Spiritual Shaming, Self-Worth and Why Suffering Isn’t the Way You Need To Go …

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We are all, Children of the Universe. We come into being bearing so many Gifts and so much Love. We all have so much to Give.
The sad part is when we forget that we are a part of the Collective. That we too, deserve the love, nurture, support and abundance that we so freely and willingly give to others.
The sad part is when we deny ourselves the same flow of energy we seek to open for others. Some locate it within a rhetoric that says ‘if you suffer, you are sacred’.
Really? Why?
A lot of spiritual growth happens when you truly sit and feel into that question. Yes, suffering, feeling wounds, scars, trauma – can be an incredibly rewarding process. But why is being in pain any less sacred than being happy and fulfilled?
The political scientist in me says that’s an awfully convenient idea to tell a population unhappy with the way they lives are panning out. It makes for a great captive population.
‘What, your life isn’t great? Taxes are too high? The Plague? What, you want reforms? Err…Uhm… — Well… that’s just God’s way, and my, aren’t you blessed to suffer so … What do you mean why? Well, you’ve sinned!!!! (and depending on your perspective, that’s this life or lives past, or simply for having been born human and wanting to pro-create)’
The priestess in me looks at it as as a well-meaning but outdated adherence to a old paradigm that, frankly, does not hold water in the present (unless you really really want it to – and if you do, be aware that it is your choice).
And a lot of that goes back to what I’ve been writing recently on the wounded healer / woundology paradigm. There’s a very big difference between taking the time you need to work through it, and between self-sabotaging your healing process because (1) you don’t believe you can heal (2) you don’t believe you deserve to (3) the Ego says it’s holy to suffer, or (4) that you’ve sinned so badly you deserve to fry for the remainder of your existence/s
Now – this whole dialogue on sinning / attachment to woundedness / refusal to see yourself as deserving better – deserves its own book. I’m going to move onto a different aspect of the question.
Another reason (especially) healers who provide services to others have issues with healing / nurturing themselves is because of the ‘God will provide’ argument.
Let’s break that down shall we.
I recall a few weeks ago (and I’ve seen it a few times) an individual who was very upset with me charging for my services and going on my travels (it’s how I do my thing). He was so so so agitated and kept telling me how I needed to repent as God would provide me with I needed.
Truth be told, yes, God/Goddess has absolutely provided. I have a skillset which I can use, and people willing to honor the work I facilitate. I make sure that I can give back what I receive, not just through paid sessions. I actually do quite a bit of pro bono work, and donate when I can.
Plus – Spirit is the one that decides when, how much and how I do what I do. So, as I tend to say, ‘If you don’t like it, take it up with the Boss. I’m sure Ma-Kali can squeeze you in for an appointment 😉 ‘
Without much surprise, I find I never get this kind of judgment from polytheists – most cultures that believed in more than one form of deity has, inevitably, some form of being that celebrated Abundance, Prosperity, Success and Wealth.
The only ‘sin’ that I see happening is when a person gives only to receive, does not honor the balance of exchange of energy or measures their worth only in terms of dollars/currency made.
Plus, if we think about it – even within the paradigm of ‘God provides’, who is to say that flow of energy does not come through money?
Plus – if we were to hold to a very strict interpretation of that argument – by that same logic, no one would need any help from any human at all.
That’s not the paradigm we currently live in, so .. I’m not buying that argument so much. It uses the name of the Divine, but shames those who give into a place where they cannot receive.
If Ascended Beings still emoted the way most humans do, I’m sure that they’ve *facepalmed* quite a bit over the past few centuries.
So in summary:
Yes, you’ve got gifts to give.
Yes, you’ve got the right to be happy.
Yes, you’ve got the right to reap the rewards of your work.
No, you are not a sinner for wanting to do so.
No, you are not a sinner for wanting to not suffer.
No, you are not any less sacred for wanting to make sure your needs are met.
We have been conditioned to think this way. And it is time to lift those shackles.
Step away from anyone who has to shame you into becoming ‘spiritual’.
We’re moving into a New Paradigm, people.
Plus, we’re eventually moving into a global economy that has got to run in different ways. Once we deal with our collective issues surrounding money / energy exchange / women / the sacral chakra (all linked to the same vibration) .. I think this discussion will be completely obsolete.
Hope that happens sooner, rather than later x
Ciao for now!
Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess
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My fiancée was sharing my interview on Priestessing, Politics and the Indian Parliament with his colleagues in India yesterday. Suddenly, he realized that some (if not all of them) might see me as delusional, a madwoman or a fake would-be guru (or a combination thereof).

