The Magdalene, Atlantis, Osiris, Zeus, Ceto, Varda, Narcissus, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter & THE ARIES NEW MOON

Hello Cosmos! The Aries New Moon (18 Aries, 11:23 UTC, 7th April 2016) has just passed – but its effects remain strong over the next 3 days 🙂 It´s an excellent time to set the seeds of new energetic intentions, ones that we will reap or see some culmination of during the Aries Full Moon (15 October).
Aries encourages us to simply Be. In all of its totality. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the meek, the outspoken, the vulnerable, the invincible, the human, the divine, the demon, the hero, the outcast, the villain, the man, the child, the woman, the stream, the sea, the river, the mountain, the sky, the stars, the cosmos — and all, more, or none of the above.
Amazing, huh? There´s not much that Aries doesn´t cover. The only ´catch´ as it were is that the energy needs to be embodied within the self, the immediate sense of presence that is I AM. In developmental terms, this is the spark of life that precedes form (body), sensation-perception and intellect. It just IS. No words can describe it.
Society and other sources of conditioning have all but told us to bottle away parts of ourselves that we are told are either too dangerous, undesirable or simply unwanted. Sometimes this is true, and other times it´s just fear-based conditioning based on the values of the time. My suggestion, or rather caveat, to embodying your Aries energy is to remember to check in with yourself.
Ask yourself – is the ´I´ you´re bringing through one that is perceived through the Ego, the Heart, the Soul, the Mind – or someplace else? Check in with your inner compass to know which. The Self, born of Love, takes many forms: Sometimes gentle, sometimes ferocious. It all depends on which part of you it comes from. Ego, Mind, Heart, Soul, Greater Spirit?
That exercise of discernment is one for you to do and figure out 🙂 Crystals like Icelandic Spar or Optical Calcite help in that process. Black Obsidian can help as well, especially when you need that reflective mirror to help you see yourself through the lens of detachment.
The rest of this article is pretty hardcore. If you´re comfy with this general info, feel free to stop reading here as it covers the gist of it. If you´re wanting the details, the grit, the spiritual challenges and tools you might want to use – then journey on, brave reader!
Now, getting to the astrology of it – the Aries New Moon makes some very powerful connections to quite a few astrological bodies. Here´s what went down:
Uranus conjunct Vesta (17 Aries, February 5 2016) – This was a day when the Great Awakener/Revealer met the Priestess. And together they cleared the way for a new Path of Service through emerge. Rather than the negation of the Self, service was to come through its radical embodiment, in ways that honored emergence of new forms of consciousness within the collective. Look back then to see how that event energetically links with current energy.
At that time I was stranded in Barcelona without my passport and used that energy to go visit the Black Madonna of Monserrat. A mist covered the mountain and the church, unnaturally so for hours on end. You couldn´t even take a decent photograph of anything, it was like thick soup. Meeting the Madonna herself was an interesting experience. I was in a very vulnerable emotional and spiritual place, being stranded where I was. And all I could think of asking her was to make something happen, it was meant to. I recall seeing a very very red energy, of the Base Chakra, flaming through afterwards. It was a type of intiation I did not understand, though I am seeing its gradual emergence.
Moving to the present day:
Sun conjunct Moon at 18 Aries – Time to set the seeds of embodying the Self, in its most aligned form. Watch for mid-October, when those seeds begin to culminate. Be the Self. That´s all you need to do. Allow yourself to occupy the space you need to be you without violating your own moral or ethical compass (inner alignment). Everyone is entitled to occupy their own space, and as long as we can agree on that baseline – the work of co-existence becomes a lot easier. That would be the only caveat to add.
Sun conjunct Moon conjunct Uranus (20 Aries): A lot of cosmic-energetic downloads showing you how the Birth of a New, or simply, Freer expression of Self – is well within the needs of the group – the collective. Rather than sacrificing who we are, we celebrate one another and the individual gifts we bring to the table. Together, we strengthen the wave of energy propelling the evolution of consciousness for the whole. Keep those upper chakra channels clear, but don´t try to force their awakening either 🙂 Let it happen naturally.
Clear quartz, and again, optical calcite will be great crystal allies for this purpose.
