Whilst we’ve had some serious activity in the skies in the past 24 hours (Venus/Mars conjunct, trining Pallas Athena, The Great Attractor, The Moon, Vesta and Uranus – with the Sun opposed Neptune) — I feel that the dominant influence in the skies continues to be the Pisces Full (Super)Moon. The karmic floodgates were pretty much unleashed, washing through all beings and their individual states of consciousness. I refer you to my article from then for further astro-info – .

There’s a further clustering of bodies/placements which merits greater attention in astrology – The Super-Galactic Center, The North Node and Black Moon Lilith all around the 0-1 degrees of Libra.

I cannot emphasize how important this conjunction is as the Super-Galactic Center represents, arguably, the most powerful point in our current understanding of astrology. It’s ‘pull’ or influence is directly, tangibly felt as we dance a tango with the heart of the Cosmos – the Laniakea Supercluster, to be exact. With the North Node and Black Moon Lilith so close by, we’re going to be seeing a powerful focus of our energies, lessons, challenges and directions of spiritual growth and balance focused in the realm of partnerships, and specifically, how we integrate and acknowledge the archetype of the Dark Feminine.

I spoke on this topic earlier today and will provide you with the link when the interview will be aired.

So – spiritual release, karmic re-balancing and an intense, cosmic focus on the ways in which we relate to others, and the various parts of of ourselves in our daily lives — those are the themes currently highlighted in our lives.

And a word to the wise when addressing Black Moon Lilith’s needs and roles within Partnerships in Search of Balance – The Dark Goddess does not always require you to roar or leap into battle – she is also the Mistress of Detachment, and the Crone that peers through the veils of Maya.

She represents a far fuller spectrum of possibilites than is often associated with the Dark Goddess Archetype. I’ve written on this in a previous article on Understanding Kali-Ma, and you’re free to have a look if so inclined –

Much Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: Sepia Cosmos, Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015


Goddesses Kali..

The Dark Goddess… The Wild Woman… More and more of us are guided to these archetypes and energies, with each passing day. But what do they tell us about our Spiritual Paths in life? What do they actually mean in daily practice?

I’m going to do my best to answer this question through an exploration of Goddess Kali (arguably the most iconic Dark Mother/Primordial Wild Woman in this Age). We’ll be looking at the way She is described in scripture, how She is popularly represented and ways to embody Her energy in day-to-day life.

Goddess Kali is often shown with blood dripping from Her fangs, hair loose, mostly nude, standing with 8 arms (some which hold weapons, others which hold blessings) with one foot on Her consort (Lord Shiva’s) chest.

In certain Hindu traditions, She is kept outside of or at the margins of temples as Her energy is so fierce, raw and primordial. Similarly, keeping her statues or images in the home are frowned upon in some Hindu homes. Naming one’s daughters after Kali/Bhairavi (in that rawer form) is also taboo. (Thankfully my mum didn’t know what it meant in this sense when she named me!)

But now, with so much interest in Awakening the Power of the Divine Feminine, men and women are beginning to reclaim the ferocity of Kali-Ma, breaking through the taboos that surround Her.

Let’s face it. She’s a sight to behold! Badass, in fact.

Hence, the existence of a blonde-haired, blue skinned Kali-Barbie prototype, and celebrities like Heidi Klum dressing up as Kali for Halloween (not that I have a problem with the latter). And of course – the beautiful, powerful, iconic projection of Ma-Kali’s face unto the Empire State Building in New York!

In the heat of the hype surrounding this sexy, ferocious, primordial pre-Bhramanic deity from ancient India, I see many distortions and exclusions which render this Goddess a pale echo of Her true form, energy and significance.

‘I’ve got my Kali on’ … this picture fills me with ‘Kali energy’ …. I see Her invoked in daily conversation, and often exclusively to describe a state of ‘anger’ or ‘rage’, or even of intense dislike. Whilst rage is certainly one aspect of Her – it’s a very, very small slice of the picture.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad my favourite Goddess is dancing Her Tandava (Cosmic Dance) on the World’s Stage to a steadily growing global audience – I’m glad that people are beginning to see Her in their daily lives – but there’s just so much more to Her than the stereotype of ‘the Avenging Feminine’.

Which brings me back to my initial question – what do these archetypes really mean? And how do we weave them into our daily lives?

When we look at the Devi Mahatyam (an early Hindu text), for instance, we see an array of Das Mahavidya (Ten Mahavidyas, or Wisdom Goddesses) and each make up the whole that is Kali.

We’ve got Kali Herself, Tara (the Compassionate), Chinnamasta (the Epitome of Ego-Death and Surrender), Dhumavati (the Widowed Crone), Bhagalamukhi (She who Hypnotizes, Mesmerizes and Smites), Bhuvaneswari (the Cosmos Herself), Bhairavi (The Terrifying One, Destroyer of all Obstacles), Kamala (She who grants Prosperity), Matangi (She who is ‘Polluted’, Goddess of the Forests) and TripuraSundari (The Maiden who rules the Three Worlds).

There’s a lot more to each goddess – but this is just to give you an idea of the complexity of Kali – and the total spectrum of Divine Femininity that She represents. The Just Protector, The Compassionate Mother, The Detached Crone, The Beautiful Maiden, The Devoted Wife (as Parvati), and more besides – all rolled up into one Super-duper Celestial package (or more accurately, a Vibration of a particular state of Consciousness).

In other words – All this is Kali. And She is All. Some traditions even equate Her energy interchangeably with Lord Krishna. She’s pretty much … Infinity and Nothingness in a Female Form.

In other words, looking at the Totality of what She represents, there’s very little which isn’t Maha-Kali!

But what does that mean for those of us who seek to embody her Wildness? Her Power? Her Love? Her Presence?

Personally, I see it as a call to begin witnessing Her energy through every moment of our lives…

When we hold our children and nurture our families,
When we fight for justice and walk away alone, bleeding but with our heads held up high,
When we learn the secrets of Life, the Universe, and Ourselves,
When we make love,
When we are love,
When we simply breathe,
When we simply be

… Every time you look in the mirror, there She is … watch out for that cheeky wink and knowing smile…

Bringing ‘Kali Consciousness’ into daily life does not require a ritual, a ceremony, a mantra, a holy book or instrument of prayer – all it requires is You!

Live from your Heart, learn that things come and go – as do people.

Love as fiercely as you can knowing that tomorrow may wash away the hopes of today. And love anyway.

Be unafraid to reveal that Which You Are, for you cannot be contained. Just as She cannot be.

And as you stand and step into your own Power, in acceptance of its Totality – of Light, Shadow, Rage, Compassion, Joy, Sorrow – therein lies a precious gift.

Blessings to All as you embark on your Journey of Fierce Love, Non-Judgment and Transcendental Detachment …

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD :

Priestess, Astrologer, Motivational Speaker & Founder of The Dark Mother’s Children ; Honoring The Dark Mother: A Temple-Space


Note: I first wrote this article for my friend Morgan Potts and her Moonblush Blog in November 2014. It has been reprinted here with her permission.

Image: Goddesses – Kali Maa.jpg; By Chobist (Flickr: Goddesses – Kali Maa) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Text & Content © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2014. All rights reserved.