Part of me felt sad, and the other part smiled (I’ll explain why).

For you see – despite being the land of a million goddesses, and the origins of some of the greatest spiritual philosophies in the world, Indian culture at the day-to-day level is strangely disconnected from these ideals – either through a focus upon the ritual form (and not necessarily the spiritual), or through the cynical, hardened eyes of rationalism. There are of course, exceptions, but that tends to be a fair generalization.

Despite Indian philosophical-scriptural exposition on ideas such as – the sanctity of woman and the Feminine Principle, or the idea that we walk as Divine Beings, often unaware of our spiritual inheritance – these are ideas that are disconnected from everyday culture there. Yet such principles are put forward as emblems of Indian heritage and culture, particularly when idealized and interpreted through different cultural perspectives.

Whilst I get the basis for such a reaction to my work and presence, I honestly do not see it as my problem. I thought about what I would feel if someone levied those views to my face – and the answer was — well.. not very much at all..

The baggage, the judgment, the condescension – that’s an issue with the one choosing to perceive my path in a certain way. And remember – perceptions (mine/yours/our) are never accurate reflections of reality (whatever that is).

And I’ve experienced that in mild – and – extreme ways during my pilgrimages in India and Nepal. Even when viewed with suspicion, distrust, ridicule, and at times being bullied by the people there – I have always found that the temples themselves have welcomed me in ways that seem miraculous to others, especially by those who live there.

Despite the harsh challenges, I’ve never allowed that to stop me doing what I’m doing. It’s certainly not a pleasurable experience or one that I consider myself some great martyr for enduring. I see it as part of the work that needs to be done to transmute a particularly rigid manifestation of societal consciousness (the super-ego construct). Just gotta keep on walking.

It’s a choice I made, that I rarely even think about it, in all honesty.

The sadness I do feel about it – and that too seems to be going – is when I consider the extent of spiritual disconnection between the people, the land and its spiritual essence. Just about every saint I adore in the Indian context (and other parts of the world) has been seen as mad, delusional, or fraudulent. And they are better appreciated posthumously, long after their death when society gradually begins to catch up with the vibration these powerful spiritual-in-flesh-vessels bore.

And here’s where the smile comes in, as soon as I thought that through and wrote a reply to my fiancée, I saw this on FB (It’s about a saint I love, whose path comes closest to the way I walk with Kali-Ma – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa):


“People of his times labeled Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as a madman. With their limited mind and prejudices, some creatures thought they had a license to judge him. The Paramahamsa was indeed mad but mad for and of the love of Divinity. He was committed to Mata Kali, the All-embracing Mother. He reached the state of perfection in the bhakti path not because of this belief or that faith. Even parrots have faith in their wings, fly wherever they believe seeds and nuts can be found. We wish we had one infinitesimal part of the Parmahamsa’s bhakti. Perfection comes through unconditional love and disinterested performance of action. If you are expecting anything – name and glory, badge and status from your karma, go join the boy-scouts or the marines for now but seek Grace at the earliest convenience. Jai Mata Kali.” ~ Yogi Ananda Saraswathi

**Now if that’s not a sign that the Universe has my back.. I really don’t know what is.

Chin up, eyes forward… and away we go!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

PS – The interview in question that started all this! 🙂



Recently, someone asked me what I meant by ‘Formlessness’ – It’s come up a lot in my ongoing pilgrimage.

I understand the Path of Formlessness as something that detaches from a particular fixation upon form. It does not negate the fact that spirit can move and work through matter, but that it can and does constantly shift its form of expression. Spiritual energy, Divinity, our connection with some sense of Cosmic Consciousness does not have to be held down and exclusively confined to material objects, ideas and practices – be it a statue, temple, ritual, religion, ideology or spiritual world-view.

