health update!

Howdy Peeps x

After much searching, I think it’s very likely that I have Long COVID. There are multiple issues in different bodily systems simultaneously that can’t be explained otherwise. There are a few other systemic explanations that could the case, but the usual suspects have been ruled out.

Much like the others suffering from the same, I have dizziness, headache, brainfog, extreme lethargy and in my case chronic inflammation and debilitating pain to touch.

It’s been bad for the past two years but it seems to be getting a lot worse right now. Especially in moving about and doing normal stuff. This is why the most exciting trip in my life has been going to do the laundry.

It has been terrifying reading about the stories of other active, international travellers in my age category who, like me, just stopped being able to move normally and got bedridden. Some of them even committed suicide as they lost the will to live.

Long COVID is horrific. Utterly horrific. And very poorly understood.

I’ve got the research that I need but medications and treatment here might not be as easy as the government has de-prioritized COVID related matters.

I can still push through, and have to, as the breadwinner of the family. Spiritual practice works wonders here but it is still utterly exhausting.

And the prices of stuff just keep going up here. I haven’t been able to cook in a long long time.

So it’s one of those very hard times for us.

But we’re doing our best. Bro is hit pretty hard too, harder in some ways.

Am resting from my advocacy efforts as well as the health aspect of things needs more attention right now.

I’m sure there’s an energetic component to all this as well. And I have a lot of things to try.


Dr. Bairavee

The Sky Priestess

35 thoughts on “health update!

  1. I’m so sad and so sorry to hear this. Sending as much healing energy as I can your way. Please continue to rest and heal. 💚


  2. Oh no. Sorry doesn’t even cover it. I will keep you in my prayers. I can also put you on the prayer list at a Tibetan dharma center if you would like. But I won’t without your permission. 🙂 Love to you.


    1. Thanks or the offer love x I’d say best not as energetic attempts by other have backfired massively. There is a psychic component to this, which is why it’s gone un-diagnosed for two years. Sending good wishes via Avaloketiswara/Kwan Yin is always welcomed.


  3. Praying for your wellbeing dearest Sky Priestess.

    Tetteh Hadjor

    On Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 9:27 PM Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD: The Sky


  4. I am truly sorry and sad realizing, as you say it, how unwell you are after getting Covid. I don’t know when and how you got it, but to my knowledge, before vaccination and boosters, Covid definitely had left many in your condition. We can only hope that in time the body will adjust and heal.
    Sending healing thoughts and prayers for a full recovery … in the very near future.
    Thank you for your work, always inspiring.
    Blessings, Geneviève


    1. Thank you so much love x I think I got it before I got the non-MRNA Vaccine. The government went a little gung ho with quarantines in the early phase (and now they’re just in the ‘ fuck it ‘ phase). So we couldn’t really get help without risking leaving our little girls without any family or help for 2 weeks.


  5. Hi Dr. Sweetie! I love you to pieces and I’d be glad to do anything I am able, to help. I’m a retired TCM doc. Blessed be, Sky blue


    1. TCM Rox x Thanks love. I appreciate the offer and will run some theories by you. Just about everything hurts x


  6. Dear Bairavee, I’m sad to know you’re going through all of this and with such debilitating symptoms. I wish you to be able to receive everything you most need right now and to feel better very soon. I’m thinking of you. Sending love. Valerie xox

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    1. Thank you love x It’s been going on for 2 years. I finally spoke up about it as we have some idea as to what it might be now …

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  7. I have some long Covid symptoms as well. Messed up my nervous system. I’ve been working with different alternative doctors and it has been helping a lot. I feel 80% back to normal. I had to detox for 2 months, anti inflammatory lifestyle, supplement program, super healthy eating, acupuncture, nervous-system bodywork. A lot of it is mental, how it affects us; I have lots of sympathy for those who don’t even want to live, the anxiety and depression are also a symptom.


    1. Agreed. They’re probably the worst of the symptoms. We’ve been managing those for two years, but for us it’s more the physical side of things that are getting worse.


      1. That’s terrible. A functional medicine practitioner is really helping me, and she uses muscle testing to try to figure out what it is the body needs. I hope you can get the help you need. Hugs!