THE DARK GODDESS PREPARES TO FORGE HER LEGACY: Black Moon Lilith sextiles Saturn (28 Virgo – Scorpio, 10th August 2015).


Maha-Kali’s beautiful face projected onto the Empire State Tower in New York – a paradigm-breaking/defining moment now gone viral on the Internet. I can’t think of a better visual depiction that summarizes this exact Black Moon Lilith / Saturn sextile and what it means for us all.

Saturn represents the pinnacle of material manifestation, the power of ‘the establishment’, whereas Black Moon Lilith represents The Dark Goddess herself, albeit more so towards the Crone/Detached aspects of her being. In Scorpio, Saturn demonstrates to us what is true about our our relationship with power and how we discover our authenticity in that journey of discovery. Saturn then takes these energy and power of these realizations and, like a reservoir, stores and channels it a gradual way towards the fulfillment of longer-term goals. Linked with the energy of ‘building’, few things scream ‘establishment, authority, status’ as the iconic Empire State Building in New York City (and as one clever commentator noted, essentially She’s on a giant phallus, a.k.a Shiva Lingam).

In Virgo, Black Moon Lilith rises to the Path of Service irrespective of how she is projected upon (unintended pun 😉 – as a sexual harlot, as a mad-blood-thirsty-vampiric-heathen-daimon, as something unclean, impure, etc. Those of you familiar with the history of the Goddess and Priestess traditions and the ways in which they have been suppressed and re-written by mainstream readings of religion and spirituality will know exactly what I’m talking about. In the original context of the artistic projection of Kali-Ma, her image was used as part of an effort to raise awareness of the need to protect animals (which is Virgo-an in its desire to preserve and sustain the self and others through the material world).

Seeing the two come together in that powerful, visual image just .. captures this sextile’s energy of possibility in sheer perfection.

In our daily lives, we are inspired now to come forwards – in the public eye – and Serve in the ways we see fit, embodying Her Vibration. She, Maha-Kali, represents a spectrum of possibilities too vast to ever contain in any single archetype: The Fierce Warrior, The Nurturing Mother, The Tantric Lover, The Formless Feminine; The Widowed Crone; The Maiden of the Three Worlds — the list just goes on and on..

As we embody her without fear, and in absolute integrity, we set the foundation establishing a Path of Service that will stand the test of Time, and, if need be, challenge the dominant institutions, norms and structures that seek to project upon it differently. In some sense, this image is an inverse – for it is the Super-Structure (Capricorn) that The Dark Goddess is projected upon, not vice versa.

Also bear in mind that we’re already in a fairly heavy energetic climate, what with Jupiter’s impending transit into Virgo tomorrow, Saturn preparing to enter Sagittarius, multiple retrogrades ongoing & more. I’ll be covering that in later articles so stay tuned!

In the meantime, celebrate your love for The Dark Goddess within and don’t be afraid to Serve her as you see fit.

Those of you with bodies close to 28 Aries will experience this sextile as a powerful Yod (or Finger of Fate). As I looked to a complete list of known asteroids currently at this point, I couldn’t help but notice two: Discovery (9770) and Opportunity (39382).

I read this as a threefold cosmic, energetic promise:

(1) that more and more are going to awaken to the Archetype of the Dark Goddess and recognize her as an undeniably elemental, primordial, palpable presence – or archetype – within our lives

(2) that we will individually and collectively rediscover that which is Sacred about Her and those who walk with on their Paths of Service

(3) that we will come to realization of how we can and must integrate her wisdom if we are to live with integrity, authenticity and as part of human civilization that can stand the test of time. The message for which Ma was introduced – as a fierce warrior able to protect endangered species – is a clear beginning.

Is it any surprise that the project-makers, who made this beautiful, beautiful, message possible called it ‘Projecting-Change’ ?

I leave you with the words of Vera de Chalambert, expressing her heartfelt joy at the display:

“In a breathtaking heart-to-heart, Ma Kali took New York last night. The Divine Feminine, Maha Shakti, goddess of spiritual death, destruction and resurrection, rode the zeitgeist straight onto the face of the Empire State Building…

In an unprecedented and awe-inspiring public display of art by filmmaker Louie Psihoyos and his team, Projecting Change, projected onto the NYC skyline , was meant to spark awareness of massive wildlife extinction, and be a chilling call to conservation turning the Empire State Building, New York’s brightest and most recognizable symbol and capitalism’s earliest totem, into the worlds greatest canvas, as well as its most epic tombstone and oracle of the Dark Feminine”.

(Quote Source: )

Other Links:

An absolutely mesmerizing video of the display by artist Android Jones + another writeup:…

Image used: The Hindu Goddess Kali LACMA M.83.48 (1 of 9).jpg, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, public domain image via Wikimedia Commons

Text & Content unless otherwise noted © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.



Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

The Sky Priestess



The energy of the Dark Goddess has been building for some time now, like the low rumble of thunder gradually getting louder and louder before the full-blown storm eventually hits. With Jupiter’s transit through Leo, that energy has found expression through the many pathways and paradigms of mentoring, guidance and teaching that focus upon the Wisdom of the Womb Center (which we all have) and The Sacral Chakra.

A powerful, emergent wave of teachers, guides and seekers have begun to remind us of our innate, authentic, child-like, joy; of a life that is led as a celebration; of the flow of creative juices that precede great works and energies of manifestation and uninhibited expression. Much of this work necessarily involves the Rising Principle of the Assertive Feminine and overlaps with Her Dark Counterpart.

This powerful wave of energy and guidance is heading to a point of climax, with the exact trine between Jupiter (27 Leo) and The Galactic Center of the Milky Way (27 Sagittarius). The energy of the Feminine and Her Rise is woven into this powerful cosmic alignment by way of Eris-conjunct-Persephone (23 Leo) that trine the two, creating a Grand Fire Trine.

Whilst I’d originally planned to write this piece featuring the Jupiter/Gal. Center trine as its center-piece, I felt it necessary to situate this aspect within the larger context of the Rise of the Feminine and the Re-claiming of the Shadow. It cannot be isolated from this narrative, nor consigned to a footnote – for the rumble of the Dark Goddess, is no longer just a rumble, but a fully-fledged Storm…

So, what does this Grand Fire Trine encourage us to do or become?

Eris (23 Aries), The Dark Goddess, asks us to Roar in the Heat of Battle, to Rage against all that is an Inauthentic Expression of Self. She rejects the institutional and systemic suppression of the Feminine Principle, her Wrath Rising as She Asserts Her Right to Simply Be. We are called to rebel against patriarchal scripts that prevent the fullest expression of the feminine principle. For instance, the furore against Instagram’s banning of the #goddess hashtag comes to mind as a clear example (bear in mind that Uranus is also nearby in Aries, ruling electronic communication and social media platforms).

Persephone (23 Aries), daughter of Ceres and wife or co-regent of Pluto, asks us to look to Our Individual and Collective Descent into the Realm of the Underworld. Here, the Daughter of the Earth was once taken into the Shadow Realm by force, abducted and raped by Pluto. At first a captive, she then becomes a Queen. Persephone asks us to face all that we consider traumatic, taboo, unpleasant, mysterious, frightening – all the things we wish we didn’t have to deal with, only to discover their power magnified through the willful act of denial and suppression. What Persephone reveals is that our fears and monsters transform in the power of our fearless gaze and often become our allies, as we view them through the lens of compassion.