Formlessness in other words, honors the various material expressions of Divinity but does not see the need to confine itself to one in particular. One can find the sacred in a blade of grass, a lone puppy wandering without food on the street, the smile of a friend, the glorious statue of a Goddess, an ancient temple, your reflection in the mirror – and more (or nothing at All).

I would however draw the line at claiming that material forms are somehow … lesser or impure. They are channels of expression, the canvas through which we see the movement of spirit. – in the same way that you can see the movement of the wind across the lake by observing changes at the water’s surface, or the presence of force by the changes it can exert on objects.

And that is where – for me – The Dark Goddess comes in. She teaches me to honor Her, and all Things in All Forms, and to detach from my preconceptions of what an expression or experience of Divinity must look and feel like. And at the end of the day, I know that that construct too will one day give rise to a perspective that transcends even that.

As She takes me through the different levels of consciousness, she ensures that I arrive at – time and again – in the space of Compassionate Detachment. Where I find Her, so too do I find the Compassionate Masculine.

When someone asks me what my spiritual path is — this is the answer I give them – I am a Daughter, Priestess and Embodiment of the Dark Goddess, on the Path of Formlessness. (And at some point, even that answer will dissolve).

Now, some people find the idea that they-you-we-me-everyone ’embodies divinity’ as problematic. Part of that comes from the elevated status that we ritually ascribe to The Sacred. But by going on the Path that allows you to realize your inner Divinity, you often lose any interest in any kind of pomp, ceremony, title, validation or any kind of special treatment for realizing it. You might still need some ritual forms and understandings to express your sacred energy, but there is … a detachment to that expression.

In other words – We are all expressions of Divine Energy. And when one begins to realize that at a deeper level, any idea of ‘grandeur’, or superiority on account of that Divinity flies out the window.

This reminds me of a line from one of my favourite films (Baba, 2002) where a disillusioned seeker meets Mahavatar Babaji – a great spiritual presence who is said to remain eternally young in the Himalayas – and asks him –

Are you God?

Mahaavatar replies. I am God. You are God. All things are God. The only difference between you and I is that I have realized that, whilst you haven’t.

This is the lesson that my pilgrimage has been.. teaching me at a cellular level. I’ve been visiting my favourite temples, and finding myself disillusioned with the physical trappings.. It’s a good kind of disillusionment. I’m still going to keep going with the pilgrimage, but it feels that the purpose has shifted.

Believe me when I say I’ve felt this overwhelming urge to simply give up all of that (the title, the path, the constructions, the explanations, the words) and sit somewhere and just be. I still have certain responsibilities and duties that I chose to fulfill, though I await the time where that complete surrender can happen.

It’s one thing to read about how we are all Divine and understand the philosophy behind it – and I assure you, it’s a very different thing when you begin to feel that in every fiber of your being. In some sense you crave disembodiment, what the ancients called ‘Jeeva Samadhi’, where the Soul returns back to the Elements and is at One. It remains alive in some form, but without the physical body to house that consciousness.

It’s a very different idea than dying, suicide, or anything of that sort. Attaining that state requires great discipline, unconditional love and absolute surrender – Of Everything. Even the Ego that would like to believe that you’re doing that already.

Being in the land of my ancestors, Tamil Nadu, I find myself less and less fixated upon defining myself in terms of any identity. Be it a national, ethnic, religious, spiritual, gendered, or in fact – any identity.

The interesting thing is that it doesn’t feel like I’m having an identity crisis, but am stripping away the various attachments I had to certain ideas, and a more … eternal sense of Self is beginning to show itself.

As the Soul begins to remember its origins, such definitions generally dissolve. For we have all cycled through various lifetimes of being men, women, different genders, of living in various cultures, of learning so much that it seems pointless to have a definition of the Self confined to the present lifetime.

At least that is where my journey is taking me. I expected to learn and feel something completely different on this trip, but I’m glad I’m being guided in the way that I am.