Sun / Moon / Uranus conjunct ATLANTIS! (yes, I felt that needed the caps 😛 , 20 Aries): Time for those Atlantean downloads to begin. Those of you who connect strongly with the consciousness of past civilizations, now submerged beneath the waves – will be feeling this strongly. A word of caution – whilst there´s was a lot of epicness 😀 in those times, be it through a love of crystals, dolphins, and the Goddess – there were a lot of problems with it as well. Hence the fall of Atlantis. Whilst it is important to honor this past, and perhaps even to learn some of its secrets, it is important to also be vigiliant to its excesses.
Stones that can help: Aquamarine, Larimar, Atlantisite. Again, I would stress caution in working with such energies and lifetimes if you have not already done a fair amount of self-work beforehand. Working through the lower chakras and one´s relationship with the Serpentine Archetype, I find, is a much needed prerequisite. Just so´s we don´t end up in the same karmic cycle .. again.
If working with a faciliator, make sure they understand that pros and cons, the needs and energetic traps that can come about in working with such lifetimes / states of consciousness.
There were multiple civilizations that shared a similar fate. Others that would equally resonate are Mu, Lemuria, Kumari Kandam, and so on.
Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis inconjunct Jupiter Retrograde (14 Virgo) and the North Node (20 Virgo): Long story short – these breakthroughs in consciousness, and ways of embodiment in the Self are awesome things to experience. But they also need to be funnelled into practical acts of Service, things that help to maintain and perserve the Earth-Plane and our physical vessels (bodies) that can serve within it. Think about ways to structure your daily life that facilitates better health, energetic receptivity, the need to maintain healthy boundaries and to practice self-care first! As generous as I´m sure many of you are, you can´t give to another from an empty cup. Fill your own first, then help as many as you can 🙂
Those of you with placements near 14-20 Scorpio or 14-20 Aquarius will experience this as a powerful Yod or Finger of Fate. Decision time, people! 🙂 Time to choose at the karmic crossroads.
Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis opposed Zeus (17 Libra):. A time to understand both the strength, and the excesses of Masculine energy. Partnerships and collaborations appear to be the space/energy through which this needs to be addressed. Whilst the dominant expression of masculine energy in the world at present is — sadly distorted, the space for the healthy, conscious masculine is expanding. In our bid to bring back the Feminine, let us also recognize the need to hold space for the Masculine to equally re-emerge, albeit in a different form. 🙂 Bear in mind that the Masculine is expressed through all beings, not just men – vice versa with the Feminine. Energy transcends the constructs of sex and gender, though the latter tend to influence the way we interpret the former.
Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis inconjunct Ceto (18 Scorpio): A time to work with imbalances in the way we engage with the Serpentine Archetype. Whilst it is hailed as the Master of Knowledge, the form of Shakti in the movement of the Kundalini – it is equally projected to us the prime villain. There is a neutrality in Serpentine energy, which means that we (especially those who work in Shamanic realms) must treat with respect, but also caution. Again, if working with a facilitator, make sure they understand this. Ceto´s energy can strongly relate to ancestral energetic patterns as well. The energy of Ceto, the Water Serpent, links strongly with that of Atlantis. Unsurprisingly.
It is wise not to fear the serpent, but to recognize its ambiguity. For the gamers out there, that means it´s a ´Chaotic Neutral´.
Recommended Mantra (if feeling overwhelmed):
– use with Carnelian on the sacral chakra. Try working with Neem oil as well (external use) or Neem capsules (internal use, check with medicial practitioner if on medication).
If wanting to connect deeper, try Serpentine or Atlantisite. Again, make sure you have the prepwork for it and a facilitator who can support you through the process.
Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis trine Saturn (16 Sagittarius), Iris (16 Sagittarius), Magdalena (18 Sagittarius), Varda (18 Sagittarius), Osiris (20 Sagittarius): Time to take the Self and find a Path of Truth that resonate with you. Striving to find a greater level of detachment, getting your head above the clouds in your search for truth will yield rewards at this time. The view you take of the world from the base of the foothills, and from its summit – differs drastically. Things fall into perspective.
The various Gods and Goddesses involved in this alignment bring different lessons to the table.
Magdalena (Mary Magdalene) tells us of the story of the projected, forgotten, oppressed or reviled Feminine. And the powerful, radical act that is – simply – being the Self irrespective of all that projection.
Rose quartz and rose essential oil will be powerful allies, should you choose to work with them as energetic tools.
