Health Update: Progress & Healing Continues

Hello everyone, I have good news! Let me start with some general words of thanks, and a re-cap. And then the hopeful stuff!

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who responded to my SOS in early May. Shortly after I wrote that message, I sustained a concussion without any physically visible cause. It was a whack to the head as I was heading back to our current place. We then got into the lift and it kept moving up and down very very quickly in a haphazard manner. I was disoriented and dizzy but immediately got into prayer, and then it finally stopped at the right level. It was pretty terrifying. (And no, it did not have any prior electrical issues)

When we got back to the house, I just sat there unable to move or speak for hours because of the disorientation from the concussion. That day, I told my baby I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it. Breathing just got harder and harder, and there was no real physical remedy or approach that was able to make a difference.

I realized I had hit my limit and had no real idea what the next move should or could be. I knew that if I did not get help, me and my family would be dead within a few months.

To monitor my situation, I worked with a bio-resonance center that was able to measure the frequencies of specific organs. After looking at the software a little closer, as the scans were indicating things that were humanly impossible, I convinced the doctor to pull up the auric scans for each major organ. It was horrifying. And I do not use that word lightly. I wanted to cry.

It’s been that way for some time, but I didn’t say anything till I felt I had exhausted every resource, every means of being able to address the situation in some way.

To say that me – and my brother – were at death’s door is not an exaggeration. There were clear and present signs of damage that reflected rapidly deteriorating health, and no explanation why. Not even long COVID fit anymore. No diabetes. No real indications of hyper-estrogen. My liver scans suddenly looked like an alcoholic’s even though I don’t really drink alcohol or eat terrible food. I’ve had a lot of health practitioners write in, but things were changing way too fast for the worse, and in new ways each day.

From the metaphysical side of things – all of the usual approaches people take to psychic causes, spiritual attacks and defense were just not working on us. Very detailed investigations on other spiritual causes did not yield fruit despite trying for three years in earnest and even longer than that in a general capacity. Nothing was adding up and we could not find a discernible cause.

We learnt many things about ourselves, spirituality and the cosmos in the process – but I tell you I would not wish that cost on anyone. As I heal, I will be able to share and teach aspects of that journey that are safe to be witnessed and understood.

But every reading, every healing, every clearing, every prediction did not work – or if it did, just for a little while. And often, there would be the offer to work with an energy of a lower frequency, and no matter how hard it was to say no to the promise of help, it was not worth it.

Even the astrology (and you can imagine how I investigated in multiple systems) did not fully account for the sheer extremity of it.

Those of you following me on my youtube channel have had glimpses into the way our lives have been transformed in the past few years. It’s been humbling to say the least.

Being unable to move at all for days on end, even to go to the bathroom, for a person who was jet-setting just a few years ago is … a vast change. (And there’s a lot more than that, but that’s the most obvious example I can give you).

We have survived accidents, spontaneous fires, metal bending in impossible ways, cracks appearing overnight on walls, and things more suited for horror movies in 3-D. Things we could document, measure and photograph as there were so many times we wondered if we were just imagining the whole thing. But the evidence is there – and the good news is that we’re finding a way out of it.

Some people have run reading these little glimpses, and that’s probably for the better. The work is real. Deeply real. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. These are the same people who, following the ‘ just world theory’ seek to blame the person experiencing these events because ‘ bad things don’t happen to good people’. If you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

But for those of you staying on, thank you for your courage and compassion to trust and bear witness. And to support, be it through heartfelt prayer or financial help (which we still do need as we are still healing). Thank you all so so much.

Now – let me tell you about the positive stuff that happened 🙂

The day after I spoke to my baby telling her I wasn’t sure if I would be around for long, someone reached out to me offering help. A few people also did but I got a clear message that despite their good intentions, they would not be able to assist.

We have gone to a lot of people seeking guidance and help these past few years, only to find them limited by their own fears and projections – or to see them get affected, often as they overstepped into something beyond their ability or scope of authority. But we kept looking – and even that experience taught me how to really vet my clients and know what I could and wasn’t my task to handle.