At some point, the external search simply comes to a halt.

Gattam Gattam; Mudinjithu Mudinjipotchi (What is done, is done – In Sanskrit and Tamil)

And one finds, that at the end of the day, you and your Beloved, you and your sense of Divinity have always been One and the Same.

And the next chapter begins.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

I will be speaking more about my experiences on this pilgrimage at 4 pm Tuesday (Central US/Chicago Time) on The Dark Mother’s Children. Tune in if you’d like to find out more – www.wgtrlive.com

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The Path of Spiritual Facilitation is a very specific one. It’s not just about having an interest in Spirituality, or being spiritually attuned, or having psychic gifts, or intense experiences, etc. It’s also about handling yourself and managing all of this whilst you work towards a space where you can help another, if so called. There’s a lot of discipline, rigor and focus that this path involves, and we’re not talking about that enough. It’s been on my mind these past few days – so here goes.

When I wrote, a few weeks ago that Jupiter was teaching us to find ‘The Guru Within’, I immediately got responses from people wanting to see themselves as Teachers, without doing the work – in the same way that (shockingly) people commonly refer to those who do yoga as yogis (the sages who sit in pure meditation in the hidden caves and forests of India) …. When I wrote that I would support a facilitator irrespective of their gender, race, or sexual orientation – as long as they did the work – I read a comment that found my ‘conditional’ support as a negative thing.

And it’s so unpopular to talk about ‘conditions’ and ‘standards’ in Spirituality, these days … but hey, it’s still relevant.

Let’s put it this way: I wouldn’t support someone who wanted to perform a surgery because s/he really liked the idea of being a surgeon but had no medical expertise. In the same way, I wouldn’t support someone who claimed to be a facilitator but had no experience, training, or guidance on that path except for an interest in the subject.

And now I’m not talking about getting certified, having a title, etc. There are so many workshops (paid and free) by so many, some of whom have titles, some of whom don’t – and the results are really mixed. Spirituality is such an open book that many are choosing to define its standards of facilitation for themselves, and that doesn’t always end well.

It’s not just about ‘newcomers’ to this collective spiritual re-awakening, there are those who have been practicing for years with very strange ideas and results of facilitation. So the issue is not only to do with experience, but with the need to create some kind of standards or ethical guidelines.

Either way, this Path is not to be taken lightly. When people look to a facilitator for guidance and counsel, they are in fact entrusting you with a certain degree of their well-being. People believe in what the facilitator says, rightly or wrongly.

What I find most sad is when facilitators change their tune, and then completely wash their hands of the consequences of guiding someone to a place they did not need to go to. (And if we claim that Spirit misdirected the facilitator, then that raises even more tricky questions).

There are so many of us who are awakening to our gifts now and are excited by their prospects. Being a ‘facilitator’ sounds awesome, seeing yourself as Lightworker out the Save the World is heroic, epic and man it feels good! Coming together under the Rainbow Umbrella of Love where all is One and all are Equal is absolutely Life-Affirming, Celebratory and Joyous! Getting messages directly from Spirit, from Earth, from the Cosmos is so so mind-blowing! And I get the excitement 🙂 – Why wouldn’t one be excited about it?

In practice, however, what I’ve seen is that the lofty rhetoric of spiritual ideals and desires needs to be met with certain standards of practice, codes of ethics, and an internal compass that needs to be checking itself and what it’s doing. It’s so easy to fall in love with the Idealism of Spirituality, but easy to forget the details and necessities of its Practical Manifestation.

Those of you who are looking to become Spiritual Facilitators, in particular –

Whilst I encourage you all to find your own Path, to discover your own Soul’s Gifts – please do not discount the need for training, guidance and proper mentorship. I’m not talking about the guidance you receive internally, but from people who have trained in a similar field, and achieved a certain degree of competency.

I’ve seen too many people caught up in very very strange ideas of themselves based on hearing ‘guidance’ that does not match up to any observed reality. There is the danger of solipsism masquerading as Self-Knowledge.