Some argue that Persephone had a greater agency over her seemingly-forced abduction and literal descent into the sub terra – even so – the narrative of descent, abuse/trauma/strife and re-emergence – remains intact, and is reminiscent of Goddess Inanna, Psyche, and so on.

Together, on the Battlefield of the Shadow-Realms, Eris and Persephone stand side by side, showing us the way to Reclaim our Power and to Stand in the Sacred Fires of the Self. As we take that traumatic, messy, cathartic, intense and powerful journey within, we discover a familiar face: The Dark Goddess – once proud Matriarch of the Earth, buried deep beneath layers and layers of patriarchal narrative and re-invention, vilification and denigration.

And Still, She Glows – Still, She Bleeds – Still, She Nurtures. From sparks, to embers, to fiery coals that burn through the storybooks, the scriptures, the shame… Droplets of sacred, scarlet red oozing through the black veil cast over all that is taboo, fringe, forbidden – and equally – over so much of the sacred, ancient, traditions of the Goddess.

The Shadow is being Re-claimed, Re-written with Sacred Blood long forgotten.

And to this inferno, this raging fire of Awakening and Radical Self-Acceptance, we see, connected by way of trines, a Triangle of Flame lit by Jupiter (27 Leo) and the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), to which we now turn.

Jupiter awakens us all to the Path we need to take, that we may find the most expansive understanding of who we are with respect to the rest of Creation. In this context, guidance appears as flames, beacons, lit through the Underworld, a trail reaching from the Belly of the Earth to the Dark Womb of the Galaxy.

Direction and Guidance appears through guides, mentors, astrologers, spiritual teachers, priest/esses and others recognized as Wisdom-Speakers. In Leo, the focus lies upon these lessons upon the Sacral and Heart Chakra, the tender connection between sensuality, romance, passion, joy, creativity and children. We are called to speak our truth, create our worlds and celebrate our authenticity with the playful, tender, fearless and naturally graceful expression of the Lion-Child.

It is a natural connection for those who work with the Rising Feminine to make. Women in particular, bear within their wombs, the memory of repression – and with it a rage that convention forbids them to articulate. Much of the expression that comes through now will channel this deep-seated Rage – which is wonderful as a first step of validation, but will later be followed by compassion-forgiveness-acceptance-release-integration. It is vital to remember that this expression facilitates the clearing of the Sacral, but that we need not be defined by or overly attached to the emotions that come through – for they too undergo an alchemical change of state.

Jupiter amplifies the need to Rise, Assert, Rebel and Unapologetically Be – as taught to us by Eris. It shines the light upon the lessons of the Underworld – the deep subconscious, our experiences of trauma, shame, regret, guilt, deep rage, and so on – that we may begin the alchemy-qua-Persephone: The transmutation of the ‘negative’ or ‘painful’ Shadow into an acceptance and embodiment of its Sacred, Regal, and Primordial Power.

But what of the Galactic Center of the Milky Way – what I like to call the Dark Womb of our Galaxy – with its Super-massive Black Hole?

The Dark Womb of our Galaxy calls to us with a pulse –  a rhythmic beating that continually seeks to expand our vision, imagination and understanding of the Self and our place within the Wider Cosmos. In Sagittarius, its energies mirror that of Jupiter, which it is trined. Information can be ‘downloaded’ or accessed through mentors and guides (both living and departed) – this includes spiritually evolved beings such as Saints, Bodhisattvas, and the like –  but also through focused meditation where appropriate.

What the Galactic Center will whisper to you individually I cannot say, only that it will ask you to look at your self and life in terms of the larger, grander perspective. Know that you fit into an incredible, intricately woven tapestry of consciousness and energy that connects you with the rest of Creation.

This expanded perspective will fan the Fires of the Self, reveal the full import of the wisdom of the Goddess-in-Exile, and will situate that reawakening in the fullest expression of your authentic, creative, tender, vulnerable, sensual, playful and beautiful self. But make no mistake – it’s not going to be easy. It might be engaging, life-transforming, invigorating, rejuvenating, but no, not easy.

Many possibilities for expansion will be revealed, and much of that requires a release of older forms of knowledge, belief-systems and paradigms that we – for better or worse – have become comfortable with. Finding your Path may be what you’ve been yearning to know for so long, but seeing it in person may in fact, be terrifying.

The Dark Goddess, in all Her compassion and beauty, is an exacting, sometimes terrifying, teacher (comes with the territory). Her lessons, guidance and requirements may stand in stark contrast to the life you expected to be living. And for many, releasing what is known and surrendering to the scarlet-black Unknown can be as painful as walking on hot coals. How you experience Her Guidance depends upon you, your Path and your approach to spiritual evolution.

For those of you who ready and willing to Heed the Call, in whatever form it takes for you – enjoy the wild, wild ride back into her Womb, and out again – Goddess knows where – not knowing is a part of the fun 😉

In short – It’s a wonderful time to be alive as we witness and experience an intense, pulsating alignment of energy that brings together the Dark Goddess, The Spiritual Path and Dark Womb of the Galaxy in a Sacred Dance of Fire, Shadow and Spirit.

The exact Jupiter-Galactic Center trine (27 ‘4 ”27 Leo – Sagittarius) takes place at 16:54 pm (UTC time) on 28.7.2015.

Blessings To All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: Khadgayogini LACMA M.85.293.1.jpg, public domain via Wikimedia Commons
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My fiancée was sharing my interview on Priestessing, Politics and the Indian Parliament with his colleagues in India yesterday. Suddenly, he realized that some (if not all of them) might see me as delusional, a madwoman or a fake would-be guru (or a combination thereof).

Part of me felt sad, and the other part smiled (I’ll explain why).

For you see – despite being the land of a million goddesses, and the origins of some of the greatest spiritual philosophies in the world, Indian culture at the day-to-day level is strangely disconnected from these ideals – either through a focus upon the ritual form (and not necessarily the spiritual), or through the cynical, hardened eyes of rationalism. There are of course, exceptions, but that tends to be a fair generalization.

Despite Indian philosophical-scriptural exposition on ideas such as – the sanctity of woman and the Feminine Principle, or the idea that we walk as Divine Beings, often unaware of our spiritual inheritance – these are ideas that are disconnected from everyday culture there. Yet such principles are put forward as emblems of Indian heritage and culture, particularly when idealized and interpreted through different cultural perspectives.

Whilst I get the basis for such a reaction to my work and presence, I honestly do not see it as my problem. I thought about what I would feel if someone levied those views to my face – and the answer was — well.. not very much at all..

The baggage, the judgment, the condescension – that’s an issue with the one choosing to perceive my path in a certain way. And remember – perceptions (mine/yours/our) are never accurate reflections of reality (whatever that is).

And I’ve experienced that in mild – and – extreme ways during my pilgrimages in India and Nepal. Even when viewed with suspicion, distrust, ridicule, and at times being bullied by the people there – I have always found that the temples themselves have welcomed me in ways that seem miraculous to others, especially by those who live there.

