We begin this article with an astronomical note, followed by the spiritual and energetic analysis this alignment brings to us all. It is a potent Eclipse and one which brings with it the opportunities for many beginnings, endings, release, healing … and initiation unto a new Path. One that will, at the very least, involve a re-conceptualization of the road you´re headed on, the world you want to create and be a part of. It´s hard to say whether this alignment is more Yin or Yang as the Masculine and Feminine come through very different, and often overlapping channels at this point in time.


The Moon (24 Pisces) opposes the Sun (24 Virgo) at 19:04 UTC on 16.9.2016, creating a penumbral lunar Eclipse, meaning that the Earth´s outer shadow falls on the Moon as the Sun, Earth and Moon line up together in space. Those of you in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, West in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica may see a partial shading of the Moon (if you see any external difference at all).

From the astrological perspective, Eclipses are particularly significant as they act as funnels or intensifiers of cosmic energy, setting and releasing cycles of growth, change and experience in mathematically exact cycles. I work with the Saros cycle system, which sees different iterations or members of ´eclipse families´ occur in sequence, each eclipse separated by approximately 6,585.3 days (18 years 11 days 8 hour) intervals.

So, look back to the previous members of this particular Eclipse family to see how the flow of energy carries through these hyper-activated points in space-time. This eclipse is Number 8 or 70 in Saros cycle 147. This eclipse was preceded by 7 others and will continue to perpetuate itself through a further 62 eclipses, beginning on July 2nd 1890 and ending on 28 July 3134. This refers to the Lunar (as opposed to the Solar) Saros series 147.

The most recent eclipses in this series occurred on 26th August 1980 and 6th September 1998. The next two eclipses will occur on 28th September 2034 and 8th October 2052. Look back to those previous dates to see where the energy you´re feeling comes from (or is linked to) and to the future dates to see where it may continue to play out.

Info on Eclipse Cycles:

And now, the astrological and spiritual interpretation of the Pisces Penumbral Eclipse (16.9.2016).


The Lunar Eclipse is, by definition, a Full Moon. We have discussed above the 18 year cycles that connect families of eclipses. In astrology, we can also find a connection between events that occur at a particular degree of an event, or, through the cycle of energy between the New Moon and Full Moon.

New Moons are excellent time for the seeding of intentions that they may culminate with the corresponding Full Moons of the signs these occur in. Therefore, the energetic seed set for this Pisces Eclipse (September 16 2016) began (in addition to the 18-year eclipse cycles) on the Pisces Total Solar Eclipse / Pisces New Moon 2016 (March 8, 2016).

You will see the seeds you set recur in some form during this Eclipse. As we´re speaking of Pisces, we refer to matters that link with your deepest, nameless, formless, unquantifiable and absolutely inexplicable relationship with Spirit/uality. It also refers to our relationship with cycles of karma carried through past-lifetimes and through intergenerational work. Here is where we consider the liminal nature of the boundaries, or thresholds, that separate the energetic frequency of consciousness/perception we understand as reality – from other alternatives. It is where, in other words, the Veil is thinned.

The psychically sensitive will benefit from the use of Frankincense oil as this will help you purify your energetic space. Make sure you use a high quality oil which you are not allergic to. Purifying gemstones such as selenite will help to clear space. Stones such as celestite and kyanite can help to open psychic bridges or pathways to other levels of consciousness – if you feel this is a safe and necessary thing to do in your journey. Aquamarine will be using in finding clarity and focus through emotional turbulence, especially when you need to come to the point of taking action in some form.

Always (especially now) seek out the guidance of a facilitator you trust if you feel you need some perspective. Those of you drawn to working with me at this juncture in your journey, please note that my next round of sessions will be between September 19-30, 2016. I´m letting the energy of this alignment settle a little first.

The Sun (24 Virgo) conjuncts asteroid Minerva (25 Virgo), asking you to hold in mind the role of the discerning mind and intellect in navigating amorphous psychic energy / impressions at this time. Not all that glitters is gold and not that that slithers is evil. So much of what we perceive passes through a mental filter which may or may not be accurate. Minerva´s role in this alignment tells me that the Goddess´ blessings are showered upon those who seek to find paths of healing, wholeness and service through the psychic or intuitive revelations shown to them at this time.

The Moon, Sun and Minerva square the asteroid Pholus (24 Sagittarius). Pholus is associated with the nature of revelation that – once known – cannot be unknown – and so creates an irreversible effect. It speaks to the power of knowledge, and with it forms of change that it necessitates. It ripples through the cosmos, affecting us through the generational lines. According this fantastic article (on the power of Pholus and what it can bring to you – ), it is also an energy that can put a stop to addictions. I read that as a call to end the compulsive, sub-conscious impulses that lead us to karmic decisions, cycles and experiences that we are ready to integrate and ultimately, no longer be governed by.