It’s a constant process of growth, and it takes time and effort to find someone who can really work with you, as you evolve – but even that search is important. There is always someone whom we can learn from, but that doesn’t make that person ‘superior’ or ‘dominant’ over us – it just means that we can grow through the exchange.

I hold myself up to the same need for constant self-reflection, and seeking guidance from those I believe have the integrity and wisdom to guide me further. It’s a never ending process because our journeys are never-ending. There’s always something to learn, and always someone you can learn it from.

I hope that my words will not be read as judgment, but rather an invitation to reflect. I’ve seen firsthand, and through those close to me, what damage one can do by jumping into the role of facilitation without proper training… like the would-be surgeon who never went to medical school.

With Love, as Always,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Image: Utagawa Kuniyoshi – 水滸傳 – 安道全.jpg (Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons)



Detachment is lauded as a spiritual virtue. Yet, the ways in which is it understood, and implemented in daily life raise important questions. Some have taken the meaning of the term in the spiritual context to reflect a lack of emotion, empathy, or even responsibility for one’s actions. Others may interpret it a reason to stay apart from the rest of humanity.

For me, an idea of detachment that fully distances one’s self from human emotion, and the sanctity of everyday human interaction is one that leaves much to be desired. It often results in a hollow rhetoric and posturing of ‘being spiritual’, whilst, in reality, being ‘wholly out of touch’. When we begin to believe that our Truths are somehow separate from all Others, when we occupy a disconnected space apart from all else (that supposedly somehow makes us ‘better’) — I see the hand of the ego at play, wearing a shiny new hat. This is very different from a certain kind of Distancing which Spiritual Facilitators and Seekers are often called to, usually out of necessity. We’ll get to that difference in a little bit.

Many of us in the field are immediately placed on a pedestal by those whom we reach out to and help as we access spiritual information in ways that appear mysterious, and (hopefully) connected with a Sacred, Divine, Holy (use the term you prefer) source.

It’s not an attitude that I’m particularly fond of endorsing as it often leads to a hierarchical relationship. It is one thing to respect the wisdom of another, and it is another to place the responsibility of your spiritual evolution in their hands.

Whilst I respect the roles of guides, gurus and mentors, the current (emerging) energy paradigm we live in doesn’t quite resonate with the old idea of ‘Follow the Leader’. We are each called to find our own Truths, and make our own Paths – and in this paradigm – the archetype of the Messiah / Saviour no longer is found ‘out there’, but rather ‘within’. Let me give you an example:

Some time ago, someone thought I was setting myself up as a Messiah of some kind. I politely explained that I wasn’t a fan of the idea. People might enjoy my work, and that’s great – but it’s something they choose for themselves. If it resonates, great, if it doesn’t, great. At times we’ll journey together, and at other times, the paths diverge – and maybe we’ll see each other again, or not. It all depends on where you are as part of your journey, and what kind of teaching, guidance or facilitation you need at that time.

For me, leaving things open in that way facilitates the freedom of Spirit’s movement, evolution and honors the individual’s path of development and growth.

But what does all this have to do with detachment – and distancing? Quite a bit.

Those of us on this path, particularly those who facilitate, often find themselves seeking kindred souls who understand the solitude this work entails. At times we celebrate and share that silence, and at others, we take comfort in a simple nod of recognition. Sometimes we’re burnt out from picking up too much psychic stress, other times, it’s a simple need to be by the self so that we can more fully experience our connection with whatever Sacred Energy we work with. Either way, a natural distancing tends to happen over time, which is probably why we have the stereotype of the yogi sitting in seclusion on the mountain. (It’s not wrong, but not all yogis work that way – it’s still a stereotype that, like all stereotypes, has a grain of truth in it).

The beauty and paradox of it is — those of us who seek this Distance, (ideally) do so not to run away from it all, but rather to immerse ourselves deeper in this Collective Vibration. (At least, this is my view of it). We don’t run to our caves and mountains because humanity is too ‘messy, petty, or ugly’, we seek these spaces out in order to feel deeper into it – into Ourselves, and into the web of connection that is woven between us all. I feel that this distinction needs to be discussed a lot more, particularly in circles of facilitators.