Whilst the Archetype of the Magdalene is one that all can connect to, some identities – ethicities – heritages – have their own versions of the tale that must equally be heard and celebrated. I see this in the need to recognize the perspective of people of color (not that white-pink´s not a colour), but you know what I´m getting at. A lot of the Goddess Movement and New Age Spirituality simply does not take that voice and the histories of colonial oppression (and continued systemic racism) that non-white men and (especially) women face (as well as those who do not resonate with mainstream ideas of gender or sexual preference). Without acknolwedging these voices as equal, there is not true discourse of empowerment that can speak to all.
That being said, no matter what colour or race or gender or sex you are, sing your song. We all have the right to.
Varda´s influence brings us back to the wisdom of the skies. Connect with the cosmos in the way you see fit. Find a good cosmic soothsayer, or a spiritual astrologer you like and get the guidance you need. Or simply sit in silence and let the skies speak to you, showing the way forward.
Osiris indicates that the paths we take now ultimately lead back to the Wounded Masculine (and in parallel, the Healing Feminine). Iris indicates the benefit of emotional cartharsis at this time, and a greater use or acknowledgement of the Rainbow Spectrum in healing work. It´s also a caution not to get stuck in the search for Truth. Whatever paradigm we choose to use is trying to get us to a deeper level of reality that goes beyond dogma of any kind.
And finally, Saturn. Use the energy in your consciousness now to set the steps you need to take in the future. Create your building blocks to Spirit, as it were – through whatever Path or Teaching calls to you at this time. If you have a teacher / mentor / oracle / astrologer that you trust at this time, seek a consultation or get guidance. But remember the Teacher within, don´t forget to check in there as well. This is also an excellent time to set the seeds of research trips, pilgrimages, foreign travel or higher academic pursuits to help you learn what you want to explore and gain some mastery of.
Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis squared Pluto (17 Capricorn): Long story short, if you haven´t done your Descent Work, you´re going to have to. Journeys into the subconscious, ancestral karma, energy-working in the Shadow space of the self are required to find your innermost strengths, gifts, and to allow you to complete your Hero/ine´s journey. A lot of this work – of breakdown-to-breakthrough – is going to test your relationship with P-O-W-E-R. Power, authority, hiearchy, legitimacy, mastery, wisdom and the archetype of the Crone-Elder. (Remember the lessons of Atlantis though 😉 )
Whether it´s an individual or instrument of governance bringing this energy into your life, the challenge for you is to find ways to recognize the power you seek into yourself. Here you go down, to go up. You die, in order to be reborn.
Quite a powerful time for those of you seeing significant changes in your career, or the question of what legacy you leave behind in the world! Relationships with intimate partners (in the bedroom, and the boardroom) are going to be challenging at this time if not in alignment with your deeper sense of self. If they are, then they´re going to let you get even deeper – so you get to the richness that lays hidden within the Shadow. Yum, yum 🙂
But again, there´s a lot of Shadow-work that precedes getting there 🙂 And so much of us has already been triggered in the past few years, what with Saturn in Scorpio and the exact Uranus-Pluto squares (2012-2015).
Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis sextile Narcissus (15 Aquarius): Time to look at your ideals and to move beyond them. Narcissism isn´t just about falling in love with your reflection, it´s getting trapped in that reflection. Sometimes we a trapped through the illusion that we have more power than we do, and sometimes in the belief in less. Either way, it´s a time to shatter through the looking glass – and know that as you do so, you´re going to challenge others who are invested in seeing their own strength – and their relationship with the Cosmos – in ways that suit them. An interesting time to re-wire /re-think your relationship with the relationship between God/dess and Humanity. Look to Promethus, the Monkey God and others who dared to challenge the construct of the Heavens and the supremacy of the Gods in mythology. That kind of vibe. There´s a lot of fear surrounding that kind of work, but it needs doing.
Those of you with placements near 15-18 degrees Virgo will experience this as a powerful Yod. In fact, we all will – as that´s where Jupiter and the North Node are 😀
How fun!
So, putting it all together. A very epic New Moon 😀 Watch for October and see how this all plays out!
Blessings and Hugs,
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The Pisces Eclipse. A Summary of Energetic Themes and Practical Techniques.