Amethyst (the gemstone) can help in finding the mental clarity, whereas, Malachite can help with finding the willpower needed to overcome addictive compulsions. (All of these tools can help, but the real work still comes down to You.)

Now … the Galactic Center of the Milky Way is at 27 Sagittarius, 3 degrees away from Pholus. You´re going to find your paths, guides, mentors, gurus, teachers, astrologers, oracles, etc. to profound be way-showers at this time. Sometimes you will be lovingly brought to a new space or direction, and at other times, forcibly kicked out. You may feel drawn to or repelled from a particular path or person – and that is orient. It is all part of your initiation unto a new journey or chapter.

With this powerful energy of revelation comes change. The information you receive now may sweep you off your feet in a good way – or – make you feel like the rug you´re standing on has just been pulled away from underneath. Different people will respond differently and so there is no hard and fast rule. I would recommend grounding practices, whilst consciously choosing to remain present, open (and protected) to whatever emerges through this transit.

Psychic protection is a must. Frankincense, camphor, neem or lime (oils), labradorite or black obsidian (gemstones) can help immensely. Consider smudging your space with white sage, incense, palo santo and the like.

The healing potential of this eclipse is emphasized as the Sun sextiles, whilst the Moon trines Panacea ´the cure to all ills´ at 23 Scorpio. Those with bodies near 23-24 Aquarius will experience this as a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate), bring you swiftly to karmic crossroads. Here you will choose what ideological framework you continue to situate your ideals and sense of individuality within as you navigate the depths in the search of healing, or paths of service. It is in this search that Panacea offers her remedies.

Panacea is conjunct asteroid Isis (23 Scorpio), opening a different level of interpretation and meaning for ritual practitioners / spiritualists who invoke the energy of this Goddess. The symbol of the Ankh appears to be of immense significance at this point of time. Remember that Isis brings life and healing, and it is she who goes into the Underworld to put together, build a new phallus for and resurrect her husband Osiris (The Wounded Masculine).

With Chiron at 22 Pisces and Atlantis at 22 Cancer, we see the role of psychic healing, wounding, trauma and energies that connect with past-lifetimes in oceanic/underwater civilizations heightened. Larimar (the gemstone) can be an intense, but effective catalyst in working through the deeper emotions and memories these alignments evoke. Together with Panacea, Isis and the Moon, Chiron and Atlantis come together to form a potent Grand Water Trine in the skies. One that brings out a wide range of emotions, intuitive, karmic and psychic possibilities and experiences.

What also strikes me as curious is the fact that the March 2016 New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse also had Chiron conjunct the Moon, just as we now experience. The Wounded Healer asks us to look back to then, and now, to see what lessons we have learnt, and will continue to learn hereafter. There is the choice to transcend a particular cycle of pain and wounding, and another to accept it as a path of service. Neither choice is more sacred than the other and let no one bully you into thinking otherwise. Charoite is a gemstone that can help those seeking clarity on this particular question.

There are … so very many different asteroidal, planetary and other conjunctions that make this Eclipse an extraordinary one. I´m going to conclude this article with a brief summary of a few of these aspects:

(1) Jupiter conjuncts the Super-Galactic Center (1 Libra): Our path to growth comes through the dissolution or creation of partnerships and collaborations in alignment with our Spirit and its connection with the energies of the Cosmos (our perception of All-That-Is). Many karmic contracts will be dissolved and others may (or may not) rise to take their place. There´s a lot of energetic recalibration underfoot as we rethink our visions of balance, justice and co-existence in the world (and how all of that is possible). There are moments where we are subtle, where we do not engage – and others where we roar charging into the arena to seek justice and redress.

(2) Mars (23 Sagittarius) trines Psyche (23 Leo) / Phaethon (22 Leo) and Uranus/Eris (23 Aries), creating a Grand Fire Trine at the 23rd degree of all Fire signs. Long story short is is when we reclaim the narrative of the Rising Feminine and integrate (or … if you still don´t see Her place in the world as a valid one) or exclude it from religious, spiritual, philosophical and/or intellectual paradigms and paths. You get to re-write Your-and-Her stories right now. Follow those impulses and act upon them, but make sure you don´t burn yourself out in a blaze of righteous fury and then have no energy left for anything else. We´re all burning, the world´s burning in its own way – and let us honor one another in our search for expression, passion and truth. There´s going to be a lot of reactive energy to Daddy-Patriarch, let us not let it spin our own compasses out of control. Focus your energy into the change you want it to manifest as.

