Prepare for the Saturn-Uranus square ( October 4th )

Between October 1-12, we will see multiple re-triggerings of Saturn and Uranus, along with the Nodes, Typhon, Thereus, Chiron and Nessus.

I was just feeling better and suddenly awoke with cutting pains in the side of the neck ( Taurus ). Waited a day, it’s unbearable so I’m headed to the hospital.

There’s a huge need for caution at this time , be it in physical, mental, emotional, astral terms.

Keep moving away from what no longer serves. Some may see resistance arising from old karmic patterns and groups who hold them.

Greater care in earthquake prone zones is advised.

Growth and success can come from all this tremendous change. But only if you are willing to face the wound, the vulnerability and the truth with authenticity and courage.

The Sky Priestess

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