Uproar in Heaven – Lessons from The Monkey King in the Age of Aquarius

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We are moving into a new Age. Some say we´ve shifted into it already. Whichever celestial timeline you take, the fact that things are changing (for better or worse) is inescapable.

As a spiritual facilitator, the sheer intensity, depth and rapidity of shifts I have seen happening is nothing short of a miracle. Individuals who have borne heavy, intense karmic baggage for decades are shrugging it off in an instant of awakening and profound self-realization.

People are radically re-examing their belief systems, turning over the roles, rules, narratives, archetypes and paradigms of life they have held as sacred, unquestionable or absolute. We are exploring new ways of being and re-structuring our karmic and energetic relationship with Life, the Universe and Everything.

Some are fearing the changes and getting even more stuck in the past, in older ways of seeing the world – often those that perpetuate hierarchy, cycles of pain and stagnation. And so humanity finds itself mediating between two extremes – There doesn´t seem to be much of a middle ground yet. It´s Evolve, or .. Bust.

One of the biggest shifts I see – that has relevance to my work and to the way I experience my own evolution – is in the dying of old archetypes. Or rather, the fixedness we have associated with them. Whether it is the Saint or the Sinner, the Demon or the God, the Aggressive Patriarch or the Wounded Matriarch – we have all begun a tremendously complex, global process of re-signifying these archetypes as we transform the consciousness of the collective.

With this new age I see individuals beginning to discard and weave anew karmic contracts or understandings they have carried within for so long, and to re-assert their agency in the process of consciously driven evolution.

Whilst Piscean themes of compassion, self-sacrifice and empathy (and a sense of being trapped by their own karma) have had their own roles to play, their relevance is beginning to shift.

I see all us beginning to explore new meanings of sacredness. And with that, the meaning of what it is to be human, quite naturally, will also transform.

It´s daring, it´s exciting, and it certainly will fly in the face of what we´ve all been taught – through the generational line. Some of the old will be re-woven into the new, and some will need to be released. This process will be terrifying to some, pleasurable to others (most likely a combination of both).

Remember the compassion of Pisces, but equally the independence of Aquarius, exemplified best by mythological figures like Prometheus (Greece) and The Monkey King (China) – both of whom challenged the heavens and forged new paths for all those who followed.

Prometheus stole fire from the gods and in so doing, made civilization possible for humanity. The Monkey King stole the Heavenly Fruit (Peaches of Immortality), and in so doing elevated a demon-monkey to an immortal sage in Service of the Heavenly Realm (which, in retrospect, isn´t that benevolent a space in mythological terms. The gods in various global traditions, have, let´s just say … been rather human 😉 )

Both acts, left in their wake, a tremendous energetic legacy. And interestingly, both Prometheus and The Monkey King (San Wu-Kong) were punished for their rebellion against the status quo. That sense of confinement and punishment is also heavily linked to a different aspect of Piscean Energy.

I feel that now, more and more of us are, in our own lives, going to issue (our relationship with) the Cosmos, similar challenges. Without getting tied to a rock and being mauled by an eagle eating your ever-regenerating liver (Prometheus) or buried in a mountain for eternity (San Wu-kong / The Monkey King).

In short, the Hero(ine)´s Journey is being Re-written.

Blessings to the Collective,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

Image: Mystic Eye In Search of a New Horizon, Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016.

Note of Thanks to my brother Ashoka Mohannan who inspired me greatly in writing this piece.


PS – Uproar in Heaven refers to a popular animated classic depicting the Monkey King´s daring challenge to the Gods. I used to watch it each year with my brother as kids. It used to be aired on TV each year in celebration of Chinese New Year.



Spiritual evolution is a tough thing to measure, however, there are certain markers which indicate that a ‘shift’ has happened. If you’re still in the middle of a particular phase, the inverse might apply (especially if you’re at the cusp of a spiritual breakthrough). Bear in mind that the process is never-ending, it just completes one chapter and starts anew, like an ascending/descending spiral.

The build-up to a shift often entails the breaking down of all you thought you knew, all you thought you were. It is, generally speaking, not an easy process.

Once a shift has happened, your paradigm is re-set. Sensitivity tends to increase, as does the capability to withstand all that it entails.

You are better able to perceive spiritual energies / to understand the psychological nature of your attachments and responses to the world.

You are likely to re-interpret key aspects of your spirituality in new ways. You might realize that something you thought was no longer a part of you, still is. Or you might realize something you identify with now simply does not resonate. You might be drawn to a paradigm you had dismissed before, or move away from something you’d been following from a while. Possibilities are endless.

You will begin to notice things you had taken for granted before, or things previously invisible to your method of discernment. At the same time, your ability to discern will (most likely) lead to a lessening of ego-based judgment. In short, you can see things better for what they are, but this does not affect you as much as it did before.

Your relationship with the earth deepens, as does your need for periodical grounding.

You are less able to accept vague generalizations about a ‘better, higher’ spirituality and begin to question ‘accepted wisdom’.

Rather than renouncing that-which-makes-you-human and the energetic network that links you to this physical plane (and others), you deepen your sense of shared humanity & embodied sentience.

The constructs of Up/Down, Male/Female, Lower/Upper, Light/Dark realms ceases to have the power of sanction and division. They are, all, equally sacred and part of an indivisible whole.

As you continue to evolve, it is important to seek out others who can help you in the process. No one has the answers to everything. It’s within the Self, yes, and the Self is a part of the Universe seeking to figure itself out, yes … but if we could access that knowledge, we wouldn’t quite be on the path we’re on…

You will find the need to constantly check in with the spiritualists/counselors you work with to ensure they have made the necessary shifts in themselves, so that they can then better work with with you. (That’s one of the reasons why the guru/mentor paradigm is a little hard to work with in this timeline – everyone keeps shifting so fast! )

The people who are drawn to your work will be different. Their needs will reflect the vibration that you now embody. If you’re seeing a pattern in your clients / recipients of your services, pick up the message the Universe is sending you.

Whilst your own growth will be a source of joy for you, you will constantly be amazed at how quickly young children seem to accelerate their own wisdom. It is a powerful reminder to remain humble and to realize that there is always something to learn.

Priestess B. Bairavee
The Sky Priestess

Image: Multiple cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning strokes – NOAA.jpg, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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