(3) Saturn (10 Sagittarius) squares Neptune (10 Pisces), Eris (23 Aries) conjuncts Uranus (23 Aries). I´ve lumped these two together as I´ve written on them quite a bit before. Re-cap: We are asked to better align our Paths with the deeper Guidance from Spirit. We are asked to recognize (and embody) the archetype of the Rising Feminine in all aspects of our being, and the world-as-we-know it. They´re HUGE alignments, but ones we have been experiencing for most of 2016 in one form or another. Saturn squares the North Node (11 Virgo) which opposes Neptune and the South Node (11 Pisces). There´s a lot of karmic drama that this plays out through and much of it will relate to our paths of service and numinous experiences of what we truly consider ´the Sacred, without necessarily requiring intermediaries.

(4) Vesta (20 Cancer) squares Venus (21 Libra) and Uranus-Eris (23 Aries). If you recall my article on the Virgo Solar Eclipse 2 weeks prior, I made the case for taking note of Vesta at this particular degree as she plays a significant role in our collective evolutionary process, at least, till 2020 – ! I see this as a time where the Priestess realizes that she need not sacrifice her femininity, emotion or home to perform her service in the world, nor does she need to be enslaved by it all. Relationships will be powerfully reconfigured at this time – and potentially dissolved – if they seek to confine the Feminine to its (purely) domestic, sacrificial expression. Whilst mothering and nurturing your family is one of the most sacred acts of service a person can do, it need not be the only, or even, the primary way that the Feminine can be of service. I see this as a clarion call to (Pluto in) Capricorn, which gives us the opportunity to reconfigure our visions of power and the role of the feminine in the institutions that contain them.

(5) South Node (11 Pisces) trines whilst North Node (11 Virgo) sextiles Black Moon Lilith and Juno (13 Scorpio). The Karma we seek to clear pertains to the Shadow Aspect of the Feminine. Which is not an evil thing, but often carries the weight of karmic baggage and projection. An excellent time to perform healing rituals or … call it rituals of love … with/upon/for deities and archetypes of femininity that represent the wounded, scarred or forgotten aspects of She-Who-Is-Goddess. It is time to realize that the Dark Womb is Sacred Ground, rather than the chamber of shame, neglect, abuse and judgement. Those of you with placements near 11-13 Cancer will experience this intensely as a Grand Water Trine, whereas those with placements near 11-13 Aries will experience this as a pivotal Yod (Finger of Fate).

So …. like I said, a lot is going on the skies and these are selected vignettes of the celestial symphony. Stay safe, stay grounded, stay protected. And then open yourself to the embrace of the skies. You might find a new way to see it all.

General Gemstone Tip. Try working with Sugilite. I find it resonant with the energies of the Goddess, in her many, many forms (and states of formlessness).

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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As you discover the sacred embrace of Night, you begin to transform your perception of the Universe. It´s like living in a different time-space, or discovering a different type of element, or language through which you interpret and engage with reality.

A very different sort of reality. One which the ancient Goddess traditions encouraged us to journey into. One which we were later told to forget, vilify, and destroy.

And so many have heeded the call of the Sacred Dark in the past 3 years (Saturn in Scorpio, and so on). So many have begun to open their eyes to that different language or paradigm.

And just as the same way Light is romanticized and stylized and distilled into a form that often forgets its essence – I see the same happening with the way we conceptualize and speak of Darkness.

Rather than the space itself – the vessel of the Void – I see many becoming more and more fixated on the Path of Getting There. Which is a natural thing, but it still needs to be discussed.

And for many the path into the shadow is Pain. Gut wrenching, soul crushing, heart-destroying pain. And metaphors of abuse. And somehow we´re supposed to enjoy this. We´re supposed to dig deep and find what part of us likes this process. With many allegories to BDSM thrown into the mix.

Certainly a route to the Darkness, but not the only one. And certainly one that perpetuates that patriarchal narrative of Pluto raping Persephone and dragging her down below against Her will.

Again, one way of Getting there.

But the Goddess has never left the Shadow. She is the Void.

So why would you need to go through that? Unless you were told you had to, and believed in it?

What happens when we identify our greatest depths, highs, lows – the feel and thrill of excitement (not always the happy kind) – with the quality of being alive?

What happens when getting thrashed, surrendering, mastering (?) or simply being with the Shadow – is really how you get off and feel … simply .. feel…. alive?

When the adrenaline of the Descent and the Hero/ine´s War/Embrace of the Dragon/Serpent/Dark becomes synonymous with Life itself?

That then becomes worrisome.