  8. Hi Dr. B! I’ve been mostly a lurker on the public side for quite a while (for financial reasons). I really enjoy your down-to-earth deep wisdom and your penetrating insights. Wow. I am sorry to learn of your health issues. Me too, but to a lesser extent, but tinnitus added into the mix in my case. As a musical person with excellent hearing all my life the now constant interference can be quite annoying and occasionally debilitating, but I know that to resist is the worst thing I could do. I just let it be what it is and carry on, I mostly wanted to say to you that I agree with your belief that a strong component of this is energetic issues. I also am wishing you well and sending Love and healing energy to use as you desire. Blessings, A


    1. Thank you kindly x I think working on the energy side of things has made me a lot more functional than a lot of other people suffering through it. I do have a good referral for tinnitus though – shall I send you an email?


  9. I’m so sorry Sistah! Best of health to you and your fam. I’ve seen and experienced mental fallout, but have been physically fine, other than weird falls and nerve issues. You’ll get thru this! I know that you will. Much love!!!


    1. Thank you love x It’s been about 2 years, but I hope things will take a turn for the better soon x


  10. Much love and many prayers are sent to you. I have had problems too so I understand where you’re coming from. I really do. I hope you get to feeling better very soon and continue to do the work that you love to do. Big hugs.


  11. tried to post a comment earlier; not sure it landed so I’m repeating it in case it got lost. Here’s what it said:

    Oh shit, I can’t believe I missed hearing about you getting COVID let alone long haul for you and your brother. That makes me so sad.

    BUT! (You may or may not have known) that I’m a certified flower essence practitioner and a few months ago I just got tired of hearing about how long haul recovery is simply not being addressed, pretty much anywhere.

    So I made a flower essence formula that covers most of the symptoms except maybe some really obscure ones that are particular to one person because of their genetic makeup or personal medical history — and I have yet to find flowers that will help restore the olfactory function (but that’s not one of my primary concerns with long haul because we are seeing that it comes back on its own once the inflammation calms down and the overall system begins to heal, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be part of this formula. I’d add it if I could.)

    The people who have tried it say it’s working miracles for them; their symptoms are improving (especially brain fog and fatigue) and they are able to function again. It’s accelerating their recovery with all symptoms (except of course the sense of taste and smell — which they still hope will come back as they reach full recovery. I expect it will.)

    All this is by way of saying I would LOVE to support you and your brother by sending you a large supply of this formula, as my gift to you for the work you are doing. (A usual does bottle would last around a month; I could send you an 8 oz bottle — or 2 4 oz bottles, depending on which sizes I have in stock — which should give you and your brother a very good supply.)

    You are too important to the world to be out of commission during these chaotic times. I can’t contribute in other ways right now (my money stuff is still not where I want it yet) but this I CAN do if you will receive it.

    If you have ANY questions about my proposal please let me know. The only 2 things I need to know from you are:

    1) Which preservative would you prefer? I can give you brandy, red shiso, glycerine, or white vinegar.

    2) Where should I send it? (I hope to gawd you’re not in Australia because they won’t allow me to ship there these days.)

    Please reach me through my contact details on my website to let me know.

    With much love and compassion for your suffering — and prayers for your full and complete recovery,

    Nancy Boyd

    P.S> I can’t do this for everyone but if you or someone you know has long haul COVID you can purchase it from my site at

    I’m not sharing this to promote my products but to be of real service in a time of crisis for the world. I don’t have the funds myself to be able to offer it at no cost to people but in this case I want to make a gift, from my heart. It’s the ONE thing I can do that would actually help.


  12. please stay strong, for YOU and for all of us! have  you considered any flower essences/environmental essences for this? i can say that Perelandra ETS Plus worked wonders for me when i had a massive crash just from the vaccination.  their website is interesting and helpful, too.take good care of yourself.thank you!Kelley Rico


  13. Sending so much love 💖 and healing to you and your family.
    I am now in my 5th year of dealing with CFS and I do understand the battle you are facing.
    All we can do is 1 day at a time, not to give up hope , which is hard sometimes and surround us with people who love us.

    Lots and lots of love 💗



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