Right, I´ve been looking at this Eclipse and considering what to write on it. There´s just so much going on, especially if you consider the asteroids. I think it´s best to bring it back to the basics.
(1) There´s a lot of deep, karmic processing going on right now. We´re looking at energetic patterns inherited from ancestral lineages and from past-life dynamics.
(2) We are challenged to see the role we play in the creation and perpetuation of these karmic dynamics in our lives. In so doing, we are asked to shed the games of projection and illusion often seen in Piscean energy. There is little room here now for the martyr or the victim.
(3) We are shown the ways or paths to ground or anchor new energetic vibrations that can help us in the choosing of new experiences, paths, and realities. Some of these will come through powerful teachers, and others through the use of healing tools and modalities.
(4) If we choose to let it, this eclipse can help us clear away karmic debris from previous times which we no longer need to re-play in our lives. Bottom line.
(5) As we do so, we clear the psychic waterways and are better able to step into and explore our own gifts and deeper connections with Spirit.
Any way you slice it, these are the key themes that the Pisces Eclipse brings to our awareness. There´s a tonne of asteroids and minor planets involved in this configuration – and really – they point to the same message.
Here´s a couple of practical things you can do
(6) Get grounded. Whether it´s with hematite or smoky quartz, cedarwood or sandalwood essential oil, walking barefoot on the ground, sitting in nature, eating warm, healthy soup – make sure your feet are planted in this earthly reality as your spirit traverses the unseen.
(7) Sleep, or simply Rest. If you´re feeling overstimulated, this is the best thing you can do. Things like lavender essential oil and the lepidolite gemstone are deeply relaxing. They can help you ease into a more receptive, restful state of mind. The same with salt soaks for the feet or in the tub (combining that with lavender would be great). Remember, you´re still processing internally.
(8) Supplement. Whether it´s with raw, healthy foods with these compounds or vitamin supplements, consider using B vitamins (in moderation) or the Omega Oils to support brain function as you go through the deep work of re-wiring. You´ve got the chance to rewrite your energetic script, and your brain will then need to catch up in terms of its physical configurations.
(9) Meditate. Nothing too intense at this time, unless you´re strongly called to it. But simply closing your eyes and paying attention to your breath is more than enough. Do your best to find that sweet spot of openness and receptivity, and yeah… the Universe will do the rest. In this alignment, the best thing you can do is to simply Be.
So, that´s what I have to say right now about this Eclipse. I´ll tune in tomorrow and see if the asteroid interpretation will be helpful. Right now the key theme is to simply Be.
Keep the faith, stay grounded. You´ve probably heard me (and others) say this quite a bit. But it still holds.
The Eclipse goes exact at 1:54 am UTC, 9th of March. (About 5 hours from the time of posting this).
Ciao ciao!
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Preparation for the Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 9 2016, 1:54 UTC