The more we romanticize the pain, the abuse and the trauma that Dark-Working can bring (in some of its conceptualizations, certainly the more common ones), the more we legitimate levels of addiction to certain forms of Darkness and paths of reaching it.

It´s the same story with codependency and the way cultural norms romanticize it. Here the abusive partner is Pluto/Saturn and somehow we´re still expected to take it – to find salvation.

Some story, different container.

An unnecessary repetition. And one that takes away from the vessel itself.

It´s certainly a part of the process, but a Liminal One.

For some people the period lasts a while, and for others it´s a quick dip – in and out.

Either way, as you head for your Descent – watch the highs and lows that come – and know that this deep emotional roller-coaster is a catalyst for your catharsis. Your undoing. Breaking. and Re-making. But that´s all that is. A Catalyst.

It´s the psychodynamic tension that makes that change, whatever alchemical release happen so that transformation can begin. The drama, in and of itself, is not the end-point or outcome of the process. Just a part of it. It helps to bear that distinction in mind.

And when it´s done … some of you will head out of the cave, the matrix of death and creation, and head back on into the sunlight. Others will find something hidden further within. And head towards it.

A black light calls. Burning with the cool fire of ice. A different sort of light and experience.

There we meet the Dark Mother. The Womb. The Primordial Chamber.

And it gets real quiet.

We enter a space of Detachment. A space where all is, has been, will be and never was.

That space, I call home.

But it takes a bit of a dance, a whirl, a tumble and turn to get here. It´s a space that has no name, no label, no time. The Dark Womb comes close, but that too is a human construct.

And sometimes we stay there for a while, or longer.

Just as the silence begins to deafen, as the sheer .. weight … of unformed potential begins to spill over and through the dark abyss, just as you both enjoy and can no longer take the fullness of the Void … without warning …


The Beginning, Back Again.


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Honoring The Dark Mother: A Temple-Space ; The Sky Priestess ; The Dark Mother’s Children

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Image: The University of Utah. This artist’s conception shows what an invisible “dark star” might look like when viewed in infrared light that it emits as heat. The core is enveloped by clouds of hydrogen and helium gas. A new University of Utah study suggests the first stars in the universe did not shine, but may have been dark stars. Fair use policy.

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The Power of Wounds, Empty Spaces, and the Sacred Darkness.


We talk about turning the light on to wash away the darkness, we talk about healing the wounds and becoming whole again. In my experience of life, I find these to be statements that can soothe, but which can equally detract us from experiencing truly potent aspects of our being.

Wounds are powerful. They have the capacity to rip open our perceived walls and boundaries, and to leave us wholly vulnerable, in surrender to whatever it is we consider Sacred … or to be held captive at the mercy of our deepest fears. This is why we alternate between venerating the wound, and equally, trying to ´fill it with light´.

Wounds leave holes in you at times. And for the longest time I thought that my dark spaces were things that I needed to fill so they would be healthy, fine, glowing, full of life and love … radiant once more. I judged them by the rhetoric I knew, and for the longest time, I hated those empty spaces.

Nowadays, whilst I wouldn´t accept something boring a hole into me by force, I do see the hollowed out caverns within in a different light. Rather than seeing them as halls of emptiness, they look to me to be a sacred chamber of sorts. An inner temple. Someplace where I can sit, rest, and connect deeply with The Dark Mother, my archetypal understanding of the Sacred Darkness.

Whilst I would not say I lack wounds, or flaws – my relationship with them has indeed shifted. I accept them for what they are, and the spaces they have created. What I once thought was a loss, I now see as a space for pure connection and deep transformation.

It is a sense of appreciation for what was, but equally a more detached state of being. I do not need to re-live those wounds, or identify with them (a.k.a. the woundology paradigm), or to find people who will tear open the same spaces.

Finally, I feel that I am ready for the work I came to do. On March 21, I will be holding a workshop in Glastonbury, UK that specifically addressess the Sacred Space of Darkness and how we reach it through a channel of Love, and yes, Detachment. More on that soon.

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

Image: Life and Death Intermingled.jpg By NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Wisconsin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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HEALING THE WOUND, HONORING THE DARK GODDESS! Black Moon Lilith’s exact square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus (Cardinal T-Square, 11th January 2016).


Blessings – what an exciting alignment! Black Moon Lilith is now exactly squared Pluto at 15 Capricorn, whilst opposing Uranus at 16 Aries. Goodness, Goddess! This is a powerful activation of the exact energetic dynamics we collectively faced during 2012-2015 (with April/May 2014 as its energetic peak).

This time around, as Pluto tests our commitment to ensuring a legacy worth leaving behind and Uranus insists we burn with the truest flames of authenticity – we are now called upon by Black Moon Lilith in Libra.