I think 2022, despite my health and financial difficulties, was the year I refunded the most people as I knew I was not the person they needed.

There was something different about the person who reached out to help me. She made no grandiose claims. She was earnest, modest but calm. She did not immediately try to prescribe and diagnose or provide solutions from her experience.

She wanted to talk to me. And I liked her energy. I did not know anything about what she did or how she did it, but I could see Grace in her.

I spoke to Source and said: This is the last one. If this person cannot help me, that’s it. I’m going to face my fate whatever it may be.

We had been gaslit by so many people donning the title of facilitator or teacher for so long, that at that point I just could not go through that rigmarole again.

But I’m glad I listened to my instinct. She is the real deal. I will be interviewing her soon so more people can be helped. But not everyone will need her level of work.

From this teacher, I learnt that what’s been happening to me has been intimately tied into the collective work I have been doing for years. That is not what I do publicly on social media and my website, as most of my work is energy based. Of course it’s karmic (everything good and bad that happens has some connection to that) – but not in the way I was thinking.

It wasn’t a punishment ‘ for something bad I did’ , but it was … an opportunity for me to … walk the talk. To be tested, to be witnessed and to stand true in the face of relentless, unyielding horror for several years on end. When I finally hit my limit, I surrendered fully.

It triggered many different patterns and waves of change, in spaces both seen and unseen. There is little point hiding the fact that I appear to be a person of significant interest in the spiritual world. This entire journey was witnessed.

My brother wants to beat up whatever higher aspect of myself that agreed to this experience in the name of the greater good, but I don’t blame him. It’s been hard for him to see his little sister go through this and not be able to help despite being a wonderful healer, and vice versa. It’s been hard for my baby, but she has more wisdom than I do.

This experience, as painful as it has been, is probably why I have been able to reach people who have needed help in the darkest of spaces whilst all this was going on. You have to walk that journey to be able to empathize. It’s not something you can intellectualize or imagine into being, but a shared knowing.

Source guided me through every step. It was always a bizarre irony that the extreme levels of protection I could place on my clients and their families would not be enough for my own. But I understand why that was and why that is needed no longer.

Despite facing these challenges, these past few years have also let me help some of the hardest cases I have faced in my life. It’s been a deep honor to be able to do this. But again, I no longer need to do this in this way.

In terms of what is measurable, I worked with the bio-resonance center again and was amazed at the dramatic changes that happened after a single sitting with the facilitator who came to help me. The scans were totally different. They were no longer critical, but still some significant areas of damage to work through. The before and after is unrecognizable. (My doctor at this point has learnt not to ask questions)

Over the past few weeks, the healing has been happening. My lungs are no longer on fire. We have not had any bizarre accidents or events. The babies sleep peacefully.

I can only offer my gratitude to those who came to help, who stood by me, and who made it possible for me to receive this help at such a critical moment. There have been a few facilitators who are more family than friend at this point – and they have stood by me and done their best, even if there was no resolution. Their love has been a deep inspiration for me to keep going with trust and an open heart.

I estimate another few months of deep healing and continual unlearning before I am ready for work, sessions, public videos and Tier-23. I am learning far more about myself, who I am, and what I am here to do – and how best I can do it. I have hope for the future and faith in the work that is going to follow. And I am deeply, deeply grateful.

This isn’t the kind of event a person usually has, certainly not at my age. But then again, it’s not been a very run of the mill kind of life either. But it honestly feels like things will be different from now.

I hope this answers some of the questions and provides greater context. I look forwards to seeing how the next chapter will unfold.

Sending you all love

Dr. Bairavee, The Sky Priestess

( & family 🙂 )

Please continue to keep us in your heartfelt prayers and support our journey if you can –

If you prefer to do a bank transfer, let me know. Much appreciation!

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2 thoughts on “Health Update: Progress & Healing Continues

  1. My goodness Bairavee. I am so glad and so relieved to hear you are better. I hope your health continues to flourish.

    Louise Gordon

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