The Pisces Eclipse. A Summary of Energetic Themes and Practical Techniques.

Right, I´ve been looking at this Eclipse and considering what to write on it. There´s just so much going on, especially if you consider the asteroids. I think it´s best to bring it back to the basics.
(1) There´s a lot of deep, karmic processing going on right now. We´re looking at energetic patterns inherited from ancestral lineages and from past-life dynamics.
(2) We are challenged to see the role we play in the creation and perpetuation of these karmic dynamics in our lives. In so doing, we are asked to shed the games of projection and illusion often seen in Piscean energy. There is little room here now for the martyr or the victim.
(3) We are shown the ways or paths to ground or anchor new energetic vibrations that can help us in the choosing of new experiences, paths, and realities. Some of these will come through powerful teachers, and others through the use of healing tools and modalities.
(4) If we choose to let it, this eclipse can help us clear away karmic debris from previous times which we no longer need to re-play in our lives. Bottom line.
(5) As we do so, we clear the psychic waterways and are better able to step into and explore our own gifts and deeper connections with Spirit.
Any way you slice it, these are the key themes that the Pisces Eclipse brings to our awareness. There´s a tonne of asteroids and minor planets involved in this configuration – and really – they point to the same message.
Here´s a couple of practical things you can do
(6) Get grounded. Whether it´s with hematite or smoky quartz, cedarwood or sandalwood essential oil, walking barefoot on the ground, sitting in nature, eating warm, healthy soup – make sure your feet are planted in this earthly reality as your spirit traverses the unseen.
(7) Sleep, or simply Rest. If you´re feeling overstimulated, this is the best thing you can do. Things like lavender essential oil and the lepidolite gemstone are deeply relaxing. They can help you ease into a more receptive, restful state of mind. The same with salt soaks for the feet or in the tub (combining that with lavender would be great). Remember, you´re still processing internally.
(8) Supplement. Whether it´s with raw, healthy foods with these compounds or vitamin supplements, consider using B vitamins (in moderation) or the Omega Oils to support brain function as you go through the deep work of re-wiring. You´ve got the chance to rewrite your energetic script, and your brain will then need to catch up in terms of its physical configurations.
(9) Meditate. Nothing too intense at this time, unless you´re strongly called to it. But simply closing your eyes and paying attention to your breath is more than enough. Do your best to find that sweet spot of openness and receptivity, and yeah… the Universe will do the rest. In this alignment, the best thing you can do is to simply Be.
So, that´s what I have to say right now about this Eclipse. I´ll tune in tomorrow and see if the asteroid interpretation will be helpful. Right now the key theme is to simply Be.
Keep the faith, stay grounded. You´ve probably heard me (and others) say this quite a bit. But it still holds.
The Eclipse goes exact at 1:54 am UTC, 9th of March. (About 5 hours from the time of posting this).
Ciao ciao!
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Preparation for the Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 9 2016, 1:54 UTC


´LET GO´ seems to be the key message coming through as we prepare for the New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Much of the Eclipse´s energies will be focused on deep karmic contracts, past-life connections, our experiences of Mystery, Formlessness and Transcendental Spirituality – and so on. To align ourselves with, or entirely dissolve in the ocean of energy that connects us all (or both). Pisces is a tough energy to summarize in a nutshell, but that´s the general gist of it.

This is a powerful time for perfoming rituals of release, especially by the ocean or other bodies of water – anywhere where you feel closer to Piscean / Neptunian energy. Have faith that all that needs to go right now is for the best. So much of this process is facilitated by the sheer knowing that we can, and do, have the choice to make a decision – to stay in a karmic loop, or to simply let go of it. You can think of this as simply releasing past energetic anchors that no longer fit with who you are now – or simply casting your karmic baggage back to Source. Whichever metaphor works for you.

´Past-life karma´ often carries with it an implicit belief that this is something to be endured and that cannot be shifted. I have found this to be true only so long as you believe it to be true. We can re-write our energetic narratives. We´ve always been able to.

No matter how long you have lived out or experienced a particular karmic pattern, or how powerful it seems to be – know that you are a child of the Earth and the Cosmos. Your Soul is infinite, beautiful, powerful and connected to All-That-Is. What you experience through your karmic journey is but a part of your own process of awakening. It isn´t the end all or be all of that process. Just a part of it. And that too, one that operates only because we give it a certain level of permission to do so.

I know that point raises quite a bit of controversy for those who identify strongly with the narrative of being a victim (of people, of fate, of their charts), but it´s really time we began to explore other alternatives to the spiritual journey, and our role in its co-creation.

The coming eclipse, as far as eclipses go, isn´t a ´normal´ one. The Nodes of the Moon are involved, and so, they provide us with tremendous possibilities for spiritual evolution – or – entrenchment into the past. Make no mistake, we´ll collectively experience and learn what we need to with this coming eclipse – it´s a matter of whether that happens gently, or, if we choose to go kicking and screaming all along the way. Again, it comes down to what we allow into our space, what we see as possible (or not).

Here´s some practical suggestions as well:

For those of you having difficulty staying grounded at this time, if you can, head towards Nature. Spend some time earthing, grounding and re-affirming your connection with the Deep Earth.

Pay attention to your intuitive senses now, along with messages from the deep subconscious. Remember to stay grounded if you feel spaced out and feel free to catch up on sleep, if you feel unusually lethargic at this time. B complex and Omega oils are particularly helpful for supporting brain function – especially as we begin to re-wire or re-configure key ways in which we connect with past-life karma, our understanding of ´the spiritual´, our connection with Mystery, Formlessness, and so on. Lepidolite tumblestones can also be of great support during this process.

No matter what you choose to do – remember that the greatest strength you have during this time is Faith. Be it in a God, in yourself, in Mystery, in the Cosmos – Have Faith in the greater process, in the greater collective, in the wider Cosmic experience of which you have chosen to be a part.

The New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Pisces takes place on 9th March 2016, 01:54 UTC, 18´55 Pisces.

Blessings To All.

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess ; The Goddess, The Serpent and The Sea: Building Pathways of Light

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