´LET GO´ seems to be the key message coming through as we prepare for the New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Much of the Eclipse´s energies will be focused on deep karmic contracts, past-life connections, our experiences of Mystery, Formlessness and Transcendental Spirituality – and so on. To align ourselves with, or entirely dissolve in the ocean of energy that connects us all (or both). Pisces is a tough energy to summarize in a nutshell, but that´s the general gist of it.

This is a powerful time for perfoming rituals of release, especially by the ocean or other bodies of water – anywhere where you feel closer to Piscean / Neptunian energy. Have faith that all that needs to go right now is for the best. So much of this process is facilitated by the sheer knowing that we can, and do, have the choice to make a decision – to stay in a karmic loop, or to simply let go of it. You can think of this as simply releasing past energetic anchors that no longer fit with who you are now – or simply casting your karmic baggage back to Source. Whichever metaphor works for you.

´Past-life karma´ often carries with it an implicit belief that this is something to be endured and that cannot be shifted. I have found this to be true only so long as you believe it to be true. We can re-write our energetic narratives. We´ve always been able to.

No matter how long you have lived out or experienced a particular karmic pattern, or how powerful it seems to be – know that you are a child of the Earth and the Cosmos. Your Soul is infinite, beautiful, powerful and connected to All-That-Is. What you experience through your karmic journey is but a part of your own process of awakening. It isn´t the end all or be all of that process. Just a part of it. And that too, one that operates only because we give it a certain level of permission to do so.

I know that point raises quite a bit of controversy for those who identify strongly with the narrative of being a victim (of people, of fate, of their charts), but it´s really time we began to explore other alternatives to the spiritual journey, and our role in its co-creation.

The coming eclipse, as far as eclipses go, isn´t a ´normal´ one. The Nodes of the Moon are involved, and so, they provide us with tremendous possibilities for spiritual evolution – or – entrenchment into the past. Make no mistake, we´ll collectively experience and learn what we need to with this coming eclipse – it´s a matter of whether that happens gently, or, if we choose to go kicking and screaming all along the way. Again, it comes down to what we allow into our space, what we see as possible (or not).

Here´s some practical suggestions as well:

For those of you having difficulty staying grounded at this time, if you can, head towards Nature. Spend some time earthing, grounding and re-affirming your connection with the Deep Earth.

Pay attention to your intuitive senses now, along with messages from the deep subconscious. Remember to stay grounded if you feel spaced out and feel free to catch up on sleep, if you feel unusually lethargic at this time. B complex and Omega oils are particularly helpful for supporting brain function – especially as we begin to re-wire or re-configure key ways in which we connect with past-life karma, our understanding of ´the spiritual´, our connection with Mystery, Formlessness, and so on. Lepidolite tumblestones can also be of great support during this process.

No matter what you choose to do – remember that the greatest strength you have during this time is Faith. Be it in a God, in yourself, in Mystery, in the Cosmos – Have Faith in the greater process, in the greater collective, in the wider Cosmic experience of which you have chosen to be a part.

The New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Pisces takes place on 9th March 2016, 01:54 UTC, 18´55 Pisces.

Blessings To All.

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess ; The Goddess, The Serpent and The Sea: Building Pathways of Light

Video: Waves crashing on the beach, Carbis Bay, St. Ives, Cornwall.

NEW MOON AT 19 CAPRICORN – Grand Cardinal Cross with Uranus, Pluto, Black Moon Lilith, Thereus and Cyllarus (Jan 9/10, 2016)


Blessings to All. It’s the first New Moon of 2016 – and it’s a Wowzer! New Moons are potent windows for the setting of intentions that culminate during the corresponding Full Moon of the same sign. We are now in the seed-setting cycle of the Capricorn New Moon. Its energies urge us to think about the material, physical, energetic and other forms of legacies we bequeath for later generations to inherit.

Capricorn’s energy also relates to our image or role in the public eye, be it through the successes and accomplishments we work hard to achieve, or the career or profession that gives us the scope to do so. At the societal level, it is the energy of the Supra-Conscious, the voice or level of consciousness that tells us what is socially desirable, acceptable and legitimate. Tied into this is a discussion of power, authority and the institutions that govern us as their (formal and informal) subjects, i.e. governments and banks.