She asks us the following …

Have you acknowledged my Shadow?
Have you seen it through the eyes of time?
Of depradation, of insult, of disempowerment?

Do you rage in My Name?
Do you demand justice for the hurt, the harm, the wounds that have been inflicted?

Or have you remained in acquiescent silence?

… And so on and so forth.

For context, Lilith (in the Judeo-Christian, rather than the Sumerian tradition) was the first woman created, paired up with Adam. She refused to obey him and took off. She was then projected upon as a night-terror, a queen of witches, a demonness, an eater of babies – everything that (comparatively) docile Eve was not.

Lilith’s story is not unique. We see it echoed across time, space and culture – as the independent voice, power, sexual choices and freedom of woman was forced into the Shadow. The Unacknowledged. The Disassociated. The Projected. The Othered Energy.

In Libra, Black Moon Lilith asks us to reflect upon about the types of energetic imbalances that are reflected within partnerships, arising from deeper ideals and values embedded in patriarchal modes of thought and cultural codes. Here we are asked why the feminine is essentially, told that she must comply, or else …

Bear in mind that this dynamic need not be played out in a man vs. woman sense – they are archetypes that we all bear within. For who has not, in some way, been told that they cannot afford to be sensitive, intuitive, powerful and yes … beautifully dark, beautifully sacred.

Some of Lilith’s insecurities and memories of past persecution and abuse will come out in partnerships, be it personal or professional. Within the self, it may come in the form of impulses or perceptions that your conscious perception of you are does not quite know how to express, acknowledge or understand.

Pluto’s exact square to Lilith intensifies this focus upon the shadow and the many cycles of victim-abuser dynamics that have been present within generational lines. Some of these imbalances have been integrated into cultural constructs, social mores and political ideas. They have been taught to us as being part of ‘the way things are’, or, the status quo.

I don’t think Lilith is going to stand for that at this time 🙂  – especially with her opposition to Uranus in Aries.

You might see declarations emerge from out of the blue, deep seated realizations that change your perspective on your connection with the Shadow Feminine, your idea of who you are, why you’re here and how your partnerships figure into it all.

Those of you with placements near 15-16 Cancer – this will be a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS for you! Kapow!  The role of family, the domestic sphere, your connection with your tribe, culture and the archetype of the Mother join the energetic configuration present. And they all begin to dance to this wild, dark, primal, feminine rhythm.

Bear in mind that Black Moon Lilith’s opposition to Uranus will be exact on January 25th! Two weeks later, the Black Moon Lilith-Uranus-Pluto-Cardinal-T-Square begins to fade in intensity by February 8.

~ ~ So ..  what to do about the raging wounds, triggers and shadow-dynamics coming forth ~ ~

The best thing we can do – as in individuals and as a collective – is to honor what is getting triggered, birthed and/or wounded at this time. That does not mean needing to re-play those dynamics out, but to be compassionate to the parts of you involved in it.

Some of you will experience breakthroughs at this time that allow you to process this in a way that eventually, will help you release the attachment to those dynamics.

As with any form of energetic wounding, you can choose to relate to it in a different form. Pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t help. Denying it is going to get you a Lilith kick-up-the-bum.

On the other hand, letting yourself acknowledge the fears and vulnerabilities that arise now is key. And, perhaps, more important, to realize that they are not the Sum of You.

You can let go. You can choose to manifest this energy differently. You can begin to work with the more detached aspects of Libra that say – right – I know there’s an injustice, this is what I can do to bring the scales back into balance!

For Honoring the Dark Feminine / The Shadow / The M(other) / every being whose Womanhood or connection with Goddess has been denied  – is not the same as needing to be wounded in the same way over, and over, and over again. Nor is it the same as exacting vengeance or revenge on those you perceive as being the aggressors.

The deeper you go with Lilith’s rage, you will begin to enter a space of detachment. It is neither apathy, nor is it acquiescent. It allows you to draw, once more, from that rich, dark wellspring of Her Embrace. It is a compassionate space.

And one day, the wound that took you to that space stops having power over you. It becomes a tool or modality of teaching, once cherished, but now outmoded.
And one day you begin to make entirely new choices and birth creative new expressions of who you are and how you respond to those triggers.
All in the Nascent space of Darkness, as you journey with the Forgotten Feminine.

At least, that is what I have experienced in my Journey with Her. Yours may look completely different.

As we begin this inner process of compassionate recognition, we begin a powerful process of healing – which can even lead to release. Not of the lessons the wound taught us, but with an identification with a particular dynamic of energetic wounding and victimhood – as being immutably ‘just the way things are’, or ‘just who you are’.

