Grand Nodal Fixed Cross w Mars, Pluto, Cyllarus & Nodes (22-27 May 2023)

Hey everyone. There’s a pretty big alignment happening now (22-27 May 2023).

We have a Grand Nodal Fixed Cross in the skies involving : Pluto in Aquarius ♒Mars and Cyllarus in Leo ♌North Node in Taurus ♉South Node in Scorpio ♏

Grand Crosses can be very testing, and yet ble to impact your path for the long-term.Look at your health, finances, relationships, sexuality, finances and other resources, body-image, security, self-worth, passionate and creative activities, matters of the heart, kids ( of all species ), friendships, social media, technological use, land use, etc.

These are some of the possible triggers for this event. What comes up may not be necessarily bad or disruptive, but it can be especially if you’re living in a way that doesn’t align with the truth of who you are.

There may be deeper truths to explore at this time as you think about the bigger picture of what sustains your life on this planet, and how you nurture it in turn.

This is not a time to give into anxiety, fear, stress or doubt. Whilst there are other times to sit in and feel through it, this alignment is all about taking decisive actions.

With Cyllarus involved, the warning is not to jump the gun and run into things without preparation. Be decisive, but do the groundwork first.

The Nodes at play indicate that this is a highly karmic event.

May whatever you choose be one that aligns with a more sustainable, heart-centered and planet-loving vibration.


The Sky Priestess

P.S. – Thank you for all the support, well-wishes and contributions for my recovery . I am still feeding from a tube through my nose, post-surgery. There’s a little discomfort from the 8x daily milk regime and some residual pain. I still can’t talk much yet but this was important enough that I made sure you had an article for it at least. Much love xx

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2 thoughts on “Grand Nodal Fixed Cross w Mars, Pluto, Cyllarus & Nodes (22-27 May 2023)

  1. Dr. Sweetie, Much love from across the pond! Mama Kali is certainly awakening us all right now. Blessings to you, Brother and babes Xxx sky blue

    Btw, I lost both of my companions this eclipse season.. My guardian angel Boxer dog and sweet empath Siamese cat…


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