Energetically, I associate Capricorn with the archetype of the Earth-Crone or Grandmother who watches over the land with a soft, care-worn expression in her face. She is custodian and protector of the land, as the legacy her grand-children will ultimately inherit (and inhabit).

As we set intentions for a new cycle of manifestation, bear in mind that this New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) is woven into and forms a part of an unusually potent Grand Cardinal Cross, involving Uranus and Pluto. We experienced a similar alignment with these two transpersonal bodies during April-May 2014. Though we may respond to that level of intensity differently now, you’re likely to see some echoes.

Pluto –  the planet of crisis, change, transformation, the hero/ine’s journey, birth-death-rebirth, issues with intimacy, sexuality, boundaries, power, health, regeneration, alchemy and resurrection – conjuncts the Sun-Moon at 15 Capricorn. The New Moon draws us into the depths of the Plutonian Underworld in order for us to explore the shadow and the gifts hidden within.

In Other Words,

Once More … Into the Abyss.

(But that’s really not a bad thing…)

The Underworld, just as the concept of The Shadow, is of course, one that has been heavily projected upon as being ‘evil’ or ‘negative’. That was a later cultural construct that gained currency with the rise of monotheism (and I would also argue, with the rise of patriarchy).  For instance, Greek mythology saw the the Underworld as more than a place for souls to go to upon death. It was the space in which heroes were born – as they faced their Shadow – and equally, where heroes returned to upon their death, i.e. in the Elysian fields (their equivalent of Paradise). Compare that to our contemporary (mainstream) idea of the Underworld – as a space of torture, confinement, and suffering – and you can see the deep cultural shift I’m talking about. And let’s not even get into the topic of how the Earth-Mother was displaced from her Dark Womb in later mythologies and religious conceptions. Darkness is a far more nuanced, multifaceted construct.

So, as Pluto draws you in, be it through a willing Descent into the Darkness of the self, or through the modality of crisis – bear in mind that this a journey into Shadow. Here is where the seeds lie in their nascent state beneath the soil, where the fetus gestates in the waters of the womb, the vacuum in which all existence burst forth from Nothingness. Here is the space of new beginnings, a realm of great healing, nurture, sanctuary and re-connection. And equally, here is where you hide your strengths, fears, truths and deep illusions.

Intimate partners (Pluto) and/or older, authority figures (Capricorn) may be the ones to draw you into this shadow space, more likely through the modality of conflict, rather than not. You may find yourself in games of emotional manipulation, projection and power-plays without realizing it.

Pluto, The Sun and The Moon square Uranus at 16 Aries. This is familiar terrain, what with the life-and-generation-transforming sequence of seven exact Uranus-Pluto squares we all experienced between 2012-2015. Uranus, The Great Awakener, strikes us with an erratic, unpredictable bolt of Consciousness. Where it comes from, why, and through whom, is something no one can reasonably give you an answer on – except by checking which house it occupies in your chart. In Aries, be it by initiation or as a response to something else, Uranus awakens us to the Truth of the Self.

Aries energy expresses itself easily within the lower chakras, so pay heed to those gut-level impulses and responses. You may be surprised by the Self that is revealed, particularly when its sovereignty and power is challenged by another (Pluto).

All of this energy makes an aspect to Black Moon Lilith (15 Libra), the more matured (Crone) aspect of the Dark Feminine. She seeks to find Balance in the relationships that surround her and to ensure fair play between all parties, though she is likely to be negatively projected upon for doing so (and for reacting to that projection). The fact that Zeus (the ultra-patriarch)  is nearby at 18 Libra tells me that much of this re-balancing is going to have to look at the ways in which patriarchy has limited the scope for women’s agency, identity, power and spiritual presence over the past few millenia.

She may go the route of (what looks like) the bully, trying to carve out a (probably legitimate) space that has been traditionally denied to her. She may also go the route of (what looks like) the doormat, allowing herself to be take the back seat for the sake of a relationship, partnership or collaboration. However, that type of compromise isn’t likely to last long as Black Moon Lilith pushes us to challenge imbalance, especially as she fails to tolerate it 😉 . In general, this is not the best time to seek out objective-decision making (a Libran concern) in the domain of relationships, partnerships and collaborations, owing to Lilith’s reactivity and Uranus’ unpredictability. In other words, avoid making major life-changing decisions and commitments right now and let circumstances unfold as they will. Observe first, before reacting – to whatever extent possible.