Your work within will begin to be reflected in your outer world – in your external partnerships, in the legacy you leave for later generations and, now, in the Sense of Self you are called to Birth into Being.

Blessings to All of You,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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My fiancée was sharing my interview on Priestessing, Politics and the Indian Parliament with his colleagues in India yesterday. Suddenly, he realized that some (if not all of them) might see me as delusional, a madwoman or a fake would-be guru (or a combination thereof).

Part of me felt sad, and the other part smiled (I’ll explain why).

For you see – despite being the land of a million goddesses, and the origins of some of the greatest spiritual philosophies in the world, Indian culture at the day-to-day level is strangely disconnected from these ideals – either through a focus upon the ritual form (and not necessarily the spiritual), or through the cynical, hardened eyes of rationalism. There are of course, exceptions, but that tends to be a fair generalization.

Despite Indian philosophical-scriptural exposition on ideas such as – the sanctity of woman and the Feminine Principle, or the idea that we walk as Divine Beings, often unaware of our spiritual inheritance – these are ideas that are disconnected from everyday culture there. Yet such principles are put forward as emblems of Indian heritage and culture, particularly when idealized and interpreted through different cultural perspectives.

Whilst I get the basis for such a reaction to my work and presence, I honestly do not see it as my problem. I thought about what I would feel if someone levied those views to my face – and the answer was — well.. not very much at all..

The baggage, the judgment, the condescension – that’s an issue with the one choosing to perceive my path in a certain way. And remember – perceptions (mine/yours/our) are never accurate reflections of reality (whatever that is).

And I’ve experienced that in mild – and – extreme ways during my pilgrimages in India and Nepal. Even when viewed with suspicion, distrust, ridicule, and at times being bullied by the people there – I have always found that the temples themselves have welcomed me in ways that seem miraculous to others, especially by those who live there.

Despite the harsh challenges, I’ve never allowed that to stop me doing what I’m doing. It’s certainly not a pleasurable experience or one that I consider myself some great martyr for enduring. I see it as part of the work that needs to be done to transmute a particularly rigid manifestation of societal consciousness (the super-ego construct). Just gotta keep on walking.

It’s a choice I made, that I rarely even think about it, in all honesty.

The sadness I do feel about it – and that too seems to be going – is when I consider the extent of spiritual disconnection between the people, the land and its spiritual essence. Just about every saint I adore in the Indian context (and other parts of the world) has been seen as mad, delusional, or fraudulent. And they are better appreciated posthumously, long after their death when society gradually begins to catch up with the vibration these powerful spiritual-in-flesh-vessels bore.

And here’s where the smile comes in, as soon as I thought that through and wrote a reply to my fiancée, I saw this on FB (It’s about a saint I love, whose path comes closest to the way I walk with Kali-Ma – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa):


“People of his times labeled Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as a madman. With their limited mind and prejudices, some creatures thought they had a license to judge him. The Paramahamsa was indeed mad but mad for and of the love of Divinity. He was committed to Mata Kali, the All-embracing Mother. He reached the state of perfection in the bhakti path not because of this belief or that faith. Even parrots have faith in their wings, fly wherever they believe seeds and nuts can be found. We wish we had one infinitesimal part of the Parmahamsa’s bhakti. Perfection comes through unconditional love and disinterested performance of action. If you are expecting anything – name and glory, badge and status from your karma, go join the boy-scouts or the marines for now but seek Grace at the earliest convenience. Jai Mata Kali.” ~ Yogi Ananda Saraswathi

**Now if that’s not a sign that the Universe has my back.. I really don’t know what is.

Chin up, eyes forward… and away we go!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

PS – The interview in question that started all this! 🙂



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We’re going to be looking at figures like Maleficent, The Dark Phoenix, Storm, Catwoman, Joss Wheedon’s Zoe (from Serenity), Katniss Everdeen and others as they teach us about how we see feminine manifestations of Darkness. It’s going to be a fun, fun, ride in this 2-hour special on The Dark Mother’s Children here on WGTR. Join me your host, Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD and my our special guest Ash Mohanna (Ashoka ‘Ash’ Mohannan) between 4-6 pm Central US/ Chicago time this Tuesday a boundary blurring examination of Dark Feminine archetypes within the mythological, religious, comic and cinematic multi-verses.

The first hour (4-5 pm) focuses more upon the Batman mythology and introduces the Descent into Darkness. The second hour (5-6 pm) delves further into the specifically feminine manifestations/depictions of this journey and critiques/explores the story arcs that then come into being. We spend quite a bit of time deconstructing and savouring the unconventional character development and story arc of Maleficent.

Enjoy! Catch it live at !


Sacred Womb 2

In Part 1 (, we discussed the astrology of the Eclipse – now we discuss its symbolism. What does it mean for us all?

For me, this Eclipse strongly speaks to the need to reclaim certain archetypes that have been heavily projected upon as ‘Bad’, ‘Evil’, ‘Negative’, when in fact, they can be deeply Sacred. I’m speaking of course, of the Rise of the Feminine as an equal and necessary aspect of the Spectrum of Energies that makes up ‘Divinity’. There are sound astrological and symbolic reasons for linking this phenomena with the energetic re-claiming that I speak of, so keep reading 🙂

This particular eclipse is a Blood Moon. It appears red due to the refraction of the Sun’s light as it streams, and is refracted by, its interaction with the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere – the resulting red rays are projected onto the Moon – which we then see as the ‘blood-red’ colour. So, at first, a very literal physical distortion and projection of colour onto a neutral object.

The second level or layer or projection is symbolic: It comes with the association of the ‘Redness’ of the Moon with something Apocalyptic, Dangerous, and so on. Now, as a woman and a Priestess on the Path of Formlessness (as taught to me by the Dark Mother) – I see Redness something very, very different.

I see Redness and I think of Life, Sex, Passion, Vitality and the Cycles of Menstruation. I see it as proof of my body’s ability to Bear Life, and its attunement with the cycles of Nature. I see it as a bond I share with all women, from time immemorial to the present, and (hopefully) the future. I see it as a potent Elixir, one that bears within it many secrets of Rejuvenation (as science is beginning to show as well).

And yet, when I consider the ways it has been projected upon —

I see the Sacred Red Streak, the same Scarlet Shade that has been projected upon as being Shameful, Dirty, Toxic and Unfit to be placed in the eyes of the Divine. I see it as the Strength of Woman turned against her into a source of crippling Shame.

I think of the woman who is denied the role of the priestess, or even entry to the Sacred Temple, as Her Blood as she cannot face the Divine with her Impure Blood
I think of the maidens who are kept apart from their families at this time, sometimes told that their blood will soil even the food that they touch.

I think of the crone who regrets for the many years she was told to hide away and pretend that her body did not bleed in preparation of life.

And so, I see this time as a powerful opportunity to Reclaim Redness, to wash away the shame associated with Menstruation and – more broadly – with a woman’s ability to connect with the Divine.

There are of course other connotations of Blood – The Shakta Tradition shows the Sacrifice of Goddess Chinnamasta, The Christian Tradition associates this with the Passion of the Christ (and, well, we’re close to Easter Sunday). The rhetoric of nationalism calls to honor the blood spilt of the soldier in battle. Some of these associations are tender, and others are deeply problematic.

When we think of the way that the blood spilt from the menstrual cycle is something kept outside the categories of ‘the sacred’ or ‘the honorable’ … well … that tells you a lot. Why is blood spilt in Death any less sacred than that which emerges to precede and prepare for Life?

Spiritualists will also note the connection of Blood-Redness with the Base Chakra and all that it represents. Our vitality, our connection with Physical Reality, our link with our ‘Tribe’ (to quite Caroline Myss) – as expressed through the Base Chakra energy center (lower back to coccyx/base of the spine). It’s a time wherein we are called to recognize that our material, physical, ‘basic’ needs are just as valid and as important as loftier spiritual ideas and non-physical energetic work.

Earth rituals will be particularly potent at this time – so it’s a great time to honor that Sacred Connection we all share, life supported by the spinning fires of Mama-Gaia – particularly those that involve sacred blood, as it was so in ancient times.

I find this nexus between Sacred Blood-Women-Spirituality-The Earth-The Womb be the the symbolic and archetypal heart of this Eclipse and the kinds of transformations it brings about in us all.

And the astrology supports that interpretation.

In a direct sense, this Libra Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon is culminating the seeds of intention we placed during the Libra New Moon last year: September 24, 2014. The big highlight of that lunation was the Sun/Moon conjunction with the Super-Galactic Center (a supermassive black hole at the heart of the Laniakea supercluster the Milky Way is a part of), along with a Novile to Black Moon Lilith in Leo.

Anything that touches the SGC point links back to this .. profoundly powerful Source-Connection we have with the Universe. The ripples and waves made of this conjunction spread far and wide, in ways that we (using the rational or intellectual mind) cannot begin to fathom.

The Novile to BM Lilith indicated that it was a time to begin to address our relationship with the Shadow of the Feminine, and the ways in which Her Creativity, Sexuality, Sacred Womb and Playfulness have been heavily projected upon and/or suppressed. We will see the full culmination of those seeds during the September Full Moon of 2023.

