Mercury enters Aquarius, exits Shadow Retrograde Period, trines Super Galactic Center

Right. Mini-update. Mercury is now in Aquarius. We´re just about to exit the Shadow Period of the recent Mercury Retrograde. You may see the need to revisit conversations, decisions and negotiations made in the first week of January 2016.
Mercury is also trining the Super Galactic Center (1 Libra). Whenever the SGC is involved in an alignment, we experience its energy as a sense of pressure, an immanent pull towards something far larger than ourselves – or simply a sense that whatever we commit to now is somehow more significant than it appears to be on the surface.
Pay close attention to the words, expressions, ideas – anything communicated – at this time. Be it with friends, through social media, from a partner or work or in the domestic sphere, or simply emerging from different layers of your own consciousness.
This appears to be a time where it is wiser to wait, watch and observe what happens as the dust kicked up from the turbulence and intensity of the past few weeks finally begins to settle.
Blessings to All,



Blessings everyone! At 4:47 am UTC, 22-12-15, the Sun will shift into Capricorn, marking the start of a new chapter on the turn of the astrological wheel. The celebrations of solstices and equinoxes align with different turnings, marking the changes of the seasons, significant shifts in the flow of energy, and of course, the Sun’s entry into the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). The December solstice (Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer in the Southern Hemisphere) represents a pivotal moment in the shift of the balance, between day and night, between light and darkness (both of which are sacred). This is, given your hemisphere, either the day of the longest night / shortest day (or vice versa).

Astrologically speaking, there are a few exact alignments whose transformative energies add texture and flavour to the already-intense energy of the Solstice. Many of them relate to healing the wounds of disconnection between the masculine and feminine, much of which stems from violation, neglect or other form. Those of you working through the modality of ritual, ceremony, or other forms of spiritual healing may want to focus on these themes as they can yield tremendous energetic shifts in this window of time. Whilst you can, of course, focus on different things to honor the Solstice, these may be themes to consider including in your celebrations/work. Bear in mind this that is a very, very, selective focus on aspects I felt called to write on and go into depth. Those of you who are feeling vulnerable or easily triggered at this time, stop reading for a bit and check in to see if this is what you want to get into now.

Selected Alignments:

Sun (0 Capricorn) sextile Nessus (0 Pisces) :- This is a time in which the focus of our conscious awareness shines a light upon the parts of the soul which – to our eyes – may seem the most wounded and/or disconnected from Spirit. Very often, we see these wounds inflicted by sexual abuse, or significant energetic and physical violations of other kinds – anything that blocks us from the flow of Eros (intimacy). Those of you with placements near 0 Leo will feel this as a powerful Yod or Finger of Fate in which you are challenged to get deeper with that sense of vulnerability – and potential violation. The point here is to not allow yourself to be engulfed by your pain (well, I suppose you could do that if that resonates) – but here we see the energy of the Solar Lion able and willing to begin a pivotal process of healing and re-claiming that sense of sacred connection with the Universe, if you let it. Gemstones that may of of use: rhodocrosite, rhodonite, carnelian, thulite

Sun (0 Capricorn) trine Phaethon (0 Taurus) :- The focus of the Sun makes a significant connection to the energy of the rebellious, distrustful teenager, rejecting (and yet, at heart, seeking the approval of) the Father. Phaethon, in mythology, was the son of the Sun God. He did not know who his father was for much of his short life. When he did find out, he went to Good ol’ Dad and asked him for proof of his love. What’s that, you might ask? The chance to drive one of the most dangerous things in the Universe: The Sun Chariot. Despite repeated warnings, the Sun God finally caves in and hands him the keys (metaphorically speaking). In his inexperience and impulsivity, Phaethon nearly destroys the planet and has to be shot down by another patriarch, Zeus, by way of lightning strike. Phaethon dies and his wound is unresolved. In Taurus, Phaethon’s energies speak to deeper wounds of distrust and themes of betrayal by the father figure, often linking back to our most basic sense of security (or lack thereof) in this world. Those of you with bodies near 0 Virgo will experience this as a powerful Grand Earth Trine. Keep in mind the need to recognize those wounds, to heal them – and – if that works with your paradigm, to walk away from attachments to them. How you deal with that process is not mandated by stars or deities, that’s in your hands.