Finally, we see Cyllarus (17 Cancer) and Thereus (18 Cancer) directly opposing the Sun/Moon/Pluto combination and squaring Uranus and Black Moon Lilith – this completes the Grand Cardinal Cross. Cyllarus warns us of the costs of acting in haste, lashing out or lunging forward without forethought. Cyllarus feels particularly threatened when the group identities that he feels at home in (tribe, culture, football team, etc.) are somehow challenged. In mythology, Cyllarus goes charging headlong into something without thinking and ends up dead with a spear through his chest.

Thereus, on the other hand, asks us to be mindful of victim-abuser dynamics, especially when one feels emotionally trapped by another. In mythology, Thereus was a hunter who stalked bears, entered their caves, hit them on their head and dragged them out afterwards. He’s not big on the idea of consent or honoring the personal integrity of another. In charts, Thereus often refers to the area in one’s life where they do realize the fact they are trapped or subject to predation by another, until it is fully revealed to them. Some prefer to ascribe something positive to the entrapment (a blissful state of denial) or to get defensive and reject it outright.

So, Thereus challenges us to become mindful of hidden control tactics or energetic/emotional predation; Cyllarus cautions us against simply not jumping the gun and charging in arms akimbo when we feel things that we are strongly attached to, challenged in some way. Both are present in the sign of Cancer, representing the domestic sphere – family, home, tradition, racial/ethnic identity, relationship with the mother or maternal archetype, and so on. Whether it be the source of triggering, or the context in which we seek the dynamics of triggering play out – familial/tribal dynamics pose powerful challenges during this New Moon.

In other words, even if someone from home challenges us, or someone challenges our sense of home – think twice before responding or falling into the victim-abuser polarity. This is going to be triggering some massive shadow-work and the need to acknowledge how we – and our families – at times, hold one another in rigid, dysfunctional emotional patterns. As we make healthier choices for ourselves as individuals, and as members of a partnership, we may find resistance from family and the traditional values they uphold – or even from authorities or institutions that we allow to exercise power over us.

Thank the God/esses for Uranus and Black Moon Lilith! They give us the impetus to walk away from inherited wisdom and ancestral truths that continue (rightly or wrongly) to tell so many of us just how and why we are wounded or trapped and why that is our fault or why we can’t change that ‘reality’. Whilst there are wonderful things we can inherit from our pasts, there’s a lot of baggage that gets lumped in as well. Be mindful that your individual actions can rock the boat for others around you, but as always – Follow your Truth.

Taking these together, we see an extremely intense, shadow-oriented, unpredictable flow of energy between the signs of the Self (Aries), Partner (Libra), Family/Home (Cancer) and Career/Legacy (Capricorn). Many of you will begin exploring new directions, perhaps even with a new map (i.e. a sense of what is possible). This New Moon will be a defining time for many, strongly echoing similar dynamics we collectively experienced during the Grand Cardinal Cross of April-May 2014.

Look to July’s Full Moon in Capricorn to begin reaping the seeds sown at this time (27 Capricorn, July 19). June’s Full Moon at 29 Sagittarius will have some precursors to what we see in July. The Moon moves into Capricorn not long after it opposes the Sun at 29 Gemini (June 20).

So, taking this all together – it’s a powerful, energetically intense time that asks us to consider how we (ultimately) think about the different aspects of who we are, who we choose to connect with, where we’re from, and – where we’re going. The legacy we leave behind in the world weaves together the elements from each Cardinal sign and the challenges and strengths that they bring.

Choose your legacy wisely, and as far as you can, remember that we are all facing this dynamic – together. How strongly these placements influence you depends upon your natal chart and your own spiritual path / process of evolution.

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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