Despite the harsh challenges, I’ve never allowed that to stop me doing what I’m doing. It’s certainly not a pleasurable experience or one that I consider myself some great martyr for enduring. I see it as part of the work that needs to be done to transmute a particularly rigid manifestation of societal consciousness (the super-ego construct). Just gotta keep on walking.

It’s a choice I made, that I rarely even think about it, in all honesty.

The sadness I do feel about it – and that too seems to be going – is when I consider the extent of spiritual disconnection between the people, the land and its spiritual essence. Just about every saint I adore in the Indian context (and other parts of the world) has been seen as mad, delusional, or fraudulent. And they are better appreciated posthumously, long after their death when society gradually begins to catch up with the vibration these powerful spiritual-in-flesh-vessels bore.

And here’s where the smile comes in, as soon as I thought that through and wrote a reply to my fiancée, I saw this on FB (It’s about a saint I love, whose path comes closest to the way I walk with Kali-Ma – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa):


“People of his times labeled Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as a madman. With their limited mind and prejudices, some creatures thought they had a license to judge him. The Paramahamsa was indeed mad but mad for and of the love of Divinity. He was committed to Mata Kali, the All-embracing Mother. He reached the state of perfection in the bhakti path not because of this belief or that faith. Even parrots have faith in their wings, fly wherever they believe seeds and nuts can be found. We wish we had one infinitesimal part of the Parmahamsa’s bhakti. Perfection comes through unconditional love and disinterested performance of action. If you are expecting anything – name and glory, badge and status from your karma, go join the boy-scouts or the marines for now but seek Grace at the earliest convenience. Jai Mata Kali.” ~ Yogi Ananda Saraswathi

**Now if that’s not a sign that the Universe has my back.. I really don’t know what is.

Chin up, eyes forward… and away we go!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

PS – The interview in question that started all this! 🙂



Recently, someone asked me what I meant by ‘Formlessness’ – It’s come up a lot in my ongoing pilgrimage.

I understand the Path of Formlessness as something that detaches from a particular fixation upon form. It does not negate the fact that spirit can move and work through matter, but that it can and does constantly shift its form of expression. Spiritual energy, Divinity, our connection with some sense of Cosmic Consciousness does not have to be held down and exclusively confined to material objects, ideas and practices – be it a statue, temple, ritual, religion, ideology or spiritual world-view.

Formlessness in other words, honors the various material expressions of Divinity but does not see the need to confine itself to one in particular. One can find the sacred in a blade of grass, a lone puppy wandering without food on the street, the smile of a friend, the glorious statue of a Goddess, an ancient temple, your reflection in the mirror – and more (or nothing at All).

I would however draw the line at claiming that material forms are somehow … lesser or impure. They are channels of expression, the canvas through which we see the movement of spirit. – in the same way that you can see the movement of the wind across the lake by observing changes at the water’s surface, or the presence of force by the changes it can exert on objects.

And that is where – for me – The Dark Goddess comes in. She teaches me to honor Her, and all Things in All Forms, and to detach from my preconceptions of what an expression or experience of Divinity must look and feel like. And at the end of the day, I know that that construct too will one day give rise to a perspective that transcends even that.

As She takes me through the different levels of consciousness, she ensures that I arrive at – time and again – in the space of Compassionate Detachment. Where I find Her, so too do I find the Compassionate Masculine.

When someone asks me what my spiritual path is — this is the answer I give them – I am a Daughter, Priestess and Embodiment of the Dark Goddess, on the Path of Formlessness. (And at some point, even that answer will dissolve).

Now, some people find the idea that they-you-we-me-everyone ’embodies divinity’ as problematic. Part of that comes from the elevated status that we ritually ascribe to The Sacred. But by going on the Path that allows you to realize your inner Divinity, you often lose any interest in any kind of pomp, ceremony, title, validation or any kind of special treatment for realizing it. You might still need some ritual forms and understandings to express your sacred energy, but there is … a detachment to that expression.

In other words – We are all expressions of Divine Energy. And when one begins to realize that at a deeper level, any idea of ‘grandeur’, or superiority on account of that Divinity flies out the window.

This reminds me of a line from one of my favourite films (Baba, 2002) where a disillusioned seeker meets Mahavatar Babaji – a great spiritual presence who is said to remain eternally young in the Himalayas – and asks him –

Are you God?

Mahaavatar replies. I am God. You are God. All things are God. The only difference between you and I is that I have realized that, whilst you haven’t.

This is the lesson that my pilgrimage has been.. teaching me at a cellular level. I’ve been visiting my favourite temples, and finding myself disillusioned with the physical trappings.. It’s a good kind of disillusionment. I’m still going to keep going with the pilgrimage, but it feels that the purpose has shifted.

Believe me when I say I’ve felt this overwhelming urge to simply give up all of that (the title, the path, the constructions, the explanations, the words) and sit somewhere and just be. I still have certain responsibilities and duties that I chose to fulfill, though I await the time where that complete surrender can happen.

It’s one thing to read about how we are all Divine and understand the philosophy behind it – and I assure you, it’s a very different thing when you begin to feel that in every fiber of your being. In some sense you crave disembodiment, what the ancients called ‘Jeeva Samadhi’, where the Soul returns back to the Elements and is at One. It remains alive in some form, but without the physical body to house that consciousness.

It’s a very different idea than dying, suicide, or anything of that sort. Attaining that state requires great discipline, unconditional love and absolute surrender – Of Everything. Even the Ego that would like to believe that you’re doing that already.

Being in the land of my ancestors, Tamil Nadu, I find myself less and less fixated upon defining myself in terms of any identity. Be it a national, ethnic, religious, spiritual, gendered, or in fact – any identity.

The interesting thing is that it doesn’t feel like I’m having an identity crisis, but am stripping away the various attachments I had to certain ideas, and a more … eternal sense of Self is beginning to show itself.

As the Soul begins to remember its origins, such definitions generally dissolve. For we have all cycled through various lifetimes of being men, women, different genders, of living in various cultures, of learning so much that it seems pointless to have a definition of the Self confined to the present lifetime.

At least that is where my journey is taking me. I expected to learn and feel something completely different on this trip, but I’m glad I’m being guided in the way that I am.

At some point, the external search simply comes to a halt.

Gattam Gattam; Mudinjithu Mudinjipotchi (What is done, is done – In Sanskrit and Tamil)

And one finds, that at the end of the day, you and your Beloved, you and your sense of Divinity have always been One and the Same.

And the next chapter begins.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

I will be speaking more about my experiences on this pilgrimage at 4 pm Tuesday (Central US/Chicago Time) on The Dark Mother’s Children. Tune in if you’d like to find out more –

Image: Bairavee with Bhairavi at Thanjavur Art Musuem (13/4) & Text and Linked Content © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.


Sacred Womb 2

In Part 1 (, we discussed the astrology of the Eclipse – now we discuss its symbolism. What does it mean for us all?

For me, this Eclipse strongly speaks to the need to reclaim certain archetypes that have been heavily projected upon as ‘Bad’, ‘Evil’, ‘Negative’, when in fact, they can be deeply Sacred. I’m speaking of course, of the Rise of the Feminine as an equal and necessary aspect of the Spectrum of Energies that makes up ‘Divinity’. There are sound astrological and symbolic reasons for linking this phenomena with the energetic re-claiming that I speak of, so keep reading 🙂

This particular eclipse is a Blood Moon. It appears red due to the refraction of the Sun’s light as it streams, and is refracted by, its interaction with the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere – the resulting red rays are projected onto the Moon – which we then see as the ‘blood-red’ colour. So, at first, a very literal physical distortion and projection of colour onto a neutral object.

The second level or layer or projection is symbolic: It comes with the association of the ‘Redness’ of the Moon with something Apocalyptic, Dangerous, and so on. Now, as a woman and a Priestess on the Path of Formlessness (as taught to me by the Dark Mother) – I see Redness something very, very different.

I see Redness and I think of Life, Sex, Passion, Vitality and the Cycles of Menstruation. I see it as proof of my body’s ability to Bear Life, and its attunement with the cycles of Nature. I see it as a bond I share with all women, from time immemorial to the present, and (hopefully) the future. I see it as a potent Elixir, one that bears within it many secrets of Rejuvenation (as science is beginning to show as well).

And yet, when I consider the ways it has been projected upon —

I see the Sacred Red Streak, the same Scarlet Shade that has been projected upon as being Shameful, Dirty, Toxic and Unfit to be placed in the eyes of the Divine. I see it as the Strength of Woman turned against her into a source of crippling Shame.

I think of the woman who is denied the role of the priestess, or even entry to the Sacred Temple, as Her Blood as she cannot face the Divine with her Impure Blood
I think of the maidens who are kept apart from their families at this time, sometimes told that their blood will soil even the food that they touch.

I think of the crone who regrets for the many years she was told to hide away and pretend that her body did not bleed in preparation of life.

And so, I see this time as a powerful opportunity to Reclaim Redness, to wash away the shame associated with Menstruation and – more broadly – with a woman’s ability to connect with the Divine.

There are of course other connotations of Blood – The Shakta Tradition shows the Sacrifice of Goddess Chinnamasta, The Christian Tradition associates this with the Passion of the Christ (and, well, we’re close to Easter Sunday). The rhetoric of nationalism calls to honor the blood spilt of the soldier in battle. Some of these associations are tender, and others are deeply problematic.

When we think of the way that the blood spilt from the menstrual cycle is something kept outside the categories of ‘the sacred’ or ‘the honorable’ … well … that tells you a lot. Why is blood spilt in Death any less sacred than that which emerges to precede and prepare for Life?

Spiritualists will also note the connection of Blood-Redness with the Base Chakra and all that it represents. Our vitality, our connection with Physical Reality, our link with our ‘Tribe’ (to quite Caroline Myss) – as expressed through the Base Chakra energy center (lower back to coccyx/base of the spine). It’s a time wherein we are called to recognize that our material, physical, ‘basic’ needs are just as valid and as important as loftier spiritual ideas and non-physical energetic work.

Earth rituals will be particularly potent at this time – so it’s a great time to honor that Sacred Connection we all share, life supported by the spinning fires of Mama-Gaia – particularly those that involve sacred blood, as it was so in ancient times.

I find this nexus between Sacred Blood-Women-Spirituality-The Earth-The Womb be the the symbolic and archetypal heart of this Eclipse and the kinds of transformations it brings about in us all.

And the astrology supports that interpretation.

In a direct sense, this Libra Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon is culminating the seeds of intention we placed during the Libra New Moon last year: September 24, 2014. The big highlight of that lunation was the Sun/Moon conjunction with the Super-Galactic Center (a supermassive black hole at the heart of the Laniakea supercluster the Milky Way is a part of), along with a Novile to Black Moon Lilith in Leo.

Anything that touches the SGC point links back to this .. profoundly powerful Source-Connection we have with the Universe. The ripples and waves made of this conjunction spread far and wide, in ways that we (using the rational or intellectual mind) cannot begin to fathom.

The Novile to BM Lilith indicated that it was a time to begin to address our relationship with the Shadow of the Feminine, and the ways in which Her Creativity, Sexuality, Sacred Womb and Playfulness have been heavily projected upon and/or suppressed. We will see the full culmination of those seeds during the September Full Moon of 2023.

And yet, we already begin to see the ways that this .. movement towards Balance and an acknowledgement and Healing of the Shadow-Feminine is taking place. It is little wonder that my 2nd radio show, called ‘The Dark Mother’s Children’ suddenly scheduled to air in the shadow build-up period of this Eclipse. I’d urge you to tune into it if this subject speaks to your Soul. Link Here:

I’ve also been seeing so many others begin to step into the idea that the archetype of Darkness is not all that we have led to believe it to be (i.e. Evil, Negative, and so on). It’s a wonderful, wonderful, thing to witness!

Moreover .. Black Moon Lilith is – right now – making a powerful inconjunct to the Sun! This is a particularly disquieting aspect that demand the Light of Consciousness/Awareness from the Self to be turned to the Dark Mother (Black Moon Lilith) in the Sign of the Priestess (Virgo). In short, our awareness is being pushed to those uncomfortable, denied, neglected and heavily projected upon energies of the Dark Priestess Herself! Those with placements near 14 Scorpio or Aquarius will experience a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate) that will lead you to a key decision point in the ways in which you relate to the Dark aspects of the Sacred Feminine.

Lilith herself represents a neat bridge between the astrology and symbolism of the Blood Moon – with the Reclaiming of the Red, Dark, Bloody Feminine.

We’ve seen too often in human history where the woman who would not submit (think Lilith in the Judeo-Christian tradition) was projected upon as a Whore, Witch, Nightly Terror, a Threat to Man after she left Adam, refusing to serve and submit to him.

It’s a powerful strategy of suppression and silencing found all across the globe, leveled against (particularly) women who seek to find their own paths and honor the deep magic within themselves.

This also relates to the rejection of women’s bodies and the spiritual path of Gnosis that arises through a very specific relationship between the moon, the womb, menstrual cycles and other biological-spiritual connections specific to women.

In some sense, the rise of Woman and her link with the Mysteries can be seen as a direct challenge to some of the dogma that organized forms of religion preach. The idea of a Goddess, and a very earthy, bleedy, tender and beautifully messy representation of deity stands in contrast to idea of ‘God’.

Which brings me to the question of the Blood Moon Tetrad and its link with the Apocalypse.

This Lunar Eclipse is the 3rd in a sequence of of 4 Blood Moons (total lunar eclipses), one after the other with a 6 month interval between each. It’s a fairly rare occurrence. Here’s the sequence – April 15, 2014; October 8 2014, April 4 2015 and September 28 2015.

Some followers of Judaism and Christianity believe that this is the sign of the Apocalypse – and others see it simply as indicating a great moment in the history of this planet, especially as some of them coincide with important Jewish holidays. I can’t help but notice how close we are to Easter Sunday as well.

But does it mean the end of the world? Yes, but not in the way one assumes it to be.

In a very real sense, the world has been ‘ending’ since 2012 — and many are already beginning to do the work of rebuilding the new. Some are still sitting in that silent space, awaiting rebirth in that liminal space between death and life. And so much of that process was tied in with the square between Uranus in Aries (Transformation of the Evolution) square Pluto in Capricorn (Crisis-Transformation of Legacy).

Such cycles of birth, death and rebirth take place in all of our lives, without necessarily requiring a physical loss of life. A cycle which women are intimately in tune with, through their blood mysteries – wisdom that is now being remembered, and brought back into the collective consciousness.

What about the Apocalypse? I’m quoting from Wikipedia here – An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning “uncovering”), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden

Given the role of Black Moon Lilith in the Libra New Moon and Full Moon, the projections upon the Blood-Red Moon, and the sheer disruption that the rise of the Feminine and her Mysteries can bring to our mainstream understanding of religion ….  well.. .

I’d say the ‘revelation’, or ‘lifting of the veil’ this Apocalypse brings

will be nothing short of a complete transformation of our belief systems

As She, The Dark Mother, The Dark Feminine, The Dark Priestess

The Sacred Feminine Path, The Holy Black-Red Womb … Returns.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Link to The Dark Mother’s Children where I speak more on this subject – (The Archetypes of Womb, Mother, Darkness, Feminine Energy, and how they all intersect – and the practices and ideas that seek to cast them as somehow ‘negative’ or ‘taboo’)

Recommended Books:
Anatomy of Spirit, Caroline Myss
Red, Hot and Holy, Sera Beak

Source: Wikipedia – for etymology of ‘Apocalypse’ (originally read in Red, Hot and Holy – the idea of linking the Apocalypse to the Unveiling of the Feminine came from there)
Astrological connections – My own

© Text and Image: Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015

BURNT TO ASH – What Next?


We’re staring at the Big Void in ourselves, an aftermath of the colossal release precipitated by the Uranus/Pluto final square. Much that was no longer required was let go of, the garbage atop pure the black, soil of the Soul’s foundations finally discarded and laid bare.

We then set the seeds of a new beginning in the cleansed spaces of our being with the Total Solar Eclipse, and then the Equinox.

We celebrated that release of the old and seeding of the new with the fire, heat, passion and the intensity of pure transformation. The energies building now couldn’t be more of a contrast. At first we Danced with the Sun and its Fires, and now – we are called to Sit with the Dark Mysteries of the Moon.

There is a definite sense of emptiness – hollowness (and not in a bad way), some might call it a release, freedom, or going back to Nothingness. We’re looking at the Void where once a part of us resided. We begin to see the foundations, the soil we have cleared through years of intense transformation.

In so doing, many of us are actually beginning to see ourselves for the first time, in a long, long, time. Some of us need the time to grieve, to acknowledge, to process, to fully realize the impact of such release.

It feels silent, dark, and still. A place of rest and nurture as we honor the passage of what was, as we make space for what will be – as the seeds we planted, deep beneath the soil, mature in their own time.

I suspect it is a feeling that some of us quickly tuned into, whilst others will feel this way more so as we approach the Lunar Eclipse.

I was searching for the right metaphor to describe this experience when my friend Archana tagged me in a post of hers speaking of the Phoenix and its cycles. Talk about synchronicity, and thank you, my friend. Here’s how I see the metaphor fitting in with current energies:

We blossomed in the fires of the Phoenix and saw our own beauty, strength and purity till it reached an epic crescendo of light, colour and flame, building since the start of the Uranus-Pluto cycle in 2012. We glowed deeply and burnt fiercely at the Heart of the Self, with so much purity and love that our old ways and forms of being had to give way. What a celebration! What intensity and activity! What power and beauty!

And in an flash of lightning and fire, The Phoenix was gone.

All that remained was Ash.

And a seed, an egg of a new Self, a new Cycle buried under the layers of grey sediment.

We now rest. We observe. We wait in the liminal space between death and rebirth.

We enter the realm of the Dark Goddess and her counsel, as she pulls us into her Veil of Mystery. Many have already begun to feel her Call as she prepares us for the Lunar Eclipse of April 4/5, 2015.

Rest now, my friends – for there is work to be done 🙂

Many Blessings and Much Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ; The Dark Mother’s Children

P. S. – The Lunar Eclipse in Libra is strongly connected to the energies of Black Moon Lilith at this time (astro-info on that here )

Text & Image ‘Burnt to Ash – What Next?’ © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015

PREPARING FOR THE LUNAR ECLIPSE: The Messenger seeks Balance with the Dark Priestess ( Mercury opposes Black Moon Lilith at 12 Pisces-Virgo )


Black Moon Lilith is a powerful embodiment of the Dark Goddess energy, more so in its Crone element. She, is that aspect of ourselves which we associate with our deepest passions, desires, and core sense of being – seen as ‘Black’, taboo, occult, forbidden, undesirable or off-limits, particularly for ‘respectable’ , ‘proper’ or ‘well-behaved’ men and women.

Who is Lilith?

In mythology and scripture – Lilith was the first woman created in the Judeo-Christian world, preceding Eve. She would not submit to Adam, instead choosing to live by her own will and independence. And the consequence? She was transformed and remembered as a demon, a witch, and a killer of children.An early, strong, female figure using her voice and her consent re-cast as an object of fear, cloaked in a (once Sacred) Veil of Shadow. In some sense, strong women who say no and live by their own rules still get the same kind of treatment. There are other origin narratives to Lilith, of course.

She often gets a terrible reputation in astrology as well, and one which I feel is rather unfounded – based on observation – and by having Her grace my Ascendant.

Thankfully talks about the Three Liliths – Black Moon, Asteroid Lilith and Dark Moon Lilith – in respectful, beautiful and balanced ways. Thank Goddess! Just so you know – Black Moon Lilith is also known as the Mean Apogee and she is what we call a ‘Hypothetical Point’ in Astrology – though her influence is very, very, real. )

In some sense, the usual astrological take on her (and her mythological vilification) represents the greatest challenge with working with her energy: Projection.

What does She teach us?

The challenge of Black Moon Lilith is to feel the fear, do it anyway, and realize that someone is probably going to write a particularly unpleasant script on what you’re doing, how and why. That script is probably going to be loaded with gendered assumptions and notions of what a ‘good’ expression of feminine energy is like. Her influence is felt in all beings – not just those who identify as women. Men seeking to find their Shadow Feminine have a similar issue with being projected against – potentially for not being ‘manly’ enough.

Not all that Black Moon Lilith wants to do may be nice, or right, or even good – as quite a lot her Shadow is tinged with pain, anger, and the bitter elixir of resentment. It’ll take discernment to know what she truly inspires you to do, and that which she/you/she-in-you is simply reacting against. Thousands of years of suppression … it’s taken its toll on the collective.

So, what does Black Moon Lilith do in Virgo?

Virgo refers to our Paths of Service towards others, and the way in which we build material structures, vessels and provisions that can support our Spiritual Work – as we nurture ourselves and others. In Virgo, Black Moon Lilith gives rise to the archetype of the Dark Priestess within us all. Here we are called to serve in the Shadow, in the Dark, in all that has been so heavily projected upon as messy, yucky, shameful, fearful, nonspiritual, mundane, unenlightened, nasty, evil, sub-human, servile, unimportant, dis-empowered, and so on. The key phrase here is ‘projected upon’ – whether what you’re working with is any of these things is something you’ll have to find out for yourselves.