At times the Distancing becomes too great, we forget the need to tune back into the person sitting right in front of us, seeking counsel – or simply seeking a human presence to speak with. Whilst there is the tendency to elevate the wisdom of guides, angels, light beings and facilitators (what we perceive as such), the simple truth and sanctity of the human connection is sometimes forgotten in the process. We become too busy trying to connect with what is ‘out there’ that we forget to look at who’s ‘right in front of us’. And when we go about the work we do with such imbalances, we may find the message we receive – and give – distorted. That, at the end of the day, serves None.

So how do we take the necessary space we need without forgetting the human element? That comes back to question of Detachment and what it means, in practice.

The best definition of detachment that I have found is this: “Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.” ~ Ali Ibn abi Talib

It doesn’t have to mean that you have to separate yourself from people, or the Wisdom that their Hearts carry. It doesn’t have to mean you sit in a cave and own nothing. It applies to the here and now, every waking moment. It applies even to our connection with religious and spiritual paradigms, and the connection we have with Guidance, and what have with those who come to us in search of something. And it’s that last bit which I hope we will collectively reflect upon more and more in times to come.

Many of us on the path are awakening to greater abilities now and deepening our connection with Source. Sadly, many others are falling in love with the mirrors cast by the ego and losing that connection (all part of the Saturn-in-Sagittarius energy). I see the Distancing-Detaching question to one of the key thresholds across which you determine your direction. Do you go deeper into truth, or delusion?

There’s a lot more that can be said on this, but I hope that this reflection inspires you a similar process of reflection.

Blessings to all,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

Image: 360-degree Panorama of the Southern Sky edit.jpg – By 360-degree_Panorama_of_the_Southern_Sky.jpg: ESO/H.H. Heyer derivative work: Maedin\talk (360-degree_Panorama_of_the_Southern_Sky.jpg) [CC BY 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons



Sometimes a Priestess finds herself in welcome company, and at other times she is the outcast, the ridiculed, the exiled, the heretic. Some people find the idea of a ‘Priestess’, ‘Goddess’ and the ‘Divine Feminine’ off-putting. Some minds open, and others close when they encounter these terms and the energies they represent.

Priestessing is an unusual vocation by today’s standards, and not everyone is going to get it or respect it, or need to. It’s not an easy road. It’s not particularly glamorous. It just is what it is.

God/dess knows it’s good to realize you’re not alone in the Journey. That there are others who feel just as you do. Who share the same faith, the same fears and who just ‘get it’.

Other priestesses have begun to reach out to me in response to my article called ‘Priestess is a Verb, Not a Title’ ( http://wp.me/p4OUNS-4c ). It moves me to see the time and effort that they have taken to write to me and narrate (in part) stories of their journeys. It is a good energy of ‘coming together’, of reunion in many ways – and it is what prompted this exercise of reflection you now read.

There are more of us than we realize, walking on kindred paths and paving a way forward for spiritual women to be seen as what they are, once more.

But what does all of this entail?

In other words – What makes a Priestess?

Walking on this path requires you on the one hand to completely commit yourself to something you consider sacred. On the other hand, you are constantly called to check-in with yourself, with that deep connection to Source/Spirit that moves you, with your development and how attached you are to a certain idea of Truth, a path, a practice, and so on.

On the one hand we act with utter faith, and on the other, we constantly feel into it deeper – allowing it to change, evolve and transform if need be.

At the very least, that is what I am called to do – and it keeps me from falling into stagnation and complacency – which is very different from a state of receptive stillness.

It makes the experience of Being a Priestess a very conscious one. Part of you is constantly attuned to this state of devotion and reflection on that path of devotion. It’s not a switch you can turn on or off, not a vocation that obeys the 9-5 schedule and has the weekends off. It’s 24/7.

The ‘reward’ (if you can call it that) you get by being a Priestess can’t really be measured in material terms. If the goal was to earn money, gain prestige and status, make friends, get your ego stroked / validated, etc. there are a lot of other, easier options that would give you that kind of ‘job satisfaction’.

