Love, Truth & Deception ( Valentine’s Special 2023 )

Hi everyone. We had an excellent discussion and community Q&A on this and other spiritual topics. I have a few words in summary, grouped by sections with timestamps. Please note the article I reference Tracing the Path of Cupid’s Arrow: The Romanticization of Woundedness in Relationship Dynamics – remains true after seven years and counting. There’s a lot of good to be found in relationships at this time, but only if you are willing to face the truth.

Having said all of that, enjoy the video – there are a lot of deep topics and laughter! Do note that the discussion of Eros focuses upon Apuleius’ story of Eros and Psyche – which is primarily how astrologers tend to interpret this body. Eros has a much larger presence in Greek mythology that is largely overlooked – but I hope to do a piece on that soon.

Pay attention to 15:20 when I start to talk about the silenced feminine mystic Okyrhoe and watch what happens to the screen 😀 You can’t even make this up

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Dr. Bairavee, The Sky Priestess

Timestamps w. Key Notes:

1:00/52:09 – Astrology and Relationships – why you need to be super careful with making predictions – why free will is beyond predictions – where astrology can be helpful in your navigation – Eros and why it is less about love and more about karmic compulsions + mythological discussion (no rose-tinted narrative) – moving into free will rather than karmic patterns

5:14/52:09 – The language of soulmates and twin flames and why it becomes tricky the more you understand the nature of spirituality & karma – The language of love vis-a-vis spirituality needs evolution – Eros in Capricorn in the next few days astrologically & what to do about them (with Pholus, North Node, Jupiter) – the power of choice – the pressure to choose what is authoritative, established, etc. – is it gold, or just a flash in the pan you end up exerting so much energy finding if it was even there at all in the first place …

9:48/52:09 – Venus in Pisces, aspecting Neptune, Okyrhoe, Psyche & Typhon – Beauty, healing and inspiration, upliftment, transcendence, truth – delusion, disillusionment, martyrdom, disassociation, addiction, obsession, escapism (mixtures thereof) – different possibilities – Psyche as a problematic model for relationships if you look at the mythology carefully – Typhon erupting ancestral patterns and moving power through the earth – Okyrhoe as the feminine’s spiritual wisdom being carefully hidden and muted – and how all that plays out in relationships – the Feminine is in ALL beings – pay close attention if you have anything near 23-24 Cancer – Hylonome as codependent patterns, but in extraordinary cases truly transcendent love and experiences of grief – Watch out 23 Leo for potential Yod between Venus, Neptune, Hylonome & Okyrhoe – truth and growth in relationships – many different types of love and how this lesson applies to all of them

Look at 15:20/52:08 – look at what happens when I talk about the feminine mystic that got muted because the patriarchy did not want her wisdom to be heard – YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP 😀 😀 😀

19:42/52:08 – Thereus triggers for Feb 15 amidst positive possibilities in the skies – how to deal with people who are deep in delusion – do not force others or try to make choices for them – how change occurs by way of inspiration

23:17/52:08 – Start of Q&A – Acknowledging the gang – sex and the need to clear energetic linkages that result from it – the importance of the sacral energy center and its role in perpetuating karmic cycles – the importance of language and spells of unintentional entrapment

26:56/52:08 – ** IMPORTANT ** Preliminary work in clearing energy centres – my journey with this as self-work – acknowledge what you have and experience – communicate, identify, observe, develop a relationship with that aspect of your being and experience – your unconscious as a gatekeeper – KNOW THYSELF (and go beyond your head)

33:18/52:08 – preliminary work in dissolving contracts and patterns in toxic relationship dynamics (brief response to a big topic) – what the future on earth may be (I honestly do not know) – Saturn in Pisces and the phenomenon of illusions of transcendence and unconditional love – Asteroid Kaali and Uranus in Taurus – breaking through the earth, and the body that removes the poison and brings you closer to love – why dissolution can sometimes be the only way to heal – compassionate detachment

40:49 – soap roses – ways to know if there’s a karmic pattern at play in a new relationship – advice to Venus in Sagittarius – is this a good time for a new relationship or not – Family giggles

© Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2023. All rights reserved. Terms and Conditions apply as stated on .

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