Psychic Health, The Triple Warmer & Finding Beauty in Discipline

We cover a variety of topics in this talk.

The first is the role of the Triple Warmer/Burner/San Jiao Meridian in maintaining psychic health. There is a lot that gets energetically congested in the interstitium and fascia, parts of the connective tissue system that link the entire body and play an important role in the lymphatic system.

It’s nothing that muscle therapists have not known for decades, but has only just received recognition within more mainstream medical circles.

Therapies that acknowledge these systems and their role in health include TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), myofascial therapy, tapping (and many others). TW / TB / SJ 3 – Zhongzhu is a key point I recommend for all those who utilize spiritual and psychic gifts as part of their work, and for hypersensitive people in general.

It is an excellent point to drain Wind and Heat excess in the Wood (Liver/Gallbladder meridians). Steve Woodley is a good resource on this, as is five element acupuncture.

Look it up online to find the exact location – and I do demonstrate where this is in the video. Don’t use a needle unless you are trained acupuncturist. A light touch for a minute at most, once or twice a day should do it.

The rest of the discussion followed the flow of questions from the community.

People are experiencing overwhelm at the sheer weight of the psychic field in the collective.

The point above should help manage that at the individual level.

I talk about some examples of people who have faced horrors in their life and how they inspire others to find beauty and dignity in life. One person who does this is @theredheadofauschwitz (on TikTok and Instagram).

When you see someone who has survived the horrors of Auschwitz retaining their inner beauty, grace, humor and dignity – it is proof that a person can find purpose, meaning and life – even in such troubled times.

There is no real point in giving into defeatist attitudes or doomsday predictions. That creates no real change except to add to even more psychic burden.

Be strategic. Be focused. Be disciplined.

Invest your time in projects that make a difference to yourself & others, be it a community lending library, free childcare for parents who can’t afford it, a community garden, and so on. Manage your energy by taking on what you can and be focused in the change you want to make.

Even if you think it’s a ‘ little’ change, these little changes happening everywhere at once create a mighty ripple effect.

Believe in your ability to do something, even if you think it’s nothing at all in the grand scheme of things.

Developing this mindset is a key part of spiritual discipline.

Anything else just leaves you over-saturated with energy that you have no means of doing anything about.

The simple answer to what to do in these times:
Is to do what you can.

And manage your own energy, first of all.

More information in the video.


Dr. Bairavee, The Sky Priestess

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