HEADS UP! THE TRICKSTER´S ABOUT! (Piscean Projection, Chiron-South Node-Conjunction, Sun at 29 Pisces … & More)


The Universe sometimes teaches us things through the archetype of the Trickster. It´s when you experience or learn something through the act of misrepresentation or trickery, often seen as play. Coyote, for instance, is a Trickster God in the Native American tradition. That corresponds with Monkey in the Chinese tradition, or Anansi the Spider in the African tradition.

They´re not necessarily mean, just cheeky buggers who really make you learn by making you do something foolish. Wisdom comes when you realize the joke´s on you, and you see it as part of the Divine Dance – maybe you´ll have a laugh at yourself at the end of the day. Not my favourite archetype, but certainly a rewarding one (I´m a Tiger in the Chinese system, more of a serious type).

Thinking about it (and seeing the first Wikimedia Commons image that popped up – shared above), you can see Trickster energy as a different octave, or form of Chaos. Perhaps it´s Chaos (or Kaos) wearing a smiley-face mask. The Universal kick-up-the-bum or spanner-in-the-works tinkling with the jiggling of the bells on the jester´s hat. And it just makes you want to laugh, doesn´t it? (not the kind of laughter you see from Saturday night stand-up at the Apollo Theater, but the drier, existential kind).

But hey … giggling .. I mean, moving along…

Astrologically speaking, there´s a couple of candidates that might account for this Trickster vibe I´ve been seeing about:

One is the Sun preparing to leave Pisces, now at it´s 29th (final degree). We´re preparing for a new cycle (i.e. the Equinox) and clearing the psychic pipes in the meantime, before the Sun shifts into Aries. The kind of ´trickery´ one might see here doesn´t necessarily have to do with an external person, but the inner trickster-projector (quite related with some of the falliabilities of Pisces energy).. read on…

There´s quite a few bodies nearby the Sun adding emphasis the challenges and gifts of Pisces through various channels: Mercury, the Mis/Communicator – 25 Pisces; South Node & Chiron (that´s a biggie) – 21 Pisces ; Ceres (the Mother-Nurturer) – 19 Pisces.

The South Node conjunct Chiron really stresses the need to release from cycles of (perceived) woundedness, victimization and matryrdom. Through that, profound healing and access to psychic gifts is possible. Quite a lot of you will be working through past life cycles, karmic connections and generally – some pretty old stuff.

Mercury in Pisces raises the risks of verbal slippage, losing sight of the necessary details, or simply mis-communication (in general). Remember the inner trickster at play. The South Node-Chiron conjunction nearby adds a karmic weight to such exchanges. Think of them as greater gifts that allow you to clear energetic blockages.

Ceres in Pisces asks us to disconnect from over-attachments to the Mother archetype, particularly with the aspect of it that can be particularly smothering or controlling, especially through passive-aggressive methods. If you´re going to try to nurture yourself or others, be clear with your intent. Sometimes disconnection and detachment is the most compassionate thing you can do. Sometimes it´s prayer. But it really depends on your specific situation.

Generally speaking,

Watch out for seeing your own shadow as the bogeyman, mistranslations or perceptions of things that make you feel wounded, victimized or persecuted .. or just plain silly. Chances are it doesn´t really have to do with anyone else, or anything external to you. Be clear with your words as best as possible (remember the North Node in Virgo opposes Chiron), but there´s no need to cut others down. Try your best to make sure you´ve got the organizational details of things ironed out, practical matters sorted – for anything you´re working on at this time.

People will be what they choose to be and you cannot control another´s reaction to you. If you do see someone reacting strongly to something you say or do, which may be entirely innocent – bear in mind that they might be acting out some old pattern of wounding. Which does not mean you need to back down from your truth, it just means you understand the dynamic a little better.

Be clear, be honest, don´t beat about the bush. Say what you mean, mean what you say. But don´t expect others to see you in any particular way.

That´s generally good advice, but especially relevant for the present time.

At the end of the day,

Remember ….

The Trickster is at Play 😉

( Hey, that rhymed! 🙂 Hooray!
Lots of Crazy-Wisdom-Teachings today
Okay I´ll stop now …
Yay 😛 )

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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