But I’m not surprised in the slightest to see so many writings now about and re-claiming the archetype of Dark/Shadow as something which is actually tremendously sacred … Many are remembering the archetype of the Dark-Worker or Dark Priest/ess who deals with the Shadow Archetypes of the Underworld to bring deep Healing and Nurture for many. It’s amazing how so many have woken up to this awareness, within months – with so many others who have been on this path for so long, now boldly declaring it to be so.

It’s a powerfully validating time for so many whose Paths of Service have been so badly misunderstood – such as Witches, Wiccans and Pagans, Shamans and Shamankas – those who work with the magic of Africa, South America, India (and other ancient cultures as well). The collective is now beginning to see the Shadow and the Dark as things to honor, embrace and heal (and not just to transcend, turn the light on and banish …)

I’m waiting to see how the psychopomps of the Underworld – the Serpent and the Crow and others – will be seen, in just a few months more 🙂 Such an exciting, and rapid evolution of collective perspectives! Black Moon Lilith leaves Virgo on August 25/26, 2015. And another chapter of Her Energy and lessons will begin to reveal itself ❤ ❤ ❤ !

So .. what’s the deal with Mercury here?

Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, is in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) and is in loose conjunction with both Neptune and Chiron. The Messenger is now swimming in the Cosmic Ocean, bringing us messages from the depths of our subconscious, in waters that merge with the Collective Unconscious. Here we see information coming through dreams, meditations, spiritual experiences, and so on. Some of the messages here can be rather blurred, as Neptune is the master of illusion, both the beautiful types that can keep you enthralled, and the painful types that can keep you trapped in a delusion of your own making.

Whilst we’re all receiving so much psychic and spiritual information in different ways – know that – Not all that Glitters is Gold, and not all that Slithers is Evil. There is a great need for fine-tuning your cosmic and spiritual antenna at this time, and to not choose to lose the self in the Unreal.

Neptune/Pisces grants us a vision of the world behind the Veil, however we choose to define it – be it the boundary between worlds, or the Veil of Maya that envelops all of what we call ‘reality’. But we only find this vision when we detach from the ego that seeks to perceive what it wants, sometimes what it fears in distorted form.

And what happens in this opposition?

When the Messenger opposes the Dark Priestess – a Bridge is created between the material and energetic expressions of the Spiritual Path and the Service it entails. You can see how this clash plays out, I’d imagine. A mind that is set on perceiving Spirit in a certain way may see the Dark Priestess and immediately project upon Her. It may idealize the Dark and forget the need to investigate. It may shun it, rejecting all that it represents and the Feminine that seeks to Rise through it as well. Neither extreme helps, at the end of the day.

The exact opposition takes place at 12 Pisces ’35 Pisces – Virgo, 4:25 am (GMT / UTC time) on March 21st, 2015. What an Equinox!

So .. what do we do with it? What does it teach us?

In day-to-day terms, the best thing for spiritualists and other energy-workers to do is to remember the principle of Balance. Veering off to either extreme helps no one, nor does charging into something new without discernment. Do not attach strong emotions or thoughts to psychic or spiritual impressions that appear now. Let them be as they are – observe first, rather than react.

Fearing the Shadow Feminine or seeking to avoid Her at this time won’t be possible… If you do feel a strong impulse to act on something, center yourself first and do a gut-check, or get guidance from a trusted facilitator. Some of these revelations will be painful, some of them will require you to look at the parts of yourself that you fear, or have avoiding addressing.

Those of you who do not have an issue with the Light/Dark Balance (remembering that neither is necessarily Good/Bad, just different) – may actually find this energy as one that can help you breakthrough to a new level of spiritual depth, maturity and understanding. Much of the Rising Feminine energy is going through levels of awakening, rage (at thousands of years of suppression), the blame/shame game, before it comes to the realization that the Dark Mother is actually pretty detached and compassionate. She’s not raging all the time, She’s not chopping off heads as a first resort. She goes beyond the archetype of anger and righteous vengeance, but it takes time to release the self from latching onto the old dynamic that makes that response necessary for a time in the awakening process.

Mercury, as the Messenger, can bring you ancient insights from the depths of your Soul. You might breakthrough into new levels of understanding about the various cycles that have occurred on this planet – the men-opposing-women cycle, being the one most recent in memory. I, and other awakening/remembering Priestesses have known different times where the dynamic was completely different. So when you look it from those eyes, holding onto the anger that masks the hurt of the Shadow doesn’t quite make sense any longer.

At the Soul level, to put it another way – we’ve all swapped around roles in the abuser/victim cycle. We’ve all been jerks. We’ve all been oppressed. Such are the karmic lessons that the Soul experiences through subsequent lifetimes before it breaks out of that cycle. Current alignments suggest such a breakthrough is possible for many within the collective at this time. It is a matter of choosing to do so, at the deepest level possible.

In no way does this view take away culpability or the need to make amends for or systemically question and address wrongdoing, abuse, persecution, ridicule, etc. It simply means that we can release the resentment and anger surrounding it, and in so doing, begin to heal ourselves and the collective. More solutions can then be envisioned once we break out of that cycle and the re-cycling of roles.

Thankfully – Developing that level of detachment, compassion and the ability to see things are they work through the cycles of time is what Pisces – and its current Messenger – Mercury, can teach us at this time.

Why is this information particularly significant now?

This alignment is woven into the Double Yod that I wrote to you about, as part of my larger Equinox/Eclipse piece. So it is in a very charged alignment, along with Jupiter Retrograde, Pluto and the North Node ( ) .

It is even more important now because Eris – the Dark Goddess – will be conjuncted by Mars – The God of War – in Aries tomorrow (21 March – what an Equinox! – 14:32 pm, GMT/UTC at 22 Aries ’29). A lot of Fire, Heat and Will surrounding the Wounds of the Excluded Feminine and her relegation to Shadow (in fact, the degrading of the Shadow in popular projection) is going to be acted upon. Black Moon Lilith is going to be activated again as part of a Black Earth Trine with Pluto and the Taurus Moon on the 23/24th (have talked about that in the Equinox / Eclipse link). So consider this a chance to prep for that! 😀

On top of all that, we’re going to be reaping the seeds set during the Libra New Moon (Sep 24, 2014) during the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. Black Moon Lilith played a major role in this alignment, beginning a 23-Year Cycle to Facilitate the Rise of the (Balanced) Dark Goddess ( ). The Full Moon in Libra/Lunar Eclipse will take place on April 4/5, 2015 with Uranus, Pluto and the Nodes playing a MAJOR role in the proceedings. Many of the seeds we set with the Dark Feminine six months ago will begin to bear fruit at this time. That is why her energies have been calling out so strongly, amidst the celebration of the Solar Eclipse and Equinox.

I hope this information is of use to all of you. I will be launching my new radio show called The Dark Mother’s Children during the Black Earth Trine (thank you skies!) and will be discussing this in greater detail then.