Moreover, there are energetic and karmic consequences for Priestesses (and Spiritual Facilitators in general) who use their role primarily to fulfill their ego’s desires. That applies to us all, but more so for those who speak the language of Spirit.

Perhaps the real reward you get is the simple recognition that you are in fact, Honoring Yourself. A recognition, an acknowledgement that comes from within.

You express and embody that Sacred Truth that resonates with your Soul. And in so doing, you Honor the Divinity within you – which You are.

Perhaps you do that in a public role, perhaps it’s private – for your eyes only … either way – you’re just being you – that is a gift in itself.

Bear in mind that this is my take on The Path. Your understanding may be different, and that is perfectly fine. Stick to what resonates. Whilst I speak of Priestesses, know that I speak of an energetic archetype, not limited to a single gender.

Blessings as always,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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At 3:05 pm (GMT +8, Dec 29 2014), Pallas Athena conjuncted Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a powerful blending of the mind / intellect / strategic / analytical gifts that Pallas Athena (the Goddess Asteroid) brings, along with the authority, structure, and discipline represented by Saturn. It is an excellent time to look at the kinds of structures which govern your relationship to systems, activities and teachings through which you broaden your knowledge and experience of Self. Pallas Athena may help you find a key strategy, or simply give you the strength of conviction that you need to address this challenge. You may, for instance, find a way to speak to or address an older, authority figure who may teach or guide you in some form. You may realize you ARE that authority. You may figure out the steps you need to reach a certain level of achievement which you deem as successful. In the sign of Sagittarius, this relates to fields of life and experience such as foreign travel, higher education, academia, spiritual paradigms, belief systems, religious institutions, Gurus & Structured Guidance, and so on. Also an excellent time for those of you seeking to learn more about astrology (as it is ruled by Sagittarius) and its secrets. Whilst this process may play out as an internal process for some, for others it may be projected onto others you see as authority figures in these fields. Rather than a time for judgment and division, allow the Blessings of Pallas Athena to safely convey you to where you need to be.

As I told a friend today, “You Be Your Own Guide”. Listen to others when you require advice, get feedback from experts or those you consider an authority, but at the end of the day, remember that it is your Voice and Truth that whatever advice you receive needs to resonate with. Those of you who are working towards the archetype of the Spiritual Teacher/Guru/Philosopher may also realize your need to and capacity for greater self-assertion, conviction and faith in what you do. Remember that Sagittarius fans the flames of ‘I AM Consciousness’ in a more expanded sense than Aries or Leo – it seeks to understand the Self in relation to the wider Cosmos.

Saturn conjunct Pallas Athena in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. This indicates a classic clash between those who accept/reject the Guru/Guide system, and the relationship that one has with the concept of Formlessness as the central feature of a Spiritual Path. For more info on that you might want to read this:

At 9:29 pm (GMT + 8), a Grand Fire trine formed between Ceres in Sagittarius, the Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries and Juno Retrograde/Jupiter Retrograde in Leo. This only enhances the emphasis on Self Assertion, Expression and Definition that all three Fire Signs encourage us to find. Just bear in mind that the Self we’re talking about here is not the Ego-Self, but the one you find when you move past it. Call it the Flame of Spirit, if you like.

The Grand Fire Trine ends at 6:41 pm on the following day (Dec 30th, 2014).

All of this is taking place in the backdrop of two immensely powerful, intersecting Yods (Fingers of Fate), apexing at Juno Retrograde in Leo and Chiron in Pisces. The other components of this yod are Jupiter Retrograde, North Node and the entire Capricorn Stellium (Mercury, Venus, Sun, Pluto, Vesta). An intensely karmic backdrop to work through such key questions for spiritual facilitators and seekers!

Stay centered, and (as my dance teacher keeps telling me) – Remember to Breathe through it. If nothing else, take Baby Steps!

Last but not least, Ceres (The Goddess Asteroid of Nurture) is about to conjunct the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius. I will be offering discounted readings in honor of that conjunction. So stay tuned x

Blessings and Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: By Giovanni Dall’Orto. (Own work) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons