Confession: I’m an astrologer and I hate making predictions. (a.k.a. Meta-Musings on Astrology)

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Astrology is a powerful tool that tells us how to navigate the flow of energy within our lives, and as they connect with the wider Cosmos.

Where you go in that flow is up to you,
What choices you make is up to you,
What life you lead, again, is up to you.

It’s a roadmap, it doesn’t tell you whether you’ll get there. It shows you the best route you can take. You still need to go on the journey though.

When I get the following questions –

Will I get married?
Will I get that job?
Will I find my soulmate and live happily ever?
and so on…

I just say I’m not that kind of astrologer…

What I can tell you when there’s a stronger chance of that happening and what you need to do to bring that flow of energy into your life/chart/being.

But I can’t tell you for sure. Well, I certainly won’t pretend to.

For the more I look I into the discipline, the more variables I see. And many of them tell me that there’s just so much we cannot predict. General themes yes, but there’s always that wildcard.

And, with the rate of current spiritual evolution/acceleration, those wildcards keep popping up!

From a philosophical perspective, I see that:

Human life, in its infinitely rich tapestry of forms, experiences, joys and losses – needs – to some extent, to remain Unknown; for it to have the meaning, power and significance that it does.

For …

If astrology could tell us every single thing about the shape our lives will take – if it was all already known in advance (to the human self/mind/consciousness) – what would be the point of doing it?

If all was already known, what then (illusion or reality of) Purpose can we reasonably assume to have? Or even of Free Will?

These are things too precious to lose for the sake of finding certainty.

At least, that’s my take on it. Other astrologers will have different views on the matter, and that is cool too.

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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The Limits of Astrology



Astrology is awesome. But at some point you need to take it to another level – or discard it entirely. My theory is that we can ‘outgrow’ the natal chart. I’ve seen that with clients who have done a tremendous amount of spiritual work that they have moved past the energetic anchoring/blueprint they were born with. It’s not to say that it’s no longer accurate, but rather that the Self begins to identify with a different state of being. In all the time I have spent studying charts, I’ve only seen this happen 3-4 times. Other astrological techniques then come into play.

I feel this is important to understand and write about because people believe in astrology and see it (rightly or wrongly) as setting out the domains of what is possible. These domains are not fixed or rigid, we can – at some point – move past them entirely. The ‘boxes’ or categories we identify ourselves with then dissolve and new forms of being arise.

But again, I stress that this is an extremely rare occurrence. That’s not to say it won’t be commonplace 10-20 years down the line, certainly with some of the children being born Now and so much energetic shifting.

And yes, I work with transits and progressed charts as well. Quite a few people move past their natal charts and more closely match their progressed charts. But there are very rare cases that move even past the progressed chart … at which point astrology takes a hike … 😛

Nevertheless ..

Astrology is still useful as a tool of self-understanding, spiritual awakening and re-cognition – if only to ultimately make itself obsolete.

It provides a powerful road-map for the individual to walk upon but only if we see it as a temporary tool. Think of it as training wheels, which, at some point, you need to let go of so you can ride free.

When working with an astrologer, always bear in mind that any and all possibilities are able to be shifted, re-framed, re-cast with new meaning and purpose. We’re a lot bigger than our charts 😉

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Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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Not the Message you Wanted, but the Message you Deserved: Astrology, Free Will, and the question of WHHYYYY???

Skeleton revealed

The moment we admit that planetary placements have an influence on our lives, the question of Free Will enters murkier philosophical waters. I see free will as a expression of the right to choose, or the choice to make a decision in the first place. We choose how we engage with a certain planet’s energy and whether we even engage with it at all. The farther you get spiritually, the more choices you appear to have – but at that point, you’re looking at Beings like The Buddha, Christ, Kwan Yin, and so on.

Personally, I hope that we all move towards that point of absolute freedom – and collectively enter an age in which astrology will be wholly obsolete.

If anything, my work with astrology is designed to help people understand the challenges and strengths of the Natal and Progressed Charts. And then to transcend them entirely… But back to the discussion at hand.

In some cases, people can actually be hindered by astrology as they decide that their lives are determined by the planets. They forget the freedom of choice and stop looking at astrology as a powerful guide-post. It’s when ‘the planets made me do it’ becomes a legitimate and acceptable response to tell yourself why you are the way you are, why people in your lives behave the way they do.

When people come to me for the Soul Portrait Masterclass, or when they ask me the ‘why is this happening’ question – my approach is to take them inwards. And that’s where the rich / deep / dark work comes into play.

I believe that the soul chooses its parents and its time of emergence into the world, and therefore the chart/karma we work through in this lifetime. From that perspective .. our choices appear to carry far more weight than we traditionally ascribe them to have.

So when I’m working with a client, I do not accept the ‘planets made them do it claim’ and look at different features of the chart that show them how and why they’ve made certain choices that play out in certain ways through the planets as conduits, or expressions of energy.

That is, quite often, something that people do not want to hear or acknowledge. Because the language of choice is so often conflated with the language of ‘blame’. It takes a certain level of awareness to separate the two and I do my best to assess whether a prospective client has that level of awareness before agreeing to do a session.

It gets tougher when people have internalized the words of spiritual healing and awareness, but their energy does not reflect the rhetoric. No one wants to be told that .. they’re not quite where they think they are yet. (When I get readings for myself, I find the kinds of readers who would assess me in a similar way, point-blank – so it’s not something I exempt myself from)

A good astrologer will tell you what is in your chart, a great astrologer will help you understand it. Understanding the planets and how they manifest in your chart is something that takes a rare degree of courage, or ‘wanting to look in the mirror’ with honesty and integrity. It is a discipline that goes into the depths of the psyche and looks at the soul expressed through the natal chart.

And that, irrespective of how so many us in spiritual circles speak about ’empowerment’ or ‘enlightenment’ or ‘en-anything’ – is actually something a lot of people do not want to do. The talk is there, but the walk is lacking.

Because it’s scary. And it’s human to not want to look at the skeletons in your closet, or to acknowledge your deepest wounds.

That’s when it gets pretty deep, rich, dark and .. yes .. internal as astrology holds up the mirrors to all parts of the self. The stuff you love, you hate, you project, you hide, you valorize, you dismiss – everything.

In other words, a process that the conscious ego-mind is utterly terrified of. Honest, self-exploration and recognition.

You will of course find people who take astrology in a different vein, and by all means go to the readers you feel most comfortable with.

As for reading with me, well … I’m happy crafting the mirror, but are you willing to look at the reflection it casts?

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

PS – And yes, the title is a Batman reference 😀

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