And yet, we already begin to see the ways that this .. movement towards Balance and an acknowledgement and Healing of the Shadow-Feminine is taking place. It is little wonder that my 2nd radio show, called ‘The Dark Mother’s Children’ suddenly scheduled to air in the shadow build-up period of this Eclipse. I’d urge you to tune into it if this subject speaks to your Soul. Link Here:

I’ve also been seeing so many others begin to step into the idea that the archetype of Darkness is not all that we have led to believe it to be (i.e. Evil, Negative, and so on). It’s a wonderful, wonderful, thing to witness!

Moreover .. Black Moon Lilith is – right now – making a powerful inconjunct to the Sun! This is a particularly disquieting aspect that demand the Light of Consciousness/Awareness from the Self to be turned to the Dark Mother (Black Moon Lilith) in the Sign of the Priestess (Virgo). In short, our awareness is being pushed to those uncomfortable, denied, neglected and heavily projected upon energies of the Dark Priestess Herself! Those with placements near 14 Scorpio or Aquarius will experience a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate) that will lead you to a key decision point in the ways in which you relate to the Dark aspects of the Sacred Feminine.

Lilith herself represents a neat bridge between the astrology and symbolism of the Blood Moon – with the Reclaiming of the Red, Dark, Bloody Feminine.

We’ve seen too often in human history where the woman who would not submit (think Lilith in the Judeo-Christian tradition) was projected upon as a Whore, Witch, Nightly Terror, a Threat to Man after she left Adam, refusing to serve and submit to him.

It’s a powerful strategy of suppression and silencing found all across the globe, leveled against (particularly) women who seek to find their own paths and honor the deep magic within themselves.

This also relates to the rejection of women’s bodies and the spiritual path of Gnosis that arises through a very specific relationship between the moon, the womb, menstrual cycles and other biological-spiritual connections specific to women.

In some sense, the rise of Woman and her link with the Mysteries can be seen as a direct challenge to some of the dogma that organized forms of religion preach. The idea of a Goddess, and a very earthy, bleedy, tender and beautifully messy representation of deity stands in contrast to idea of ‘God’.

Which brings me to the question of the Blood Moon Tetrad and its link with the Apocalypse.

This Lunar Eclipse is the 3rd in a sequence of of 4 Blood Moons (total lunar eclipses), one after the other with a 6 month interval between each. It’s a fairly rare occurrence. Here’s the sequence – April 15, 2014; October 8 2014, April 4 2015 and September 28 2015.

Some followers of Judaism and Christianity believe that this is the sign of the Apocalypse – and others see it simply as indicating a great moment in the history of this planet, especially as some of them coincide with important Jewish holidays. I can’t help but notice how close we are to Easter Sunday as well.

But does it mean the end of the world? Yes, but not in the way one assumes it to be.

In a very real sense, the world has been ‘ending’ since 2012 — and many are already beginning to do the work of rebuilding the new. Some are still sitting in that silent space, awaiting rebirth in that liminal space between death and life. And so much of that process was tied in with the square between Uranus in Aries (Transformation of the Evolution) square Pluto in Capricorn (Crisis-Transformation of Legacy).

Such cycles of birth, death and rebirth take place in all of our lives, without necessarily requiring a physical loss of life. A cycle which women are intimately in tune with, through their blood mysteries – wisdom that is now being remembered, and brought back into the collective consciousness.

What about the Apocalypse? I’m quoting from Wikipedia here – An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning “uncovering”), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden

Given the role of Black Moon Lilith in the Libra New Moon and Full Moon, the projections upon the Blood-Red Moon, and the sheer disruption that the rise of the Feminine and her Mysteries can bring to our mainstream understanding of religion ….  well.. .

I’d say the ‘revelation’, or ‘lifting of the veil’ this Apocalypse brings

will be nothing short of a complete transformation of our belief systems

As She, The Dark Mother, The Dark Feminine, The Dark Priestess

The Sacred Feminine Path, The Holy Black-Red Womb … Returns.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Link to The Dark Mother’s Children where I speak more on this subject – (The Archetypes of Womb, Mother, Darkness, Feminine Energy, and how they all intersect – and the practices and ideas that seek to cast them as somehow ‘negative’ or ‘taboo’)

Recommended Books:
Anatomy of Spirit, Caroline Myss
Red, Hot and Holy, Sera Beak

Source: Wikipedia – for etymology of ‘Apocalypse’ (originally read in Red, Hot and Holy – the idea of linking the Apocalypse to the Unveiling of the Feminine came from there)
Astrological connections – My own

© Text and Image: Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015