The Situation in Tigray, Ethiopia & Letter to the United Nations office on Genocide Prevention

This article comes with a major trigger warning (genocide, sexual violence. etc.) Please ground yourself first before reading. This concerns the largest ongoing genocide on the planet at this time, the deliberate attempt to exterminate 7 million Tigrayans in Ethiopia through starvation, extra-judicial killing and rape.

I have been following this story since late 2020 in some capacity and have been moved to speak out as there is a further escalation of the horrific violence. I have also been asked and encouraged by Tigrayans to speak out and so take that as permission.

Please note that Ethiopia has had a history of ethnic conflict among its various groups. No one is truly innocent here unless they’re a civilian. My intention is to raise awareness of this genocide so that innocent lives can be spared.

However, the scale of what is being levied against Tigrayan people is unprecedented, as is the specific pattern of rape perpetuated upon Tigrayan Wombs with the intent to erase and end the Tigrayan bloodline.

So far, I have written to the International Committee of Experts and critiqued the omissions in the Joint Report prepared by the OHCHR/EHRC (UN Human Rights / Ethiopian Human Rights Commission). I have also been using my platforms on Instagram and Twitter to feature the voices of Tigrayan activists and current news. I find it impossible to do ‘ business as usual ‘.

As you know my ‘ brand’ if you can call it that has always been the combination of politics, spirituality, compassion and activism. So this is very much in line with what I have done publicly for the past 8 years.

For those interested in the details, please see my letter to the United Nations Office on the Prevention of Genocide. I will be sending slightly modified versions to other agencies that deal with humanitarian crisis of this nature.

This is also available online at

It is very likely that many of you have no idea that 7 million people have been blocked off from food, medicine, aid – and the outside world for 500 days. Or that 120,000 women and girls have been brutally raped and their wombs burnt with genocidal intent. Or that half a million people have already died. I provide a quick summary here:

This video also talks about the spiritual impact of allowing these atrocities to continue.

I feature far more voices on my Twitter and instagram accounts – @theskypriestess . You are more than welcome to follow these as well.

I send you much Love

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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4 thoughts on “The Situation in Tigray, Ethiopia & Letter to the United Nations office on Genocide Prevention

  1. Thank you for writing and submitting this very well written document – and for speaking up against these unspeakable atrocities. I wish the world was paying more attention to what is happening there.


  2. Thanks for sharing! Thank you for the work you are doing to call on those responsible to take action against this genocide & encouraging us all to do what we can! I was glad to see this article near the top of my duck duck go search! I see there are some other open letters calling on the UN. The international silence is terrifying!


    1. Absolutely. The sad part is that 30 organizations made a very clear request for help in November 2021. They were completely ignored.

      I think more open letters would do the world good. And eventually they will have to reply, or (through their own silence) declare that they are irrelevant.

      I have been a critic of some of these institutions for a very long time. Some of them do excellent work, but others have scandal-ridden. Mukesh Kapila is someone who flags up these organizational abuses as well.


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