as there’s a lot of material for each day. You can view it at one go, or take it day by day as needed.

You can always book sessions or join the Tier-23 program at


Those who wish to send contributions can do so at www.paypal.me/theskypriestess

I send you all much love and very many Blessings for the year ahead!

Dr Bairavee The Sky Priestess

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