And – just to be clear – we’re talking about the Father archetype / energy signature – which does not necessarily mean (in a physical sense), your birth father. We carry these memories and energetic patterns down the ancestral line, and from our own spiritual paths of evolution – they do not exactly need to mirror or map the people in your personal (perception) of your story, but rather the one we weave together.

Sun (0 Capricorn) squared Hebe and the Super Galactic Center (1 Libra) :- Making a very long story very short: Hebe represents the flow of healing, sexual, magickal, emotional (call it what you like) energy, often through the archetype/body of the Maiden (often in her teenage years). Hebe, in mythology, gets seduced by an older figure and often represents unconventional pairings (in terms of age). In my work with clients, I often see Hebe represented in experiences where a young woman finds herself drawn to a much older figure representing tradition, authority and wisdom. She engages with him sexually, often later realizing the lure or hook that drew her into it. She might assume that she’s ‘in charge’ of her experience, but that might not be the case. Take for instance the teenage girl and her high school math teacher – I’m sure you can imagine how that plays out. For others, depending upon placements, it can refer to the same sexual energy, but one that is taken by force – though other interpretations are equally valid. Hebe now conjuncts the Super-Galactic Center – quite possibly one of the most powerful sources of energy in the Universe. It pulls us to do our deep dances with the Shadow, often through ‘The Other’ or ‘The Partner’. Some may be drawn to such experiences today, irrespective of physical age – think of her as an Archetype. Some of these experiences will ask you to be fully accountable for your role in the experience (that’s not an invitation to blame/shame/ etc. ), and to recognize where you did not have / did not feel you had much say in. The Sun’s powerful square to these bodies basically tells us that it’s time to think about the energetic legacy that our choices here, leave behind for others . It also makes us question the way we may subconsciously give over our power, agency and freedom to choose to those we assume as ‘in power’.

Again, this is collective work – you may never have had such an experience in your current life – and yet – what you do now, by sheer virtue of being, contributes to the collective expression / experience of that energy. Be mindful that some will be very sensitive to this current expression of energy.

Sun (0 Capricorn) conjunct Hylonome (1 Capricorn) :- Whilst you’ll feel this exact conjunction on the 23/24th or so, it’s energies are already quite strongly felt at this time. I somewhat uncharitably, but accurately, call Hylonome the ‘poster girl for codependency’. She marries a centaur named Cyllarus, a guy I kind of associate with the drunken football fan who jumps into the other teams’ stalls and punches a player for scoring against his home team. Cyllarus, whilst able to be passionate, loyal and noble (in a more balanced form), tends to go off the handle and into the extreme. He is triggered by anything that challenges his most cherished beliefs and whatever identity he feels to be a part of (whether it’s an ethnicity, tribe, nation, country, football team – that’s up to him). Cyllarus goes off and gets himself killed … with a spear through the chest. There’s a sense of rushing headlong into things without much thought, but he does it anyway. Hylonome, on the other hand, seeing her dead husband, throws herself on the spear after him. She cannot bear to live without him and consider an existence that is separate and complete within herself. This is not to say that Hylonome’s grief is any less valid, but to the say that she had a different choice she could have made. From my reading of her, she was so hard-wired to believe that she could not be without Cyllarus, that she did not stop to consider her choices and simply acted – out of an impulse born of her wound. Would she find love again? Could she live without him? etc. etc. etc. Those of you for whom this strikes a major chord, I’d suggest reading Women Who Love too Much by Robin Norwood. It’s a book that has changed many a life, including my own. The conjunction with the Sun, again, inspires us to make energetic choices with the long-term view of what legacy we leave behind for others to inherit. We also question the authority that tells us we must have a man to survive, or else.

Mars (23 Libra) opposite Eris (22 Aries) :- The exact point of this opposition passed a little while ago, but again, its energies remain strong. Here we are called to see how the Masculine can find ways of expression that both honor itself, and the Rising-Awakening-Embodiment-of-Self-and-Truth that Eris brings to the table, in the form of the Feminine. Bear in mind that we have culturally accepted codes of what ‘balance’ looks and feels like, even within spiritual circles. Questioning these codes and finding out what balance looks and feels like to you is Eris’ challenge.

One path of balance will be found through calm-weaving (a term from Terry Pratchett’s last book *sniff* ), and the other will be found at the edge of the sword (not the kind that slices through people, but through the illusions that we hold onto to make up a sense of ‘reality’).

Considering the other alignments, it seems to me that the Mars-Eris opposition holds the key to addressing these wounds. And no, there is no one way to do it. There is no ideal way to walk away from these experiences that is better than another. What I have found is that much of the rhetoric that surrounds ‘the healing process’ actually binds us to timelines, people, philosophies, that aren’t always the best for us as individuals.

Strike out, in other words, and find healing the way you need to.

It’s an incredible Solstice, energetically speaking. Bear in mind that the Full Moon in Cancer is just a few days away 😉

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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THE DARK GODDESS DANCES AT THE HEART OF THE COSMOS! Black Moon Lilith conjuncts the Super Galactic Center & The True North Node (1 Libra)


It’s here! It’s today! We see Black Moon Lilith conjunct the Super-Galactic Center and the North Node at 1 Libra. Black Moon Lilith (the Mean Apogee) represents the Shadow or Darker aspects of the Feminine, associated with figures like MahaKali, the Morrighan, Goddess Hecate and so on.

The Super-Galactic Center (SGC) represents, in astrology, the closest point to Source. It is a supermassive black hole in the M 87 Galaxy, residing at the heart of the Laniakaea Supercluster, of which The Milky Way is a part of.

The exact alignment between SGC and Black Moon Lilith  occurred at 13:11 UTC today (September 4, 2015) at 1 Libra 8′ ”50. The True North Node is close by at 1 Libra 8′ ”53, which Black Moon Lilith conjuncts at 13:22 UTC, some 11 minutes later.

Placements close to the SGC feel unusually intense as we are attracted or drawn towards the fulfillment of powerful contracts with Spirit/Source. These will be focused upon the ways that we connect to or relate with other people, be it through personal, professional or even intra-personal relationships within Self.

The True North Node, making its (nearly twenty-year) bi-decade conjunction with the SGC also intensifies this need to reconnect with Source and to seek balance within and without. Watch the way you relate to others now as they represent a new direction of spiritual growth for you. It’ll be challenging as we are called to develop greater detachment, acceptance and tolerance of the ‘Other’.

This may be a time in which the Fires of Self that so many of us have been stepping into as an act of reclaiming the Self, now consumes that very sense of Ego-Identity. It is here that what we thought we once were turns to ash and is consumed by a much larger need to re-connect with one’s sense of the Divine.

So what does the Dark Goddess have to do with all of this? What challenge does Black Moon Lilith bring to this already epic, intense energetic backdrop?

Black Moon Lilith represents the aspects of the Shadow Feminine that have been suppressed, unacknowledged, or relegated to some distorted conception of ‘The Other’ for thousands of years.

As so many have begun to reclaim the Shadow, many are now – at this time – focused upon that immediate sense of rage that comes with a recognition of the extent of this suppression and its energetic consequences for generations forth.

So many have associated the Shadow Feminine with that need to rage, to whip out the machete and strike off the head of the patriarchal villain. So many have associated MahaKali in particular with the need and right to rage and rebel against this unjust silencing of the Feminine.

But that too, is a part of a necessary process of cleansing and purging – a much needed release of pent-up energy before it can then be modulated in a more stable form.

In some sense, the recognition of one’s anger at the Silencing of the Feminine is but the first stage of working with the Dark Goddess. And unfortunately, that is where so much of the popular conception of Her energies ends.

…..Just as we begin the deeper Journey with Her.

Collectively, with Saturn’s final days in Scorpio, we are – all together – turning the corner in the way we Dance with the Dark Feminine. We are moving past a personal rejection or reaction towards injustice and in so doing we are allowing our hearts to Open.

We stop viewing the Justice of Ma-Kali, the Morrighan, the Dark Goddess, exclusively in terms of which heads need to roll, or through the need to ROAR in one’s power.

Multiple responses, multiple possibilities, multiple ways of responding to the individuals, relationships and connections we make in our lives then emerge. We begin to explore alternate meanings to the phrase of ‘standing in one’s own power’.

This process begins as we experience, acknowledge and embody the energy and lessons of the lower three chakras, then freeing ourselves to move towards a Heart-based (4th chakra) level of consciousness.

As Hearts Open, therein we find the Pathway, or Bridge towards Wholeness, Re-Connection and Balance (Libra).

It is this opening that the current Black Moon Lilith-True North Node – SGC alignment pushes us towards. And then ……


What comes next is between You and Her 🙂

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: Kaliposter1940s – With a flaming background that evokes the end of the world (bazaar art, c.1940’s) – Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons (digitally enhanced for this article)