For those interested: Here’s one of my earliest interviews on The Dark Mother and breaking through the Spiritual Stereotypes that see Darkness as Evil, Women as Inferior/Unclean and so on ……/…/10573/0/14-09-23.mp3

Blessings and Much Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Text & Image ‘Modification of JB Amman’ © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015



I love the energies of Virgo. She represents the Archetype of the Priest/ess (and Spiritual Facilitators in general). She is sensual, earthy, pragmatic, analytical, fully embodied and uncompromising in her ideals. She is independent, self-sufficient, as sexual as she chooses to be. She knows how to work the details, organize, schedule and shift things around so she can achieve her goals. Whilst she can facilitate or serve (when she chooses), she knows the ways of the world and can learn to draw boundaries and ensure that there is a fair exchange of energy. She can discern through the many psychic impressions that appear, knowing which is true, which is not – what needs work on, and what needs to be let go of. She sees the material world as a sacred expression of the Spiritual and knows that she cannot disregard it in her practice.

Distortions in the way we interpret female presence and power have led to a widespread idea that Virgo is somehow fussy, sexually frigid and neurotic. Whilst this is a possible manifestation of that energy (in one extreme of imbalance), it is not the Virgo-Virgin that Vestals of Ancient Rome and other Priestesses and ancient Goddess cultures represented.

We have more to learn and re-member about this sign, particularly in its links with parthenogenic birth, brilliantly expressed in Den Poitras’ Parthenogenesis: Women’s Long-Lost Ability to Self-Conceive – a book that I had the pleasure and privilege of reviewing and endorsing.

No, it’s not man hating/shaming, and no, it doesn’t say that sex is bad, or that men are lesser beings. The book is itself written by a man seeking to honor the Sacred Feminine.

You can find out more on my take on Virgo in a writeup + video I posted sometime ago called ‘Reclaiming the Virgin’, here: – That was written in honor of the Virgo New Moon (25th August 2014), whose seeds we now reap – with some discussion on the Pisces-Virgo dynamics.

Look back to the 25th of August, 2014 to see the seeds of intentions that you set, which have now come to some kind of fruition. The Full Moon itself occurs at 14’50 Virgo (Moon) – Pisces (Sun) at 18:04 (GMT/UTC time), March 5th 2015 – so in a little under 6 hours’ time (from the time of posting).

Now we get to the specifics of this Full Moon Herself and how it links up to the Archetype of ‘The Wounded Mother’, as represented here by Black Moon Lilith, Persephone, Hera and Iris. There’s a lot more going on with this alignment, but I felt that this was the most important aspect of it.

The energy of Virgo opens the doors to finding self-sufficiency and the kind of service/facilitation we can provide to others, if we choose to do so. The Moon intensifies the emotional and intuitive aspects of this energy, and links it powerfully with our experience/connection with the Mother Archetype.

This can be a profound time to Serve the one who Facilitated your Birth, to find ways that both you and She can both heal, forgive and nurture one another once more. Certain wounds are ones that carry across the generations, passed down from mother (and father) to child. You might call it part of cellular memory, or a spiritual imprint, or the powerful connection you shared with her, gestating in her watery, dark womb. We begin listening and learning, even from within.

You may find this with your biological mother, or Divine energies that connect you with ‘The Mother’ – or both.

Note that the Mercury-Vesta-Circe conjunction calling for the healing of The Sacral Chakra (Children, Creativity, Sensuality) and the connection with the Womb (for all beings) still bears heavy influence in the skies – – reccomended meditations and practical tools are listed at the start of the article.

I ended up waking up in the middle of the night (had left the TV on) to a beautiful, beautiful, film called ‘Stepmom’ with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon. They play out the projection, manifestation and reconciliation of these ‘wounds among women’ in a powerful, beautiful, way. Definitely worth the watch.

Another suggestion is to light a candle, incense, or a lamp – hold a piece of rose quartz or unakite in your hand – and to simply ask the Universe to send waves of love, peaceful healing and grace to your relationship with your Mother/The Divine Mother/both – in a way that does not negate Free Will, that is in the best interests of All, etc.. Never underestimate the power of focused intention and prayer 🙂

Those who wish to get deeper in understanding the Nature of the Mother Wound this alignment helps us heal, keep reading! Let’s look at what the astrology tells us :

Conjunct the Moon:

BLACK MOON LILITH – THE DARK GODDESS – (10 VIRGO) represents the aspect of feminine energy that is collectively sidelined or hidden as it is somehow too dangerous, too unpredictable, too able to challenge the status quo. Her energy is closer to the Crone, rather than the Maiden. Black Moon Lilith rises in her capacity as a facilitator, showing us the power of independent choice – and making us understand that Service is not the same as being Subservient – Purity is not incompatible with Sexuality, and so on. You can also find out more on Black Moon Lilith in Virgo at

IRIS – THE RAINBOW MESSENGER GODDESS – (15 VIRGO) speaks to us of where we can lose ourselves chasing folly (‘trying to find the end of the rainbow), or where we can – through discipline and a steady, measured path – find satisfaction (‘the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow). Iris also speaks to the cleansing and cathartic power of tears. In some way she bridges both the sensitivity of Pisces and the pragmatism of Virgo – both intuition and intellect, spirit and matter.

Conjunct the Sun:

PERSEPHONE AT 13 PISCES asks us to look at the parent-child relationship, and where one is overly attached to another. In mythology, Ceres/Demeter’s grief over losing her daughter to Pluto (the God of the Underworld who effectively abducts, rapes and co-rules the realm with her) – causes the Mother-Nurturer to withdrew her gift of abundance. The world turns wintry and bleak, and a deal is made so a her daughter is returned to her for half the year, creating the cycle of the seasons. Persephone also asks us to consider themes of life, death, re-birth and the sexuality of the younger, maiden archetype. As co-sovereign of the Underworld, she is privy to its magick, mysteries and arcane powers.

Opposed the Virgo Moon, Persephone’s lesson here asks us to look at boundaries – sexual – spiritual – psychic – intimate – parental – and to learn where they are best set. She speaks to us of ‘coming back’ from experiences of trauma, wounding and psychic/emotional death. (Asteroid Requiem at 19 Virgo supports the emphasis on death, through the ceremonial and ritual perspective – and the role of the facilitator in supporting the journey for both the living and the departed)

HERA AT 16 PISCES represents the archetype of the jealous, scheming wife and controlling mother – somewhat overshadowing her role as one of the most powerful embodiments of the Divine Feminine in Greco-Roman mythology. We are constantly reminded, through myth of her supposed vindictiveness – with little commentary as to how she’s supposed to feel about her polyamorous husband, Zeus. She is shown as a mother who manipulates her children in other to exact vengeance on her husband (or his other offspring), in some form.

Like Black Moon Lilith, Hera’s Divinity is heavily projected upon in ways that make her terrifying and unappealing – both as a wife and as a mother. Opposed Black Moon Lilith and the Virgo Moon, Hera’s reminder is once again, the realization that what we do as powerful embodiments of the Divine Feminine (particularly women) collectively tap into and challenge certain ideals of what women ‘ought to be’. This form of projection and mis-interpretation itself constitutes a powerful spiritual wound surrounding the ‘strong mother’ archetype – for all those who identify as female and perform these roles.

Again, it comes back to re-connecting with the Wounded Mother, she who has been Suppressed, She who has been misunderstood or misinterpreted. She, whose wounds are kept alive in the Bodies of her Sons and Daughters. We all have that archetype within us, and it is one that is in need of collective healing.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Image: Mother Goddess and Child LACMA M.82.42.2.jpg – Los Angeles Country Museum of Art – Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons [text with graphic, my own]

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